Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today was the day the internet disappointed me


So, I woke up this morning with nothing to do and about 3 hours to do it. More or less. So I decided to hop on the internet and try to get something done (see that paradox right there?).

First, I got on the Bath and Body Works website because they discontinued my favorite scent and I wanted to see if it was available online. Well it wasn't. So then I decided to try to figure out how I could request them to make my second favorite scent into a lotion and/or body spray and their website was less than helpful. So that was internet disappointment number 1.

Second, I remembered reading in the paper that the ATP World Finals are playing today and naturally, Federer is playing. And I wanted to see him lose, which will probably never happen, in case anybody was wondering. So I got on and I saw that the score was 7-5 6-3 for Federer, and I was like, "OMG! The game is still going so I should figure out how to watch it live!" Because as far as I was aware, men play best of 5 sets and girls play best of 3, so I thought the match was still going. Well, apparently not. Turns out the match already happened, and Federer won, and it wasn't even going to let me stream it live then anyways. But you know what, ESPN? That's okay. By the time the US Open rolls around I'll probably be living in an apartment that has cable so I can just watch it there. Or, I'll just stream it from my laptop. And I'm going to watch the whole dang tournament and Federer had better not win.

Third, I decided to get onto here. And I was all, "I want to find somebody's blog." But I could not find it...for the life of me. Of course I found everybody else's blog, and then I was reading them and slowly but surely the creep-o-meter started wigging out and I was like "okay I should stop stalking all of these people's blogs who may or may not even know/remember that I exist." And I never found the blog that I was looking for in the beginning. But as I got thinking, I realized that maybe it's a good idea that blogs aren't very easy to find. Because I'm not sure I want the entire universe reading this blog. Then again, maybe if the entire universe was reading this blog, then I could use my writing to help squash out social injustice and I could fight for alien rights on earth. (People, how inhumane is it that we just kill aliens or lock them away secretly whenever they show up on our planet? Just because their skin is green... filthy racists...) Then again, what if Roger Federer read my blog? And got all offended that I want him to lose for once in his sorry, extremely successful life?

The moral of this story is....there isn't one. Remember the paradox at the beginning where I said I was going to "get onto the internet to get something done?" yeah. Haha.

Not to belabor the point, but I think I'm going to get off the internet now and go play some Halo.


*Update* I got on Twitter...I realized that other humans are on Twitter, I threw up a little, and then I took joy in the fact that my profile is set as private. Internet disappointment #4

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