Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vaca - shun.

So...I was gone for a while...cuz I was on this little thing called a Vaca - shun. And I call it a vaca - shun because I didn't interact with human civilization for a while.

Okay so I actually did. First I went on a week long vacation which consisted of a night in Vegas where we saw Phantom of the Opera, and then a 4 day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. It was a super fun and super eye opening experience. Here are some pictures.

This was the hotel where we saw Phantom: The Venetian. It was exciting.

This is just my favorite building in Vegas...because it is cool looking. Yep.

This is a sunset in Long Beach. California is great, but not as amazing as everyone else makes it out to be.

This was our water slide on the ship...that I didn't go on. Sad day, I know.

This is Catalina. If I am ever filthy rich, I will have a house here.

This was the beach in Ensenada. It's okay to be jealous on this one.

I met these AWESOME fellow Utah Mormons on the ship. It was quite a relief. And in that picture, we are totally playing poker. Just setting a good example.

So that's a little bit of what the cruise was like. Basically, there were a lot of cool sights, and I spent a butt load of money in Ensenada, and people everywhere were smoking and drinking and it was kind of nasty. But still a cool experience.

And then I went to girls camp, which was total opposite of the cruise!

I didn't take really any good pictures of that, but suffice to say it was quite an experience. The week went by really quickly, and I came home smelling like a wet dog. was pretty dang spiritual. A lot of pretty cool stuff like that happened. And it was my last year, so as far as last years go it was pretty sweet! I actually didn't do much camp stuff. Like certification and whatever. I did get my liahona award, though, which for  those of you outside my stake, it's basically an award you get for completing 4 years of camp, reading the book of mormon, writing an essay about your favorite book of mormon character, and memorizing a bunch of value stuff. So, it was pretty cool!

That's about it. I'm not really going into detail cuz, there's too much. Haha!


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