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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gotta Get This Out Before The New Year


I'm making a new years resolution to be nicer to people, and nicer and happier in general, but I still have 12 hours left of this year, so I'm getting this out while I still can.

Here are a list of things that severely annoy me.

Humans (especially of the male species).
People who call Seven Peaks thinking we're the Ice Arena
Textbooks that cost more money than I am willing to spend for a small paperback book.
High school
The fact that all of my friends going to UVU have class on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and I have class Tuesday/Thursday.
Running out of makeup, makeup smearing, and the fact that my nail polish never lasts longer than a week.
Losing chapstick
When my tennis stuff is collecting dust because I haven't played in so long.
Whenever my mom says she won't buy me easy mac because it's too expensive
When my favorite pen runs out of ink
People lying to me. Or lying to me about lying to me. Or breaking a promise. Stuff like that.
Coldplay not coming to Utah for their Mylo Xyloto tour
When I'm the only Laurel in young womens at church on Sundays
When I have to leave my house but I have nowhere I can go

oohh. But you know what?? I just discovered that my snuggie has a pocket for my FEET!!!

Life is great. Life is very great.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Guilty Pleasure That Will Inevitably Screw Me Over


Let's face it, my fellow 2 Y-chromosomed friends. There is an epidemic, and we are all as good as dying from the disease that is


Except I'm not here to whine about how much time I waste on Pinterest because I've actually kept considerable control of myself, considering the fact that I now have the resources to sit on my bed while simultaneously blogging and pinning and wasting my time (which is actually exactly what I'm doing right now, but I'm on vacation so it doesn't count). I will not turn to the dark side that is laziness.

So I vowed when I signed up for Pinterest that I wouldn't waste too much of my time. That being said, a person (such as myself) could argue that Pinterest is like evil incarnate. It's all about coveting crap you'll never have.

And so, I placed a mental destroying angel in front of the Weddings tab because I knew if I looked there too often I would start turning heavy objects into projectiles. Because seriously, it's like a plethora of "If You Ever Find A Man As Great As MINE Then Your Wedding Still Won't Be As Adorable As Mine Was So Go Cry Into A Pillow You Sad Lonely Child."

Actually, for the record, I am never getting married. That's not true. But I have no desire to any time soon. In fact if I ever try to get married too early, kidnap me so I can't. And if I try to get married outside the temple, burn down my house and kidnap me so I can't. And if I'm trying to get married too early outside the temple, kidnap me, burn down my house, and kill my dog. I'm just kidding on that last one. If you kill my dog, I will burn your house down.

Bottom line, I learned my lesson when I spent an hour on the Weddings tab the first day I signed up for Pinterest. And I promised never to do it again.

That being said, I discovered a new tab to obsess and obsess and obsess and drool over.

The foods tab.

This is the only time I will ever say this, in fear that some ugly man will try to marry me just because I said it. But here goes.

I LOVE to cook. Finding new recipes for foods that sound beyond delicious is like a sick pleasure for me. I discovered the food tab on Pinterest a few days before Christmas, which led to happiness from my relatives. I was told my rolls were 'decadent.' I didn't know what that word meant, so I just smiled and said thanks. In fact I still don't know what that word means, so I hope I did the right thing...

But, I'm not here to brag about how I can arrange ingredients so that they will taste good. Because for all we know I could be a terrible cook and decadent actually means revolting and everyone else is just trying to make me feel good.

 I'm here to say that I'm ADDICTED. This whole finding recipes on Pinterest is making me crazy. There is so much I want to make!! There are a few problems with this. I'm not a huge fan of eating. Well, I am. I can eat a lot if I really have to. Like if someone challenged me to eat a giant hamburger, I would, because I have a reputation to keep up with. But I don't cook because I like to eat. So I usually don't eat the stuff I make. Sometimes my family does, but usually they are all "don't cook or we'll get fat." So now, thanks to Pinterest, I have all these recipes I want to try and nobody to feed. Life is cruel.

I make food because I want other people to eat it. And I'll use any excuse I can come up with. Usually it's because I owe somebody a favor. For example: "Oh you broke your leg? Here are some cookies. I crashed my car and you're letting me leave work for a few hours and then come back? Here are some cookies. Oh it's Christmas? Here is a giant feast. Are you sure I can't cook the turkey? Well then I'll just make these rolls. Aha! Now you're wishing I had cooked the turkey."

Anyways, I love it when I cook and then other people eat my food. But what I love even more is cooking with other people. For some reason nothing is more fun to me than cooking with other people. Dates, hanging out, making food for various school projects, you name it. Cooking with friends is like the funnest thing in the WORLD for me. Some of my best memories come from making food with other people. Morp, the various times I made curry (including the chicken incident), making cookies with Aubrey and Kate when my dog ate them and we did NOT go on the roof...see what I mean? Just thinking about all of this is making me happy. And hungry.

See why men I date can't know about this? They'll be all "make me a sammich!" and then I'll be all "screw you!" and it won't end well. So don't tell anyone, okay?

So now, thanks to Pinterest, I have all these crazy desires to get married and feed people. I'm turning into a stereotype wife and I'm still 17, single, and living under the impression that I will probably be raising a family of dogs and ferrets (they are cute and wriggly, I don't care if they smell bad.)

This sucks.

P.S. I'm also totally serious about all of that stuff about burning my house down and locking me up.

The Strange Things That Go On Inside My Head


Last night, I stayed up until probably about 1 in the morning... philosophizing. Kind of. I just couldn't stop thinking. About eeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyy llllllliiiiiiittttttttttttttttlllllllleeeeeeeee ttttttttttttthhhhhhhiiiiinnnnnggggggg that I've been worried about recently. I wasn't worrying about those things...I was just thinking about them. It was weird. And then I fell asleep. Had a dream about a red baseball hat. Then I woke up in a bed that is not mine. Because I'm on vacation. Don't be creeped out.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Once I Was The Grinch


This was probably the worst Christmas I have ever experienced. I know that complaining about Christmas is about the worst thing a person can do besides suffocating a puppy in a plastic bag, but was a nightmare. You always see movies where a Christmas is going really badly but then somehow in the end everything gets better...and because Santa is real and the sprit and magic of Christmas is somehow very real, it did end up that way, eventually. But seriously, 99% of my day was pretty darn bad. I won't go into detail, but think extreme nausea, angry family members, and intense emotional trauma...and that isn't even half of it. By 11:30 in the morning I was laying in my bed bawling my eyes out and wishing I was dead.

Today wasn't all bad though. Church was actually really, really good. (Except during the sacrament when I felt like every force of nature was trying to make me vomit. That would have been extremely bad.) But, at the very end of the meeting the combined wards suddenly had a surprise choir and about a third of the people got up and sang and it sounded really amazing and the spirit was really strong and afterwards we were standing around saying "Merry Christmas" to each other and I was just like "Yeah this is great I love Christmas!"

After that, it was one train wreck after another. And I was sitting in here blogging about how the Grinch had nothing on how horrible my Christmas was when Santa showed up to explain a few things to me. Santa is real, and he is magical, and I can't explain it, but there really isn't any other explanation for it.

Basically, my day was rotten. But Christmas was not. I had been so absorbed in all the terrible things that were happening that I forgot to be happy about the real reason we even have Christmas.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I have officially decided that. Because it's Christmas that we get to spend time with our families, where we are encouraged to show love and service and most importantly remember Christ's birth. What a wonderful blessing! This Christmas, I didn't care about presents, all I wanted was to be able to bond with my family and friends. And when I didn't seem to get that, I was totally bummed. But I wasn't looking hard enough.

First of all, Yon Soo Park is one of the best friends I've ever had. If anyone was there for me today, it was her. No matter how irrational I was being, she tried to cheer me up. I kind of feel like Santa just stuffed her in my stocking this year, only that didn't really happen. Also, that's kind of weird. Yon Soo, if you're reading this...don't think I'm creepy. I'm really just saying thanks.

Second of all, I did get to spend time with my family. Even though some weird stuff definitely went down, I still had the opportunity to see my family that I don't get to see very often and spend the holiday with them.

So maybe I did feel angry and sad and my family was being angry and weird and I felt like I was going to throw up all day. But in the end, I did get what I wanted for Christmas: just more time with my family and friends.

Just like in the Grinch, through having the crummiest Christmas of all time, it helped me realize what the true meaning of Christmas really is: VENGEANCE!

Just kidding. It's love, remembering Christ's birth and giving thanks! And I couldn't be more thankful for this totally crummy Christmas I experienced.

Merry Christmas!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Justin Bieber's Drummer Boy: The Truth Finally Revealed

This post is going to take me a while to write, because I really want to take time and thought into this.

I need to express why Drummer Boy is such a great song.

Now that it's Christmas Eve, and I've been working on this post for a couple weeks, I hope that everything I say here can somehow sum up why I love this song so much.

To start, Dan Bergstein partially agrees with me, but when I read what he said, I made what we'll call a gleeful noise, because it's pretty much exactly what I've been thinking, and the fact that Dan said it makes me happy, even though my respect for him has dropped quite a bit since his Harry Potter blogs suck. But I actually got this quote from a Harry Potter blog.

"Justin Bieber's "Drummer Boy" (feat. Busta Rhymes) is the best/worst Christmas song this year, and I laugh when he sings, "I'm a poor boy too." And Busta's rapping ramblings are the very reason God gave us ears. It's like a train wreck for your listening holes."

Aubrey Glazier inspired me to go listen to some 80's rap Christmas songs. When Ghetto Santa by Spyder D wasn't enough, I started clicking on the related videos. Ludacris's "Ludachristmas" was definitely something, Snoop Dogg's "A Pimp's Christmas Song" seemed promising, and then I even listened to a Busta Rhymes feat. Jim Carrey Grinch song. But none of those even came close to making the same impression on me that Drummer Boy did.

Drummer Boy is currently my ringtone, making it one of my favorite songs. I explained why in my Psychology homework:
"Okay. Um….all I can say about that song is that it’s like a wonderful train wreck for your ears. (Dan quote) I’m a Bieber fan (don’t hate) and to hear his attempts at rapping are amazing. Also, Busta Rhymes rapping about egg nog and chinchillas has never happened before on a Christmas song, ever. I actually really don’t like the original version of Drummer Boy. I think it’s creepy. But Justin Bieber combined with Busta Rhymes, rapping about Christmas, and charity, makes this song strangely one of the most delightful things I've ever heard. I could never be angry while listening to this song, no matter how hard I tried. It’s like trying to be mad while cuddling with a cute, tiny little puppy."

I know that every single person reading this post probably strongly disagrees with me. I've heard many people express that they would rather get eaten by a bear with acid teeth than listen to this song. So, haters, this is all I have to say: I'm not going to tell you to love the Biebs, or listen to his music, or cry into a pillow with his face on it every night because you know he will never even know your name (I don't do that...). I love this song because I have never heard anything like it, ever. And I'm a fan of unique things. The fact that it's Justin Bieber  just makes it ten times better (in my opinion).

So this Christmas season, take a moment to think "you know, maybe this song isn't so bad. Maybe it's so bad, it's good." Just take a moment to think...differently. To try to appreciate the weird things in life.

In the words of Justin Bieber, "I'm a drummer boy, so do."

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm...continued.

Yeah, the storm has definitely hit.

And it is a whole lot worse than I expected.

Life is great.

On a positive note...

I got a new laptop. And a new hair color. Both of which I am totally in love with.

So if you notice an increase in the amount of blog posts I start throwing out...

Don't hate.

On a final note (I'm totally late for work)

Ford < Toyota Nissan LEAF

That is all


Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Grown Up Christmas List [A Somewhat Serious Post]


Christmas is in 8 days. And whenever people ask me what I want, I never know what to tell them. I'm not saying I'm mature (cuz I'm not) but I think I've reached a level of maturity where I don't really want somebody to give me a material gift for Christmas. Actually, there is one thing that I do want.

That's right. I want a diamond studded watch.


Time! Something more precious to me than even this fancy diamond studded watch would be time.

Here's the thing. Material posessions are easily broken, forgotten or lost. Eventually, you just lose interest in them. Also, you have to buy a warranty for them. Or insurance, or something.

But guess what is resistant to ALL of those things, something that can never be broken, hard to forget about, and you don't need to buy insurance for: Memories!

For Christmas, I just want time. Time to spend with my friends and family, and all the people who I may never see again after graduation, or at least won't see for a long time.

You can't wrap up a memory and stick it under a Christmas tree. But I would rather have an empty tree and a heart full of good times, cherished moments, and unforgettable memories. I would rather have the simple experience of hanging out with a friend, watching Tangled or something...than to get to open a bunch of presents on Christmas morning that I'm just going to forget about.

Great, now I'm getting choked up thinking about how much I'm going to miss all my friends once school ends.

The point is, I love you all very very much. And growing up is scary, but the hardest part is thinking that I'm never going to see some of my best friends ever again. Some statistic says that you never see 70% of your high school friends after graduation, but i'm in AP Stats so I don't even believe in statistics anyways, and now I'm rambling.

I guess what I'm saying is, no material item could ever compare memories that, no matter how old I get I'll always be able to remember and keep in my heart.

Unless I get dementia. In which case, go ahead and buy me that diamond studded watch.

Juuuust kidding.

I love you all! Merry Christmas!
Kaela :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Crushed Phalange

6 days ago, an appendage of a person's hand got slammed by the garage door. Not a tear was shed, but she lay on the floor so as not to pass out, so great was the agony she felt. The wound bled for an extended moment. Once her head was clear, she attended to the deep cut, and then made lunch.

6 days later, the wound hurt as bad as before. Whenever the person put pressure on the appendage, all she felt was extreme agony up and down the appendage. But she had to type up her psychology notes, and she wanted to blog. So she wrote a whole blog, and used not her hurt appendage. So she forgoed the use of 2 letters from the alphabet through the whole blog, so as to prevent as much of the torture as she could. The blog was very hard and very fun to type.

The blog was also very dumb.
the person whose appendage hurts very very much.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Google is pretty much the bomb.

Google is amazing. If you don't believe me, open up Google Chrome and type into Google "do a barrel roll"

And if that doesn't amaze you, type this: (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(400*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.4)*(4-x*x)^0.1 into google and be prepared to feel warm and happy about your life.

Both of those have to be done in Google Chrome, or it doesn't work and I look like an idiot. pretty much it.

You all have a great day!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm


Today is December 11th. In 10 days, on the 21st, a storm is going to hit. And it's gonna be big. The only break I might get is when I'm gonna be in Portland for Christmas. As it would happen, I know two guys on their missions there, and I might get to visit one of them. That would be awesome. After I get home, I'll run around frantically for 2 weeks, and then I'll be in college.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that a lot of big things are about to happen, all at once, and my life is gonna be pretty hectic. Metaphorically speaking, if I were a snake, it's like I'm shedding my skin and starting a new life. Because... I always imagined that the day I started college my new life would begin. And it's so true. I feel WAY different now...but I'm still a goofy 17 year old.

Anyways, if you notice me starting to go seriously insane, because there is a good chance of that...just...pat me on the back and feed me ice cream. with peaches. and give me a hug. Because, I think I'm gonna be needing it soon.

Kay-ra (asian accent.)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Clause, Skateboards, December 3rd, Hamlet, Hot Chocolate, Tour Angst and Maj Struggs.


I think I've hit that point where I'm officially addicted to blogging. Everytime I'm bored, I come here...just because. Then I think "Why are there no new posts?! HUH?! WHAT GIVES PEOPLE?! How dare you have lives!!" And then I'm all "new post!" So I start writing.

I haven't written anything in 3 days, and I felt like it had been eternity. But you know what, I'd rather be addicted to this than Facebook. But once I get my can just expect a lot more dumb posts on here.

So this is just another jolly old update on life.

In English...where to begin? Jim is so great. And I'm really sad that he shaved his beard, because I was hoping he would dress up as Santa the day before Christmas break or something. I finally learned to appreciate Hamlet, and Tuesday night I spent a sizeable chunk of time fantasizing/analyzing what it would be like if Hamlet was my boyfriend. Um...I don't want you to read too much into that. And I feel like I say that to people a lot. But really, I was just like, "If Hamlet was my boyfriend, I would feel sorry for him because his dad died. I guess I would want to be there for him. But he is a total sexist, and he hates all women and cracks dirty jokes. So I would have dumped him ages before he killed my dad. And if he did kill my dad, I would get my revenge on him! Not go jumping in a river!" and then...yeah. Just...yeah. Suffice to say that Hamlet can be useful in some situations.
Jim is also having us answer letters to Santa. Here is the letter I got.
"Dear Santa. This year I have been really good at school. I will try hard to learn. I would like a skateboard please. From, Wyatt. P.S. How does a skateboard work?" (Times that by infinite amounts of cute, cuz the handwriting is all....little kid like....I told Tosha that I wanted a farm of little kids to write me Santa letters, suffice to say...yeah.) My reply was not as creative as I would have liked, because I had to keep in mind that I was writing to 6 year olds who don't know what the word "pulchritudinous" means.

Next, Journalism. I had to go around and get a bunch of free samples of hot chocolate so I could write my article. It really sucked. But, I discovered that The Cocoa Bean has the world's best hot chocolate and I wanted to cry when I tasted it because it was so good. And if anyone ever wants to go get hot chocolate with me, ever...I love getting hot chocolate. So hit me up. Unrelated, but I was sitting in seminary today when I realized that there isn't bacon in heaven. I almost started crying there too. Anyways, hot chocolate is good and it's what makes winter almost worth it. I just wish it would snow!

Tour Angst. So I'm going on tour, and I'm just really stressed. Just kidding. Actually, the truth is, Coldplay came out with a new album in October, called Mylo Xyloto. And I bought it and I love it. But I was SO excited for their new album because that meant a new tour! And I foolishly didn't go to their Viva la Vida show when they came to Utah so pretty much....this is it. And I've seriously been checking their website every day to see if they've posted their North American tour dates. And when I saw their tweet today to check out the North American tour dates, I pretty much freaked out and went to their website...and guess which state is not listed on the North American tour........................................................................

sigh. That sound you just heard was the crushed hopes of a poor girl who has been dreaming of going to a Coldplay concert for the past 3 years. :(

Anyways, on to maj struggs. So, I bought my first textbook a few days ago. And I was soooooo excited. And then they sent me the instructor's copy and I was So I sent it back, and the people were really, really rude to me, and I was like, thank you so much for making me feel wonderful about college. So then I ended up finding a cheaper copy, and it got shipped to me in a DAY because the person I bought it from lives in Provo! Of all the students selling their books on Amazon, the cheapest one just happened to live right by me. So, that made me feel better about college. But then I bought my second textbook today and I was just like, yep, textbooks are really expensive, which totally stinks.

Last thing: I'm sure you all are wondering about December 3rd. Actually, I'm sure none of you have any idea what I'm talking about. So I'll make this short. I got to hang out with Dani, which was awesome. We put together 3 plates of cookies, delivered 2 of them, and ate the other one. On the first delivery, it was a doorbell ditch, and I pulled some muscle in my leg which brought back all the knee pains I had last year, times that stunk. The second delivery was...very December 3rd-y.

Anyways, that's my life.

I hope you all are doing great!

Love, Kaela

Monday, December 5, 2011

Rusty the Narcoleptic Domino

So Mrs. King showed us this video last year...and then I remembered it today while I was doing my psych homework...and I thought you all might enjoy it. I present to you, Rusty the Narcoleptic Domino.

If you want to watch it on repeat...don't feel bad. I did.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How Mormon is Mitt? (A Very Political Post)

As many of you may be shocked to know, I have political views. I never really speak about them, because then people get the idea that my political views are real, and then they try to talk politics with me, and let's just say that you can't get very far in a political conversation when my political views consist of not much more than "Mitt Romney has a great smile." Also, he's LDS. I know, my political views would win in any sort of political arguement. So I'm not too worried. That's the great thing about America.

Anyways, I mentioned that Mitt Romney is Mormon. I'm sure a lot of people probably hate me by now, for having that as my second biggest reason as to why I think Romney would make a great Pres. But seriously, I think having a Mormon as president could be pretty sweet.

But, whether or not you agree with my political views, my dad sent me this. Maybe you've seen something like it before, but I hope you can all laugh at least a little bit at this (even if you do hate me for my political views.)

Mitt is so Mormon…

his campaign bus is a pioneer handcart.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’d call 19-year-old boys to serve as US ambassadors.

Mitt is so Mormon…

his Israel policy will be centered on Jackson County, Missouri.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll make the income tax a flat 10% and collect fast offerings to fund Medicaid.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll ask the Senate to “sustain” his
appointees by manifesting with an uplifted hand.

Mitt is so Mormon…
he doesn’t do regular Pilates, he does golden Pilates.

Mitt is so Mormon…

that his campaign “oppo” team has done all the other candidates’ genealogy.

Mitt is so Mormon…
he’s organizing his precinct walkers in pairs to knock on doors with a very special message.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’d make the Book of Mormon required reading at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Mitt is so Mormon…

that if elected, the “First Lady” will be known as the “First Wife.”

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll choke up during his Inaugural Address and then say, “I told myself I wasn’t going to cry.”

Mitt is so Mormon…

he will commission a presidential motorcade entirely of 10-passenger family vans.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he will actually hang the Constitution up by a thread, just so he can save it.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’s concerned about joining the Tea Party because of Doctrine & Covenants 89.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll start the State of the Union with the words: “I wasn’t going to come up here, but the Spirit just carried me off of the bench.”

Mitt is so Mormon…

his campaign biography begins, “I, Willard, having been born of goodly parents.”

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll ask members of Congress to go home and pray about his economic plan.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’d ask the Elders Quorum to help move him into the White House.

Mitt is so Mormon…

his first act will be to make July 24th a National Holiday.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he asks donors to stack chairs after fundraising dinners.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll award Ty Detmer, Steve Young, and Jimmer Fredette the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Mitt is so Mormon…

his campaign slogan is “What do you know about Mitt Romney? Would you like to know more?"
Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll reroute the Freedom Trail through Palmyra, New York; Nauvoo, Illinois; and Winter Quarters, Iowa.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll rename the “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms” the “Word of Wisdom Squad”.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’d do an ad for stating "I'm a husband, father, and leader of the free world. And I'm a Mormon."
Mitt is so Mormon…

he isn’t as concerned about getting American youth jobs as he is about getting them married.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he tried to convince CNN to let him bring a visual aid to the debate so he could turn it into an object lesson.

Mitt is so Mormon…

that he refers to Congress as "The Great and Spacious Building".

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll end every address with “hope you’ll all get home safely, without any harm or accident."

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll assign a friend to every new member of Congress.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’s already picked out a room in the White House for his year's supply of wheat and beans, and he'll require the White House Chef to rotate the Food Storage.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he doesn’t campaign. He "fellowships.”

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’s having two basketball hoops installed at the Inaugural Ball so there's a place to hang decorations.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll change the name of “Cabinet Meeting" to "Correlation Meeting".

Mitt is so Mormon…

if he gets elected all of the White House 9x13 pans would have a piece of masking tape on them with the name "Romney" written in Sharpie.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he has four cats named 1st Nephi, 2nd Nephi, 3rd Nephi, and 4thNephi (4th Nephi is the smallest).

Mitt is so Mormon…

late last night he snuck out to put 5000 plastic forks in the lawn of Jon Huntsman. And after that, he heart attacked Rick Perry.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’s going to rename the 101st Airborne as “The Stripling Warriors.”

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll rename FEMA the Federal Relief Society.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll start his acceptance speech with “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”

Mitt is so Mormon…

the Marine Band will play “Praise to the Man” when he enters a room.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll appoint Lavell Edwards as Secretary of Defense.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he won’t allow advisors wearing non-white dress shirts to participate in cabinet meetings.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’ll rename the weekly presidential address “Politics and the Spoken Word.”

Mitt is so Mormon…

his cabinet would consist entirely of unqualified, yet enthusiastic, volunteers.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’d convene a Munch-N-Mingle after cabinet meetings, with refreshments blessed “to nourish and strengthen our bodies”.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’d hang a copy of the Proclamation on the Family and a picture of the Washington, D.C. LDS temple in the White House.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he has volunteers combing through old GOP voter rolls for less actives he can reactivate.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he’d put everyone in his stake on the Inauguration invite list. Just because.

Mitt is so Mormon…

he will add the phrases “every fiber of my being” and “beyond a shadow of a doubt” to the presidential oath of office.

Mitt is so Mormon…

the Inaugural Dinner will be Ham, Funeral Potatoes, green Jell-o, and red Kool-aid.

Friday, December 2, 2011

If I could be any animal...

....I would be this sheep. This guy is packin 60 pounds of wool. If I was this sheep, I would never get cold. Ever.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's so windy outside.

It's so windy outside. Do you know what it's like, being in a little office in a seemingly unstable building, listening to the wind howling. And making your building sound all creaky? And it's dark outside? And all you can see are a couple street lights? But what if a serial killer just...looked inside that window right there? That window doesn't look very unbreakable. Weapons in this room: sharp thing on the tape dispenser. Trash bag. Pen. Calculator. Paper crane. Oh gosh the wind is howling again.          Rubber band. Strange light that just flashed. Mercy, are there ghosts in here? The ghost of my father oohh my phone just vibrated is going to appear and tell me to write my hamlet on essay. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooincestuoussheetswoooooooooooooavengemewoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Music Videos of Note

Oh world I'm so freaking tired. I should be asleep now. But alas, I'm in my mother's office at school. I'm supposed to be writing a paper about Hamlet, but I'm too tired to think. So I'm watching music videos. And here are a few of note.

Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Don't watch this. Seriously, just don't watch it. All it made me want to do was cry, and then write a spiteful rhetorical analysis about Justin Bieber. Which I will do. Because I am feeling spiteful, and the truth needs to be known.

We The Kings - Say You Like Me

Watch this. It's way clever, and super cute. Plus the song is great.

Okay so those are the only two I watched. Mainly, I wanted to say that I watched an awesome music video, and one that made me want to mash my fists into...soft, plush walls.

Oh wait. There's more.

As I continued watching music videos, I stumbled upon Santa Clause Is Coming To Town - Justin Bieber

The animated Justin Bieber using his same dance moves confused me. The penguin on the drum set made me want a drum set that comes with a drum set playing penguin. But I have come to the decision, halfway through the video, that this is something I would dream up if I was stoned out of my mind. I could tell that there was a plot to this music video, but I don't know what it is. Is he friends with Kris the elf? Or trying to deceive him? I understand this music video about as much as I understand Hamlet. That is, I really don't know if I understand  it or not. I still have to write an essay about it. Not the music video.


I don't know what I'm feeling right now. Anger? Angst? It's like, I love Justin Bieber, but he's let me down in his past 4 music videos I watched! (him and Boys II Men around on some dimly lit fancy stairs for the entire song singing about nonsense) This is what happens. Justin Bieber. I am madly in love with you, but you are letting me down!!! But, it's December 3rd week. Let downs are a common theme of December 3rd week, not unlike how a common theme of Hamlet is vengeance. So I guess it's just to be expected.

I don't know what I'm still doing writing. The more I do this, the more trouble i'm going to mget myself into by rpressing that publish post button. Who cares about editing whateve rI write anytmore? Who needs  a backspace button? Who neeeeeedddddddddssssssssss sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp>

this girl.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Working the System Part 1: My BYU Application.

200 words for an essay, EH BYU?!?!

I'll do you one better than that. Or should I say 199!?

I can write my essay in 1 word, BYU. Just one.


Yeah, it's no big deal.

I'm gonna get back to my one-word essay now.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today was the day the internet disappointed me


So, I woke up this morning with nothing to do and about 3 hours to do it. More or less. So I decided to hop on the internet and try to get something done (see that paradox right there?).

First, I got on the Bath and Body Works website because they discontinued my favorite scent and I wanted to see if it was available online. Well it wasn't. So then I decided to try to figure out how I could request them to make my second favorite scent into a lotion and/or body spray and their website was less than helpful. So that was internet disappointment number 1.

Second, I remembered reading in the paper that the ATP World Finals are playing today and naturally, Federer is playing. And I wanted to see him lose, which will probably never happen, in case anybody was wondering. So I got on and I saw that the score was 7-5 6-3 for Federer, and I was like, "OMG! The game is still going so I should figure out how to watch it live!" Because as far as I was aware, men play best of 5 sets and girls play best of 3, so I thought the match was still going. Well, apparently not. Turns out the match already happened, and Federer won, and it wasn't even going to let me stream it live then anyways. But you know what, ESPN? That's okay. By the time the US Open rolls around I'll probably be living in an apartment that has cable so I can just watch it there. Or, I'll just stream it from my laptop. And I'm going to watch the whole dang tournament and Federer had better not win.

Third, I decided to get onto here. And I was all, "I want to find somebody's blog." But I could not find it...for the life of me. Of course I found everybody else's blog, and then I was reading them and slowly but surely the creep-o-meter started wigging out and I was like "okay I should stop stalking all of these people's blogs who may or may not even know/remember that I exist." And I never found the blog that I was looking for in the beginning. But as I got thinking, I realized that maybe it's a good idea that blogs aren't very easy to find. Because I'm not sure I want the entire universe reading this blog. Then again, maybe if the entire universe was reading this blog, then I could use my writing to help squash out social injustice and I could fight for alien rights on earth. (People, how inhumane is it that we just kill aliens or lock them away secretly whenever they show up on our planet? Just because their skin is green... filthy racists...) Then again, what if Roger Federer read my blog? And got all offended that I want him to lose for once in his sorry, extremely successful life?

The moral of this story is....there isn't one. Remember the paradox at the beginning where I said I was going to "get onto the internet to get something done?" yeah. Haha.

Not to belabor the point, but I think I'm going to get off the internet now and go play some Halo.


*Update* I got on Twitter...I realized that other humans are on Twitter, I threw up a little, and then I took joy in the fact that my profile is set as private. Internet disappointment #4

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Well...there are still 30 minutes left of 2nd period...

I'm pretty bored. So I have an idea. I'm going to hit shuffle on my iPod, and then put whatever line of the song I like as the caption to the animal.

"I whip my hair back and forth."

"Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6"

"I was thinkin about you, thinkin about me, thinkin about us, what  we gon be,
open my eyes, it was only just a dream"
"I just lost my job but didn't lose my pride."

"Barbies on the barbecue; this a hickey or a bruise?"

"I've got the magic in me."

I'mma hustla baby.

"I've got a couple addictions"

"Take this, haters."

"I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover."

"Old friend, why are you so shy?"

"They say that things happen for a reason."

"Bring the doubters on, they don't matter at all.
Cuz this life's  too long and this love's too strong so
baby know for sure that I'll never let you go."

"Every second counts on the clock that's tickin gotta live like we're dying!"

"Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is: Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow."

"Yeah, I'm runnin through these hoes like drano."

"So I got my boots on, got the right 'mount of leather, and I'm doing me up with a black colored liner and  I'm workin my strut, but I know it don't matter."

"Every day I'm shuf-f-f-ling."

Well....that's the bell! I hope you enjoyed this.

Love, Kaela

Plan A

So, I saw Thoroughly Modern Millie this weekend. And, it was like the 3rd time I've seen that play, so it really wasn't that big of a deal. Actually, it was a really big deal. And I tried to proceed with caution, and it didn't work.

If that didn't make sense to you, don't worry too much about it. I don't really know how that intro really applied to the bulk of what this post is going to be about.

I was reading in my journal a week or two ago and I came across some day in, March...I think...where I made a list of the guys who I would potentially marry. It went Plan A, to Plan A-...all the way down to plan F. While that's more of a freshman sort of a thing to do, most of the men on that list weren't very realistic. Like David Archuleta was plan D. As if that's going to happen. He's famous, right?

So as I read on I noticed that some potential future husbands would move up, others would move down, but my plan A always, ALWAYS stayed the same. And who is plan A, you might ask?

My friends, Plan A is, and always has been none other than Justin Bieber.

You may laugh, but The Biebs is totally my type. And here is a list of just a few reasons for why Justin has always stayed Plan A.

  • If I married him, then technically I could be "The Biebs" too. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing though.
  • He's short. I'm short. He's still taller than me. By...5 inches. Justin Bieber is 5'5". I don't think I've ever liked anyone taller than 5'9". I want to keep shortness in the Carter gene pool.
  • His voice is like a thousand angels. From "Baby" to "Drummer Boy" I've never been disappointed with his melodious tunes.
  • The kid is freakin G.  I don't know any other white, 5'5" human who gets to hang out with Usher and Busta Rhymes. Also, he can shuffle.
  • Drummer Boy This song alone is a really good reason to marry him. Seriously. I'm not going to tell you how many times I listened to it on repeat on Saturday while I was cleaning my room. And if I never answer my phone anymore, it's because this song is my new ringtone...and sometimes I just like to jam.

  • Have you ever heard any of his songs? I would love nothing more than to be his "one less lonely girl."
  • The movie: Never Say Never. It's pretty much one of the greatest movies ever made. He's such a great kid! You can't watch that movie and NOT agree with that statement. I think one of his concerts would be so crazy. He's just this 17 year old who likes to jam. I don't know, it's pretty cool.
  • The obvious. Justin Bieber is extremely famous and extremely rich. I'm not saying I'm shallow, but it would be pretty cool to fly around in a private jet...with a giant picture of Justin's face on the side.
So yeah. As far as marriage goes, I'll find some way for him to fall for me, and then we'll live happily ever after.

And for those of you who are still reading.....

To be totally honest, as I was typing all of this, I realized that most of these weren't exactly truthful. While Justin Bieber is totally G, and I like my men on the shorter side, and Drummer Boy is the greatest Christmas song ever written, I just couldn't make it with him. First of all, he is madly in love with Selena Gomez, and I just can't compete with that. Second, I think being in the spotlight all the time and getting numerous death threats from crazed fans would get old after....about 4 seconds. And, Kaela Bieber doesn't flow very well. 

But seriously, if the opportunity came up, I think dating him would be a freakin party. He'd write songs about me, we'd probably get engaged, but then I'd break it off because I couldn't possibly not get married in the Provo Provo Tempernacle (or whatever they're going to call it...), then he'd write a bunch of songs about how he wants me back, and all the tweenage girls would listen to it and cry about their sad love lives, while simultaneously tweeting to Justin Bieber that "he's better off without me." The he would tweet something like "Thanks for the support, I LOVE MY FANS! #SWAG #LEGGO" Because that's pretty much all he ever says on Twitter. Eventually, he would go to a party with all of his rapper friends, and get some really good life advice from his BFF Usher, and he would realize that life could actually go on without me. Then I would get married, and my husband and I would have to go into hiding because of all the crazy teenage girls who would want my blood for breaking Justin Bieber's heart. If I date Justin Bieber, that is EXACTLY how it will happen. long as Justin and I are still both unmarried...I'll keep telling myself that the Biebs is Plan A.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Best of the Best

I've come to a realization about myself lately. This is what AP Psych is doing to me. It's making me realize stuff...about myself.
However, this insight didn't come from Psychology. It came from my computer being quirky and making me recall a memory. Actually a memory I stowed deep, deep away because it was sort of painful.
In April, I experienced what I could only call a quest that ultimately ended in many tears and about 425 dollars worth of prom dresses. That is to say, one dress. And WHY did I choose that dress? After trying on hundreds of other dresses all across Utah county?

To be totally honest, it was on a day where I decided I was officially going to throw my life away and do whatever I wanted because I didn't get chosen as editor and I felt like my life suuuuuuucked.

So, as I recalled this memory, I wondered to myself if, on a day where I was feeling a lot less insane, I still would have made the decision to purchase that dress and go about $400 more into debt to my parents. Aaaaaand that answer is a total yes. I still would have bought the dress.


That was the very first dress I tried on. And I declared it to be the best. And no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find anything that came even close to it. So why was that a problem?

Because once I've had a taste of something good, it's pretty much impossible for me to settle for any less than that. This is the reason that after I saw an episode of Psych on Netflix, I stopped watching the show until my family got Netflix so I could watch it on my TV instead of on my computer. This is the reason why I could never go back to an iPod shuffle after having experienced the iTouch. This is the reason why I could never go back to regular seminary after having experienced early morning (even though it's pretty much impossible to wake up so early.) This is the reason that I can't eat just one Lays chip. I don't know how that just made sense to me.

The point of this is not to say "I'm spoiled and all orphans are ugly!" the point of this is to say, why shouldn't I try my hardest to live the best life possible? Obviously hard things are always going to happen...but the lesson I've learned THIS time around (as far as retarded Journalism experiences go) is that I'm not going to just give up. I'm not going to say, "all of my efforts for everything have always gone to waste." I'm just simply going to work harder. And that's my goal for college. Work really really hard. Do you think dropping 400 bucks on a prom dress was easy?? (I will admit that swiping a credit card is a lot easier than actual hard work get the idea.) Sometimes, living a better life could be the difference between taking 18 credits per semester instead of 15 (although that one can probably be argued.)

This is reaching the point where I'm making more sense to myself than I am to what I assume is the general public who reads this blog (which I'm pretty sure is just Aubrey, Han Solo, and some guy in Tibet). (that awkward moment when Aubrey doesn't even read this blog. Hey Aubrey, I beat your high score on Tiny Wings! Again!!) Ahem. I'm going to wrap up now.

The point is, I'm tired of constantly (though obviously not always) settling for less. So, I'm just going to get back up on my feet and try again. I'm not going to let other people tell me that just because I'm not doing things their way, I'll never be the best. Like they say in Tangled...a lot, "Live your dream!" And that's what I'm going to do! I'm going to live MY dream, not what somebody else thinks it should me. Think about it. If Rapunzel lived Mother Gothel's dream, she would still be stuck in that tower and she never would have married Flynn and the world would be sad. Aahh I need to watch that movie.

If you're still reading this.......whew. power to you.

Anyways, the point of all of this is just to say, I'm going to live my life always trying to improve myself. I'm always going to try to be better, whether it's better at academics or it means I'm, you know, NICER to people...stuff like that...I'm just yeah. Not going to settle for any less than the best.

And part of me is saying "Um, Kaela, isn't that a bad philosophy to live by?" and another part of me is like "Yeeah sister keep philosophising!" So....I'm just gonna go to work now.

Here is a picture of a sea lion. Don't read too much into it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This I do know for sure....

I don't know....what my life is right now. All I know is that it was fairly normal up until this year when it suddenly switched tracks and I'm really hoping it's not leading towards the end of the track at the edge of a cliff, but sometimes that's what it seems like.

Why do I feel like in May, I'm going to feel like there is a giant load off of my back?





Since I can't decide whether that's a good thing or a bad is a picture of my inner mind.

Don't....really read into that too much. There's no symbolism, at least none that I know of.

I have a very vivid memory my freshmen year telling my friend, just to be a drama queen, that I should drop out of high school. And he was all, "Kaela. Never drop out of high school." And I was just like, "pfffffffttttttttt as if that would ever happen."

Fast forward to my Junior year when I was walking down the hall at school and I thought, "you know, I'm just gonna live it up senior year. Just party all the time with my friends. I would never dream of graduating early or dropping out."

Fast forward to this year....right now....

I don't this came to be. I never would have dreamed that I would be part dropping out and part graduating early. But here I am, I'm accepted and registered and in exactly 2 months I'm going to be in college. And I don't know how my life suddenly took such a sharp turn and how in the world I've ended up here in where-the-heck-am-I-ville.

There are a lot of things I don't know right now. But thats pretty irrelevant. What's important is what I do know.

So, in the midst of my totally confusing life, this I do know for sure.

  • My life has not been bad. Some seriously messed up things have happened, but it has not been bad.
  • When you go to a gas station to buy hot chocolate, and dump 50 things of flavoring into your hot chocolate, and people give you weird's okay.
  • Gas station hot chocolate can't be beat. Seriously.
  • A squared + B squared = C squared. There isn't anything deep behind just took me 2 years of geometry to figure that out.
  • Sometimes, you will have crazy teachers. It's good to learn how to sort out which teachers are crazy and which ones you just think are crazy. Generally, if they throw a desk across the room, they are probably crazy.
  • I've never been a fan of the Christmas song Little Drummer Boy, but Justin Bieber's version is BOSS. If you don't believe me, then you don't have a soul.
  • When I am super depressed, or super anxious about something, reading my scriptures has never failed to make me feel even a little bit better. At the very least, it can make me stop shaking when I'm nervous. (Yeah, I shake when I get nervous. It's a gift...and a curse...minus the gift...)
  • I'm pretty sure I saw one of the 3 Nephites working at In N Out. (I guess this isn't something I know for sure, but I'm about 80% sure)
  • Breadsticks....are delicious.
  • The temple is virtually empty between 7:30 and 8:57 in the morning. Thus, it is the best time to go.
  • I need to start going to the temple during 2nd period again.
  • Being number 7 in the world for a day on Doodle Jump should be considered a "great accomplishment" on the BYU application. Just in case you were's not. (In the WORLD!! I mean really?!)
  • There is no greater feeling in this world than walking into a tennis match, 100% sure you are going to lose, because she is the 4th seed in the tournament and you spent the entire season as the extra, and then in the third set, during the tie break, you're up at the net, face to face with your opponent, and, while looking her square in the eye, you hit a backhand volley that wins you the game. [Translation: epic wins feel pretty beeping good.]
  • Not playing tennis for 4 months because of a knee injury is one thing, but not playing for 4 months....just a downright crime.
  • There is nothing more painful than losing the people who are most special to you.
  • But, true friends are the ones who recognize and accept your imperfections, and then stick around anyways.
  • I want to be able to make a difference in people's lives.
Last one...
  • When you reach the realization that this has been probably the 100th day in a row that you've written in your journal "It's just been a rough day." nothing could possibly be a better remedy than somebody spontaneously showing up to my house with a bag of reeces pieces, or an almond joy...and giving me a really good hug.
That, I do know for sure. I just really need a hug.  :P


Monday, November 7, 2011

My New Sense of Purpose (aka another strange thing I think is fun)




No really....

Just kidding people. Remember (for the few of us who experienced this) when we set our alarms and woke up every hour on the hour (or stayed up all night) so that we could register early for Pottermore? And how we were all, "being awake at this late hour is no good" but then we were also like, "wooo this is so much fun!" and it was still super exciting, in a way?

Laaaaaaaaast midnight.................I had a very similar experience. In fact it was really not unlike the Pottermore experience except I was actually doing something a little more productive.


I got online at exactly register for classes. At UVU.

Let me rephrase.

I'm in college?!

That's right. A little earlier than I thought, like a premature baby, (kind of) I have again surrenderred myself to the status of Freshmen.....only now I'm a freshman in college. Which, to my now fellow college freshmen, you're probably thinking "big deal Kaela, get over yourself."

But, I'm still excited. And scared. And I really don't know how to describe how I'm feeling, so I found a video that pretty much sums it up.....exactly.

Of course it's Tangled. What else do you expect? The only difference between this video and the internal workings of my mind is....nothing. Just watch.

Now that you've watched it, you probably understand better why I am the way that I am! So to throw you off, here's another video.

Anyways, life is great. Life is really, really great.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ode to Cole

Cole requested that I make a blog about him. And I figured, why not?

So here is my Ode to Cole.

Cole, Cole, he is so great. Even though he's probably shorter than 5'8"

The first day we met, was at 1 in the morning, when he was drawing a smiley face on my car with silly string.

After that, he brought me a couple smoothies from Orange Julius.

And sometimes when I went to the mall, I would see him at Orange Julius. Because he worked there. Maybe he still does. Who really knows?

And then there was Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed.

It was there, and only there where (when he came) he taught me how to shoot a basketball while simultaneously dancing to Lady Gaga, and when we played kiss kill marry, and when I learned that you should never play kiss kill marry with Cole.

There was also the time that he took off his pants during class. I blogged about that one, I think.

But, possibly the best thing about Cole, is that he was my only friend to come give me a present on my birthday. While I got 10 million Facebook wall posts, Cole brought me a not on the menu orange julius, at 11:00 the night before my birthday. So that is why Cole is awesome.

Anyways, that is my Ode to Cole.

The end.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm not going to call this a withdrawal...

except maybe it partially is.

There are two things that I miss, a lot.

One is green.

The other is white. Very, very white. (and it's not snow. Nice try though.)

And I want to hit both with a tennis racket.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I. Am. So. Freaking. Stressed. Out. That. I. Can't. Even. Think. Straight.

*insert expletives here*
If I insult you, or your heritage, or start streaming offensive words, know that I'm literally not even in my right mind. And I won't be until Monday. Possibly later.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's be real, here.

Instead of ranting and raving about what happened in Journalism today, I'm just going to say this one...little...tiny...thing.

The administration is not Hitler. Nobody is trying to institute a totalitarian government within the walls of Timpview High School. And the new policies they are putting in place they are doing to try to help the school and prepare us for the real world -- not make us miserable or get a rise out of the student body. So let's all take a moment to be practical and think, you know, starting a revolution against the school is SOOO 8th grade ;)

Kaela :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Learned From Justin Bieber's Music Video "Mistletoe"

You don't necessarily have to watch this, but if you do, all of my comments will make more sense.

  1. The Biebs doesn't mind standing in the middle of the road, holding up traffic. Check out the white car behind him, right?
  2. If you are a brunette, and you are sitting at a table all by yourself, The Biebs will come bring you hot chocolate.
  3. Blondes are always the bad guy. Girl?
  4. At 0:51 they trade drinks. Weird?
  5. The Biebs prefers brunettes. (YES!)
  6. As the boy is white, he will never pull off the term "shawty"
  7. 1:32 check out the blonde's face. And then check out The Biebs' clearly annoyed expression
  8. Oh wait, he isn't holding up traffic. He just stopped his car in the middle of traffic and got out to dance. It's okay, I do that too.
  9. Obviously, the kid is loaded, because he just bought his lady a dress. For christmas. I want a snuggie for Christmas, not a dress. Just throwing that out there.
  10. Question: Why was his lady in her pajamas, obviously waiting for Santa to come bring her presents, and then the Biebs shows up and all of a sudden she just hops into the dress he bought her and runs off with him to a random party on Christmas Eve? Do her parents realize she is running around smooching multi-millionaire teen pop sensations?
  11. And finally, if you want to find The Biebs on Christmas, you'll find him under the mistletoe. Smooching a lady whose name is not Kaela Carter.
Merry Christmas to you too, you freaking hobo!! You'll never understand my true love for you!!! Just go break my heart with every dang music video you make. By the way, you're a horrible actor. Just stick to the vocals, bro. Love and hate, Kaela.


Maybe some of you have witnessed this. Maybe, some of you have not.
You and I are having a normal human conversation. Somehow (likely this part is my fault) college is brought up. We start talking about applications, where to go, etc, and I end up freaking out, grabbing my head, and walking away mumbling "college COLLEGE cOLlegE caaaaaaaawwwwwwwwlllllleeeeeeeegggggggeeeeee"

Just in case any of you were wondering, this is the scene taking place in my brain when that usually happens.

And before you freak out, I'm not insinuating that BYU is an ax-murderer. You wanna see a real picture of an ax murderer?

That wasn't very funny. Moving on...

Bottom line, I'm freakin stressed! I have no idea where to go to college. And I'm excited out of my mind, but also terrified too. So naturally, my brain goes into hyperactivetheresakillerintheroomoverdrive and I usually end up walking away, leaving whoever I'm talking to confused and a little bit scared.

Anyways, I'm really excited to kind of get out there on my own and not live with my parents, but room mates, and make new friends, learn new things...yeah.

But on the other hand, what if I can never pick a major?? What if everybody thinks I'm immature and decides to hate me? What if everyone hates me because I can't pick a major? What if I change my major like 7 bazillion times?? What if a guy asks me to marry him??!?!? What if I can't find a job?? What if I run out of money?? What if there is a zombie apocalypse?!

On top of that, the speakers on my computer don't work. So now I can't watch the live Coldplay show that they were going to broadcast, and I can't make a new ringtone for my phone, either. Pretty much, I'm falling back into that discouraged "I can't do anything right" mode, which is not good, but freakin look at BYU's application!!

"List 5 of your greatest accomplishments."

1. Well....once I was number 7 in the world for a day on Doodle Jump. I count that as one of my greatest accomplishments. It's pretty valid, right? If I put that on my application, would that be a hinderance more of a help?
2. Once I competed in a tennis tournament and beat the 4th seed. Technically this doesn't say anything about my tennis skills, but I wasn't expecting that to happen and it was the most intense and rewarding match I've ever played, especially since that season I was just the extra. And then I broke my freakin knee. See "minor setbacks"
3. Once, I fought a shark. Okay, so I didn't fight it, but I thought about fighting it. Okay, so the truth is, the closest I've ever been to fighting a shark was that time I saw a dolphin in Mexico, about 300 yards away.
4. I wrote a controversial article for my school newspaper that got my teacher in minor amounts of trouble and prevented me from getting accepted into Student Government (see minor setbacks)
5. I got maybe 5 or 6 percent of my senior class to start calling our principal "Uncle Toddy." Maybe a little less than that. I don't really know for sure.

Are you guys kind of seeing why I'm freaking out here? I've got nothing. And pretty much all I've eaten in the past week is gummy bears and Chinese/Thai food and I want to go out and buy 10,000 sweaters. And, I've broken out the electric blanket. It's only a matter of time before I go clinically insane, and then I really won't go to college.

It's okay though, I'm just going to live alone for the rest of my life, with a freakin domino farm of dalmatians and golden retrievers and fat stupid beagles and maybe a pomeranian or two and some black labs!! And a domesticated fox if I can pull that off cuz they have freakin bushy tails and the cutest faces ever. And all of my dogs are going to be named something stupid, like zip code or post office.

Eh. I'm just going to stop this while I'm ahead.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I R Smart.

Sometimes, after I get home from a concert with lots of talented people, this is how I feel:

Yep. I feel pretty dumb.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Kaela's Life Pretty Much Equals Sydney Carton's

Okay. I'll make this one snappy.

Just imagine that this is me and Mr. Carton. I call him Syd. We're on a first name basis. Anyways, we discovered we have a lot in common. For example, (spoiler alert) we have both had massive internal organ severage.

Let's just say that's Madame DeFarge holding Syd's head and my still beating heart. And that's my head mounted on a stake. Because if I'm gonna die, I might as well go down in style.

There is Syd and his little seamstress. And then for all intensive purposes...

This is Fox Mulder embracing a giant carrot.

And, to make a long story short...

This is me getting my head chopped off by a guillotine.

And that is why Kaela's life pretty much equals Sydney Carton's.

The end.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


So the other day, my cousin Erika took a bunch of pictures of me and we called them my senior pictures. Because...that was the whole purpose of the picture taking...yeah.

It was a pretty crazy experience. Because...I'm not really used to people taking pictures of me. So, in most of the pictures...I think I was sneezing or yawning or looking awkward. We took I think almost 500 or 600 (!!!?!!?!) and then Erika used some serious skill and edited them down to 150. And I was like, okay, I'll just post them all on Facebook. Which I will eventually do. Someday. (We all clear on the whole I hate Facebook deal? Kay...)

So, I'm posting a few of my favorites on my blog. But, part of me is like, "yep, lets just post a bunch of pictures of YOU on YOUR blog because that's just the most HUMBLE thing to do." So, can we just both come to an understanding that I'm not doing this because I'm super conceited? Sweet.

There are some funny stories behind these too. I was going to post a story on each picture, but then that was taking too long. So if there is a story on one of the pictures...enjoy it. I think that's about it.



So there is a story behind this one. Basically, I about died trying to get out of that barn. Because I had to jump over this rusty wire fence, and after that there was mud, and pretty much I knew if I jumped over the fence but landed in the mud, I would slip and be severely impaled. Luckily, that did not happen.

As for this one, you might think the whole "looking like I'm trying to stand up off of the car" was staged,
 but it actually wasn't. That car was about the same temperature as all of the suns in the universe combined.

Awkward moments with doors. There were about a million doors. And so our goal was to take a picture of me posing in the act of opening the door, while simultaneously not looking like a fool. Erika is smart though, so she figured out how to make it work in the end.


All I can say about this one is that it caused me severe pain. Sitting on that block of hay was a lot more pokey and uncomfortable than you would think.

I felt pretty awkward taking this picture. But mostly because the family who owned the house was watching our photoshoot and so I was just like "yeeeahhhh!!! I'm totally driving your bus!!! Not really!!!" and I'm pretty sure their grandkids wanted to play on the bus and yeah. It was kind of awkward.

All of these scrabble letter senior ones I'm probably going to use for my graduation announcement, except obviously I have to pick just one. So input would be great here.

If I ever run for president...this will be the picture I send out to everyone.
Story time! When we were taking the picture, I totally fell down the well. We had to get the family, and call the fire department, and then fish me out. It was scary and I almost died.
Just kidding. That isn't a real well. Or a real story. Ha. Scared you, didn't I?

Just a note about those last 3 pictures. I was staring directly into the sun while we were trying to take those shots, until Erika found a shader which pretty much prevented me from going blind. Seriously, trying to take those pictures at first was a hard task, to put it lightly. But, I am not blind. This is a good thing.

Now that I think of it, maybe I'll send out that one for my graduation announcement.

Soooooooooooooo yeah. I hope you enjoyed those. Eventually, I'll put the rest up on Facebook. Maybe.
And also, all photo credit goes to Erika Peterson. She is fantastic. And if you want her to do your senior pictures...just talk to me. Yep.