Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a long strange trip it's been...

Wow, that was weird.

Here I was, blogging along, when suddenly I was confronted by the blue screen of death. So....I blankly stared at and my smartie pants computer pretty much took care of itself. Just thought I would let you guys know. Er....yeah.

Anyways, I'm thinking I'm going to catch up on this 30 day challenge thing. And pretty much everyone else seems to be giving up on theirs. And I have half a mind to join them. But not today!

In all honesty though, these have been probably the 2 most stressful and busy weeks of my life. And a lot of dumb things happened which is weird because one of the best days of my life was in there too: Prom. Wow, Prom was great. Usually I blog about every date I go on....but we'll see about this one. ;)

Anyways, I need to blog about 30 days and challenges. And I'm gonna make this quick cuz I think I want to take a nap, and oh gosh I hope we have curry for dinner tonight!

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends.

What if I don't want to? Who even made this list anyways? "I really don't know what I should put for day 11. I am completely out of ideas, and it's only day 11. So I'm just going to copy from day 1 until I get a burst of inspiration for the other 19 days of this challenge. *weep* Why can't I be creative? WHY?!"

Instead, I'm going to post a picture from Prom.

Awwwww isn't he a stud? ;) Matt, I had a great time. :)

Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one.

My story is no different than anyone elses. I was captured by a nearly extinct chef alien race who took me to one of their 27 moons to run experiments having to do with waffles and beach balls. During my abduction trip I decided I would blog about it. When I was returned my memory was erased, all I remembered was I really wanted to start a blog. Then I had hypnotic memory-revival therapy which caused me nightmares for weeks.

Day 13 will be posted on a separate blog, because I want it to be.

Day 14- A picture of you and your family

Hmmmmm. Okay well since the great computer crash of 2010, I don't have any pictures of my family on my computer. So I'm going to improvise a little.

This is from a really long time ago, when we went to Philmont. Hey look it's little me!

Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play

Yeeeeessssss this'll be easy.

  1. Rhythm of Love - Plain White T's. Boo ya, love this song....<3
  2. Never say Never - J-Biebs. Or, if you'd like, sometimes usually don't say never.
  3. Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen. Boo ya! Hottest American Idol winner ;)
  4. U Smile - Justin Bieber. Hate him all you want, but this song is ADORABLE.
  5. Rocketeer - Kurt Schneider. Originally by Far East Movement, but this guy is pretty fly too.
  6. E.T. - Katy Perry. This song is creepy and bizarre but it is so, SO addictive. It makes me want to charm a snake out of a basket, or go back to the chef aliens and cook candied apples for them. I don't know, don't judge me?!
  7. Firework/Grenade Mashup - Sam Tsui. Oh those youtube stars :) Yon Soo got me hooked. Heh.
  8. Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida.' can't.
  9. Whip my Hair - Willow Smith. I had this song stuck in my head during the ACT. Enough said.
  10. Grenade - Bruno Mars. Never understood why someone was throwing trains at his girl, but alrighty then.

Day 16- Another picture of yourself (baby pic!)

I already posted a baby pic! Well I was seven. Here is another picture of myself, though.

My attempts at a seductive pose.

Okay though, got some creepy stories for you. Ladies and gentlemen (do any guys read this blog? I don't think so....) here's what happened.
I decided to type my name into google, and then I facebook stalked the 2 other Kaela Carters that came up (mine came third because Tyrannosaurus is my middle name). The first one looked really nice. The second one was like, 13 and lives in Utah! And has a boyfriend! So I facebook stalked her boyfriend. Both of their accounts were private though, which was probably a good thing for my sake. Then I saw there was a Kaela Carter on twitter, so I stalked her Twitter! And apparently she is british and kind of a slut, so I think she emailed me once telling me that we had the same name. Anyways, she was obsessed with soup and apparently she was having struggs with defrosting chicken on the same day that I was having struggs with defrosting chicken with Matt! When we made curry...

Anyways, that's just about the worst case of facebook stalking I've ever had. So....I hope you enjoyed that.

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

This is Maria Sharapova. She is my favorite professional tennis player. Mostly because not only is she amazing at tennis, but she always has really cute tennis outfits. I would literally give anything to be a professional tennis player. So....yeah.

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

Oh gosh. So many of these were for deep posts. Well, here goes peeps.

Right now, I think it would be really cool to get onto Student gov. I've been planning on it for a year and I'm so close now!
Long term, I think it would be really cool to have a career in social studies. Like, I think I want to teach history and psychology classes for high school students (that part is subject to change) but that's the career choice I'm looking at right now.
Goals: Survive high school. It's tough.

So....that's all for now folks. I hope you enjoyed that.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 13

My friends...

It has been a while. Like really, it has. Most of that was spring break (which was fantastic) and the fact that BVCE has been pretty slow lately. Not much has happened.

Actually, I read through some of my earlier blogs. And a lot more happened at the beginning of the year.

Before I begin, I should probably recount a conversation I had in the locker rooms. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I remember me saying something like this.

"Could you imagine if she had a blog? What would she blog about? Today in Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed....oh wait. I do that." "Really?" "Yeah. I blog about this class." "Um...that's cool."

So...yeah that was pretty dumb. I thought I would just share that with you.

Anyways, there was a long period of not much going on, until today it was like WABAM! And suddenly a lot of blog-worthy stuff happened. People, prepare. It was gold, I tell you. GOLD.

First, we said goodbye to our student teachers. Who were actually really cool! I liked them a lot. They pretty much let us do whatever we wanted, and they were really chill and really nice.
Now we have Coach Bailey, who seems kind of sketch. For several reasons.

1 - She seems to favorite anyone who is one one of her teams. So like...whatever sports she coaches...any of those kids who are in our class...she loves. Which is
2 - She likes to yell at us. Which I don't blame her. But still... classic PE class. Oh Basketball/Volleyball. PROM!
3 - Sorry about that. I'm excited for Prom and I keep having excited outbursts.
4 - Anyways...
5 - Actually, she seems nice. It's mostly the first one I'm sketchy about. But you know what, it's just Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed. What could really happen?

So we were sitting outside the door to the gym, which was locked. I was praying to myself that we would be doing basketball again, because I've discovered that if I jump when I throw the ball, it will go in.

Quick digression. This last week of BVCE was actually really fun purely because I was able to play basketball. I seriously felt like Jimmer. There was one game where our coaches said the guys had to pass to the girls at least once for the point to count. So our system was: the guys get the ball, they pass it to me, and I would shoot it in. I kid you not, I only missed 2 shots.
Which is pretty different than only MAKING 2 shots!
Seriously though, I felt like Jimmer.

But we are not playing basketball anymore. And I'm sure you can imagine my shock when I was sitting there and Coach Bailey walked into the hallway, pushing in front of her a cart of...I kid you not....bows.


Like, bow and arrow bows.

I was reading a past blog where I mentioned that we would play 4 sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Flag Football. And sure, we've played some other sports and some have been fun and some have stunk.

BUT ARCHERY!?!?!?!?!?

My first thought was, "someone is going to die." Seriously!

Now, when I think of archery I think of Robin Hood or Legolas from LOTR. Except they are fantastic fictional characters (actually, is Robin Hood fictional? Kat, help me out here.).
To put it mildly, I am neither of those fantastic men (which I suppose is a good thing), and therefore I cannot do archery.

My second thought was something like "that equipment has got to be older than both of my parents." But I was quickly proved wrong. Apparently Coach Bailey applied for a grant, and got it. And so she bought a bunch of archery equipment with really strict rules. For a good reason. After all, this is Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed.

So we didn't actually start shooting today. Instead, we measured out a drawstring thingy....which was basically a piece of yarn that we would pull back to practice shooting an actual bow.

We also have to memorize a list of steps before we can shoot. Let's see if I've got this down:

Nock arrow.
Drawing position?
Something about a bow.
I would like to say something about shooting?
Follow through.

Ah crap okay well maybe I should study. I DON'T HAVE TIME!!!!!

A funny thing she said was, "no school has ever had an accident with this archery course." and I thought, "ours will definitely be the first."

I guarantee it.


8 is Great, 9 is Fine, and 10 is a Hen

Okay, wow. Why am I blogging when I have so many other things I need to be doing right now?! Oh well, this needs to happen.

Day 8: Short term goals for this month and why.

Uh....okay then. I'm gonna keep this one short and to the point.
Since I've failed at everything else this month, I'm really hoping that I can get onto student government. So...yeah I should be thinking of campaign slogans right now. Yeah.
Also, I'm hoping Prom will be fantastic. I know it will.
And technically those aren't goals, but you know what? This month is almost over. So....this is the best I've got.

Here is a picture of a fish that looks like a pig.

Day 9: Something I'm proud of in the past few days?

Okay. So....I finished helping my mom do alterations on my prom dress! Which totally kicked our butts. Because we aren't exactly grand master seamstresses. I'll post a picture of my dress after prom.
I also got myself addicted to the X-Files. Maybe because David Duchevony is the most attractive man...

Day 10: Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

Er this'll be hard. Okay. Basically, I don't listen to songs based on these 5 generic moods. So...I'm just going to give you a few songs and why I think they are fantastic. In fact I'm just going to go down my playlist and choose a couple songs I like. Bam.

F**kin Perfect - So, I generally am not too partial to P!nk. Pink? But I actually really love this song. Because when I have run out of self esteem juice, I listen to this, and I feel kind of better.
Go by Boys Like Girls has something of the same effect.

Never Let You Go - I know the general population hates Justin Bieber. But...I don't. And I actually really love this song. Actually I really love a lot of his songs. And I always listen to them before I play tennis. And once I had this song stuck in my head during a match where I was playing the 4th seed. (Which means she was really good) And for some reason, having this song stuck in my head kept me really level and, well, I won that match. And it was really intense. And also one of the best days of my life.
Baby is another J-Biebs song that I also love.

Back to December - Oh, T-Swift. I actually just recently learned that this song does apply to me. Go figure. ~cryptic cryptic~ No I will not explain that. But I do love Taylor Swift. Like, a lot.
Love Story is also another T-Swift song I adore.

Rhythm of Love - As it would happen, I really don't like the Plain White T's. But this song makes me feel like...idk happy and in love and bubbly and yeah. Hee hee! And Christian Paiva thinks it is about a one night stand. That's all I have to say about that.
Teenage Dream by Katy Perry also makes me happy and joyful. Which is why it is my ringtone.

Stronger - Kanye West really has the ability to make me feel...all powerful and excellent. Okay kind of not really.... But really, whenever I listen to Kanye I'm just like...pumped. And ready to
Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolph again, has the same effect.

The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script is a fantastic band. And this song always reminds me of summer/EFY when a really super hot Australian sang this for the Variety Show. In fact, here is a picture.

He looks creeped out because...well...I creepily went up to him and asked if I could take a picture. Hee!

Anyways, this is the part where I say "that's good enough." I hope you enjoyed this list of songs.

Perhaps next time I'll be more on top of this. Not likely. Heh!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

All my life I've been good, but now...well, I'm still going to be good.

I'm really bad at this. This...challenge, thing. Okay, there is no way under heaven I will ever keep up with this one day at a time. Therefore, I'm going to do some catch up now. As for the Facebook one, I'm seriously just going to do all 30 days in one day. At the end of the challenge. Because really, what better way to stick it to the man?

Oh...I find satisfaction in such little things.

Anyways, I think I'm up to like day 8 now. Do I have to take pictures?!?!? uhhhhhh this sucks. Why am I doing this?? I like complaining!!!!

Just kidding.

Here goes:

Day 5: A picture of somewhere I've been to?

Okay people, I live a boring life. And the coolest place I've ever been is SanDiego/Coronado. Where we stayed in a condo on the beach with my cousins. We might go to Cancun this summer, but it's not like I can travel through time just to get a picture for my blog, right?

Since I neglected to get any pictures of scenery (the great computer crash of '10 cost me pretty much all my pictures. Sigh) here is a picture of a dolphin from seaworld.

When I was really little I went to Chicago. I don't remember it that well, but I do remember going to a really cool science museum.

And I've also been inside of this thing.


Do I really even need to explain this?? Okay well I guess I should. Here goes.
Iron Man is seriously the best super hero ever. And a lot of people might argue that he just made his suit, making him not a real super hero. But the fact that he made his suit instead of something to do with radioactivity or kryptonite makes him more super than any other super hero out there! The fact that he had the brains to build his suit is pretty sweet. (I've seen the movie about a hundred times. Seriously. Don't judge.)
I'm rambling. Here are the main things:
His suit is really boss.
The man inside the suit, Tony Stark, is everything I need in a man. Not really. But he is magnificent.
And yeah. I could go on. Seriously, I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
But I won't. You get the idea.

Day 7: A picture of someone who has had the biggest impact on you??

I've gotta say this is a little sketch. There isn't one person who has made the biggest impact on my life. Every person I've ever met has shaped me to be who I am today. However, someone who has really influenced me to be more positive is...wait for it...

Apolo Anton Ohno. Not any person you would expect, but here is why.
After the 2010 olympics I decided he was attractive and awesome and he should have won but those blasted Canadians were dirty cheaters and I hate them and their free health care.
Just kidding.
But really, I just decided to follow him on twitter. And you wouldn't even know it, but he is probably the single most positive person on this planet. I kid you not. All of his tweets are so motivational and inspiring. As he was promoting his new book, he kept tweeting the phrase Zero Regrets. Which also happened to be the title of his book. So I read like, one page of his book on amazon. And there was a quote which explained the title: "Real victory is arriving at the finish line with zero regrets." So basically, even if you lose the game, as long as you look back and say "well, I tried my hardest, played my best, and didn't have any regrets" then you had a victory. Win or lose. So I decided to apply this concept to my life. So, every day before I go to bed, I look back and think to myself, do I regret anything? And even if sucky things happened that day that I regret, as long as I had no control over them, which I don't a lot of the time, then I consider that day a victory.

That was a really lengthy explanation, but suffice to say it's helped me live my life a lot more positively. Also the poem Invictus has been really inspiring to help me take better control of my life. And if you've never heard of this poem, here it is:
Out of the night that covers me
Black as the pit from pole to pole
I thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud
Under the bludgeoning of chance
my head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how straight the gate
How charged with punishment the scroll
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul.

Seriously, one day I decided I'm done letting other people and events decide my emotions for me. life has been pretty fly.
But enough inspirational mushy gush. Moving on to...

Oh wait. That's it. Haha it's only day 7. Since today is the 17th. Heh. Well then...

I hope you enjoyed



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh, dear

Ah! I'm only on day 3 and I'm already slacking on this. Well I'm going to do 3 and 4 in one post because....yeah.

Day 3: A picture of you and your friends

What can I say?

I love all of these people!

So, now for Day 4: a habit I wish I didn't have.

Oh gosh....

Not the worst habit I have...but definitely the one on my mind right now...

Picking out gross food to eat! :P

This is what I'm eating now. And it is surprisingly nasty.

Mmkay maybe I'll stay more on top of this?


Monday, April 11, 2011

Steven Hawking + Dr. Bambi = You don't want to know.

Today is day 2 of my 30 day photo challenge. The fact that I've stayed committed this long is pretty good. Let's see...

"Meaning of blog name"

Kaela, the Tennis Playing Dinosaur?

Well, I am Kaela. Fact.

I also play tennis. Kind of. There is playing, and there is playing well. You know what? Never mind.

I am a dinosaur. Probably.

Shudder. For the 3.7 people who read this blog, you have the privilege of seeing that wacky picture of me trying to hit an overhead. Ugh.

As for my blog url,

That should be pretty self explanitory.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Time Has Come...

Alright people, here's the deal.
I love blogging. What better way to spend my time than posting random thoughts to the internet, right?
(I don't know Kaela, maybe study for AP tests, or laundry, or other things you've been putting off...)

And on Facebook, and other blogs, I've noticed these 30 days challenges popping up everywhere. And quite frankly, I think they look fun.

So I'm starting one. Well, one on Facebook, one on here, my blog.

And this is how it'll go:

•Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
•Day 02- The meaning behind your Blogger name
•Day 03- A picture of you and your friends
•Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have
•Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
•Day 06- Favorite super hero and why
•Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
•Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why
•Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days
•Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
•Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends
•Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one
•Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
•Day 14- A picture of you and your family
•Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
•Day 16- Another picture of yourself (baby pic!)
•Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
•Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
•Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
•Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
•Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy
•Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else
•Day 23- Something you crave for a lot
•Day 24- A letter to your parents
•Day 25- What I would find in your bag
•Day 26- What you think about your friends
•Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
•Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
•Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned
•Day 30- Who are you?

So without further ado...let's get this party started!

Today counts as Day 1. So....yeah.

  1. Basics. I am Kaela.
  2. I love playing tennis...possibly more than anything.
  3. Like any other girl, I love to shop. For clothes. And shoes.
  4. Like I mention on every other blog, I have never been to Disneyland, which not many people can say.
  5. However, I used to have a pet goat. Which is another thing not many people can say.
  6. I love the movies Tangled and Iron Man. I could literally watch only those 2 movies for the rest of my life.
  7. I have a Twitter. Which considering how famous it is, only like, 2.5 of my friends have one.
  8. I love Justin Bieber. Hate me all you want but I love his music and I will marry him someday. Seriously.
  9. In fact, I'm in love with more imaginary men than real men.
  10. All my life I've wanted a pet hampster.
  11. Snakes are disgusting.
  12. So is mayo. Literally the smell, taste, texture, even just looking at it makes me sick. Especially when it is on ham. Oh world there is no worse combination in this life.
  13. I am afraid of trippy things. So the x-files/twilight zone has the potential to freak me out.
  14. I really want to go into space.
  15. Dom, Robert, Eames, Ariadne, Mal, Sato...DREAM anyone? Heh...heh...heh. Well I thought it was cool. Inception? You know? Eh, never mind.
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Before I begin, I'm issuing an apology for the title. I read in some dictionary, once upon a time, that the word "vomit" is classified as vulgar. But the dictionary was from the 80's, so maybe it was outdated and this apology is irrelevent.

Moving on.

Now, before I really begin, I'm issuing a disclaimer. If you didn't pick it up from the title, which you may not have because it was pretty vague/possibly vulgar, this is me vomiting out everything that has been on my mind. And let's be honest. Of my 15 followers, and other people who randomly tell me that they've read my blog, I'm gonna guesstimate a round number of 3 people will actually read this post. Kat, possibly a religious leader/my mom, and some person I've never met from Indonesia. Does indonesia even have computers?

Moving on...

Just tell me in the comments whether I was right or wrong. In other words, it would be nice to know who reads my blog.

Is anybody even reading this right now?

Sometimes, I like to play a game called "so and so isn't listening to me, so I can say whatever I want about him and he won't have a clue." Ladies, TRY IT. It's fun stuff. But anyways, that's sometimes how I feel. What if I started talking about Yon Soo on here, because she took one look at the title, thought "ew, that's gross." and didn't actually end up reading this blog, little did she know she was actually mentioned in it!

Just kidding. I'm pretty sure Yon Soo will read this. I guess I'm just setting myself up for an awkward situation if it turns out she didn't read it. "Hey Yon Soo, so...did you read my blog?" "" "Oh okay. Never mind then. Er...don't." *hastily removes mention of Yon Soo from blog, making this entire paragraph redundant. So if you find yourself not reading this paragraph, then you'll know that the before mentioned conversation must have happened.

And the sad thing is, I'm not even started on what I really was going to talk about.

Okay, here goes.

I may have mentioned in past blogs, or maybe not, that a lot of things have been unlike a fast food restaurant, in that things have not been going my way. Maybe I will go to Burger King sometime, just so I can have things done my way. NOT. Ew. Anyways, I was looking forward to a lot of things. During March I tried out for a lot of stuff. I applied for a couple jobs, went in and followed through several times, trying to make a real effort to actually score a job. I applied to be an editor in Journalism next year. I tried out for Acapella. I applied to be a supervisor at Seven Peaks, which is a position I've been working hard for the past 2 years.

And lo and behold, the end of March/beginning of April were judgement day for pretty much all of those things. And, for all of the hard work and effort I put into everything (except for Acapella, but I wasn't too motivated for that anyways) I...did not expect what happened.
  • Journalism Editor: Denied
  • Acapella: Nope
  • Supervisor: (Not 100% sure on this one yet, but since the starting date was March 30th and I didn't get a call, I'm counting that as a NO.)
  • Other job applications that I actually wanted to get: Even after following through several times, I never even got a call.
  • ACT: After studying long and hard, I still didn't score high enough to get into BYU.
I'm not saying all of these things to complain or sound ungrateful. I'm just saying, I've failed at a lot of things that were really important to me lately.

And how did I cope? I bought a $420 dress for Prom.

The day I bought it was the same day I read the list for Journalism. And I've been meaning to talk about this event anyways, so here goes: Not getting chosen to be an editor was....disapointing...because of a few reasons:
  • I had literally walked in the first day, and as they introduced the editors, I thought, "That's gonna be me next year." I set a goal, and was determined to work hard for it.
  • Which I did. I worked hard to write the best article I could, knowing about 70% of the time that it would be an article that nobody would read. Even when everyone else was turning in late drafts that were half finished, I stayed up late to write the best article I could so that I could turn it in on time the next day.
  • And even though I was disappointed when I got articles that I knew would be hard to write, I still said to myself, "I have to do a good job. I need to make a good impression. I'm going to make a challenge out of this. I'm going to make this article about the PTA so good that even though it's a boring subject, people are going to want to read it anyways.
  • And even though sometimes my articles ended up being so boring that even I skimmed over it when I read the newspaper....I kept putting forth my best effort, hoping that the next time I would get an article I could prove myself with.
  • And let's be honest, I've never been extremely good at anything. I've never been the person who people are like "You know Kaela, right? The girl who is extremely good at...underwater skateboarding?" But I actually felt like I had a shot at being at editor.
  • And then, like all unwise people do, I started planning out how I could be a good editor. What I could do for the other staffwriters, how I could help them with their articles and how I would always get their drafts back, unlike the times when my editors haven't given me my drafts back, forcing them to just rewrite my whole article for me....which was a huge slap in the face, by the way. But that's a different story.
  • And so the night before the list was posted, I was nervous, but I felt so confident that I had made it. I felt both qualified and like I had worked hard for it.
And then I ran over to the list the moment it was posted, and when I didn't see my name under the editors, it was as though the whole year of wishing, working, praying came crashing down on me and something inside of me said, "you just weren't good enough."

The night before I also found out about the whole supervisor thing. It was the 2 things I had been working the hardest for, and...nope.

I realize this post is getting apologies. For anybody still reading, WOW. You are a trooper. Tell me tomorrow and I'll give you a piece of candy. Seriously.

Anyways, I ended up getting over my bitterness about the editor ordeal when I heard Elder Packer's talk in General Conference.

"John, let it go."

That should sum it up. I tried to think of a more positive perspective. Now I won't have as much to do my senior year. I can kick back and relax and hang out with the new staff writers. It looks like we will have a really fun staff next year.

But yeah, that day I bought my dream dress. My thought process went something like this:
"I hate everything."
"I hate all people."
"I am a complete failure."
"I'm getting that dress." you can see....that totally makes sense. But really, I felt like I deserved at least one dream coming true, right? I'm double excited for prom now, at least.

But yeah, since then, it's just been one thing after another. I didn't even blink when I saw the Acapella list. Because, sadly enough, I had learned to expect it.

And now, to wrap up. And you have probably learned by now how long and off topic my introductions are, so you should expect a similar conclusion.

Today, I think I had the most meaningful lesson all year. It was a silent lesson about Joseph Smith.

Quick digression. Yesterday I was talking to my dad, and I said, "you know what? All of my friends will write cute things on their blogs, and talk about happy things and spring and Jesus and sunshine. All I write about is my PE class." And I figured I never write about anything religious and I probably won't because...that's just now how I roll. I guess I've always been more personal with that kind of stuff.

Buuuut I guess I just felt like sharing this. Today we had a silent lesson about Joseph Smith. Who undoubtedly suffered more than any of us....combined. Especially if only 3 people are reading this blog. Probably like 50 gazillion times the four of us. So after the lesson, we were asked to share our testimonies. And I talked about the verse in D & C 121:1 where Joseph says, "Oh God, where art thou?" which I've been reading over and over lately. And throughout the lesson it really hit me how he suffered so much. And that scripture always gives me comfort. Then I talked about how I know he is a true prophet, because of a bunch of reasons, and blah blah blah.

Don't you wish you could do that during sacrament? Bearing your testimony, "I know this church is true because...of stuff."

Anyways, later I was thinking about how crazy it was that I actually beared my testimony during seminary, and I remembered a couple verses that have always been my favorite about Joseph Smith and how come I didn't share them? So, if you go to JSH 1:28 and the first part of will read this verse:

28 During the space of time which intervened between the time I had the vision and the year eighteen hundred and twenty-three—having been forbidden to join any of the religious sects of the day, and being of very tender years, and persecuted by those who ought to have been my friends and to have treated me kindly, and if they supposed me to be deluded to have endeavored in a proper and affectionate manner to have reclaimed me—I was left to all kinds of temptations; and, mingling with all kinds of society, I frequently fell into many foolish errors, and displayed the weakness of youth, and the foibles of human nature; which, I am sorry to say, led me into divers temptations, offensive in the sight of God. In making this confession, no one need suppose me guilty of any great or malignant sins. A disposition to commit such was never in my nature. But I was guilty of levity, and sometimes associated with jovial company, etc., not consistent with that character which ought to be maintained by one who was called of God as I had been. But this will not seem very strange to any one who recollects my youth, and is acquainted with my native cheery temperament.

  29 In consequence of these things, I often felt condemned for my weakness and imperfections
Props if you read all of that. But yeah, that's basically how I feel. And it's good to know that Joseph Smith, when he was our age, still went through some of our same problems. And, look how great he became!
Anyways, it's comforting. So for the one person who is now still reading this blog, congratulations, you actually read the whole thing. It's long. Even I wouldn't have read it all. But thank you, you are my new best friend.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've gotta blog about MoRp. I just gotta!

Morp with Christian Paiva was SO MUCH FUN. I seriously wouldn't have wanted to go with anyone else. But to prevent a long post, because conference starts soon, I'm just going to do bullet points. Ready...go!

  • Hick costumes = success. It created the equal opportunity for all men to bear their biceps, should they desire. Also a time to show off various tattoos. Christian's said "Property of Kirk Skyles" and "Matty Cakes" though I'm not sure why on the last one. Mine said "saucy wench #2" (T-Swift was #1 of course.)
  • Driving was crazy. There was getting lost. There was almost crashing. There was car rocking, there was Ken, and of course, there was scraping so nasty.
  • The photoshoot was amazing. Ellie Peek is a fantastic photographer, and all I really remember is a shot of Christian in a high window, reaching down to Matt, who was reaching up to him. And I also remember Christian lifting me over his head, and how it was terrifying yet fascinating.
  • Dinner took 2 hours to make, and probably 7 minutes to eat. Yet everyone helped in the exhausting adventure of preparing about 50 tons of bacon, eggs, hash and pancakes.
  • The dance was interesting. Christian was going crazy, and I ended up going a little crazy too. I recall running around screaming and running into people during slow songs. And they played Friday, which was both fantastic and slightly unexpected.
  • After the dance, we went back to Andi's house and ate strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, which was surprisingly DELICIOUS. There was also a massage train, and Christian and I had a semi-deep talk about the sketchier things in life. We agreed that we should yell "get some!" a lot more often.
And...that was pretty much it. Dates are fantastic, and I would love to go on them more. It also got me super excited for Prom.....:)


I swear, this is a post about fingernails.

Quite frankly, the purpose of this blog is to write about the more bizarre things in life. I haven't been writing much lately simply because:

  • Around Tuesday, I lost any will power to do anything.
  • With that, I've just been extremely lazy in general.
  • In fact I haven't done any homework assignments.
  • All I wanted to do was hang out with friends. Because, let's be honest here: once you make the decision to stick it to the man, you try to make the most out of life. Which means not doing anything you don't want to do.
  • Which almost got me into trouble.
The good thing is, this post isn't about all of that drama. I've decided to be happy with....whatever...and I've also decided again that grades should hold some amount of importance in my life, and that I probably got the better end of the deal anyways, if I want to continue with my "doing the least amount of work for the most amount of satisfaction" then being an editor for journalism probably wouldn't fit that criteria. Or something.

In other words, I am completely indifferent to everything that happened this week. And though I still hate all people and all things, MORP and Conference actually brightened my week/situation/life a lot. Actually Morp was really fun. I would blog about it...but yeah. Okay, maybe I will. I blog about all dates. That's a lie. Oh world, I'm rambling.

The point is, this post is actually about the first time I got a manicure. I promise. So after that lengthy, angsty introduction, let us begin.

I know, it's crazy. I'm 16 and I've never had my nails done. I lead a deprived life. I've never had a pedicure done too. I've never been to Disneyland either, but I've vented enough about that.

So when my mom was like, "Kaela, what shall we do while the men folk are at priesthood session?" I told her we should get our nails done. I was planning on getting them done for prom and I wanted to see what it was like.

Oh, world. It was such a bizarre experience.

First off, had I done things over, I would have insisted that we get pedicures. Because apparently if you get a pedicure you get a footbath and you get to sit in a massage chair.

For me, I was placed in a moderately comfortable, semi-rolly chair. I chose the color blue because I hoped it would last perfectly for three weeks until prom so I wouldn't have to do my nails again. It's not gonna happen, but it was worth a shot and I like the color. So there.

First the girl had me dunk my fingers in a fancy looking heart shaped bowl. And I wondered how guys feel if they are getting their nails done. Do they just get a plain, round bowl? To preserve their manliness?

Since I've never had my nails done, and quite frankly I don't take as good care of them as I should, my nails were a mess. So she pulled out several lethal looking tools/weapons, and got to work on my nails. Some of it was painful, most of it was just intriguing. But mostly I just felt awkward.

See, all of the people in there were Chinese. So they would talk to each other in Chinese. So while I was sitting there, getting my nails all fixed up, the girl would talk to who I assume was her mother in Chinese. And I could only guess she was saying something like "Mom! This girl's nails are so gross! This is the worst job ever!" to which her mom would reply "Stop complaining! At least she isn't some creepy dude!" because I can imagine the worst part about being a nail salon lady would be dealing with the toenails of men. Yeesh. Almost in the same way the worst part about working at 7 Peaks was seeing fat men in speedos. Oh, scarred.

Actually, the girl was pretty nice. Except she didn't talk hardly at all, only to tell me to relax my hands a couple of times and that she liked the color of my nails.

I would say the weirdest part of this was when I got attacked. And I kid you not, I literally got attacked.

The second we walked into the little shop, I about had a heart attack. Because I thought a large rat came bolting towards us, when on a second glance I realized it was the teeniest chihuahua I've ever seen. So it was cute and friendly and even though it was a drop kick dog I still loved it, because I love all dogs. Even my own dog, strangely enough.

Fast forward back to when I was getting my nails done. I was sitting there waiting for them to dry, when I felt something tugging at my foot. I looked down and the little dog was determined on eating the zipper on my shoe. (my trashy zipper flats, don't judge.) So I pulled my foot away, but the little drop kick was determined. It went from one shoe to the next, and I was flinging my feet left and right trying to prevent my shoes from getting destroyed.

Somewhere in the feet flinging and the dog going crazy at my feet, I accidentally kicked it in the head.

It yelped and flopped over for a little bit, and then stood up and started chasing it's little tail. I was about 80% sure I had just given it brain damage or something. Then it sat down at my feet and wagged it's tail and looked up and panted at me like I was it's new best friend. This is why I love dogs. If someone kicked me in the head, I wouldn't instantly love them. I would probably be pretty mad. But it did end up keeping it's distance from me from then on, though occasionally it would come over and nip at my shoe for a little bit, and then run away.

The weirdest thing? The owners of the dog just sat there laughing while the dog was attacking me! I'm seriously like 99% sure that the girl who did my nails was sitting there checking her facebook while her little dog was trying, violently, to consume one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

After that, I pretty much had to sit there for an eternity waiting for the paint to dry, and then we left.

Will I ever get my nails done again? Yeah, probably for Prom, Senior Ball, and then my wedding. Actually, I didn't hate it at all. It does feel really nice to have someone do something for you that you could easily do for yourself. (But, ladies, let's be honest. It's a pain in the butt to paint your nails on your right hand. Am I right?)

But next time, I'm getting a pedicure. Because, DANG, I could use a massage.


Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 12

I'm trying out something new this time. Again.

I'm not going to lie and say I haven't had time to blog. Because in all honesty I've been online looking for prom dresses, which is was a waste of time until yesterday...:)....and then I went crazy.

So long story short, I've had plenty of time to blog. I've had three class periods of Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed without a single blog. So I'm combining those three class periods, that one unit, into one blog.

We did not play basketball. We did not play volleyball either. And sadly, we did not play tennis.


We did play badminton. Which is similar to, but completely unlike tennis.

And honestly, I'm not going to list all of the reasons of why badminton isn't like tennis. Because that is literally what I did ALL WEEK LONG.

"Oh, I would have made that shot if I was playing tennis."
"Oh, I could serve better if I were playing tennis."
"Oh, it's really hard to put spin on a birdie."
"Oh, I could smash it easier if I were playing tennis."
"Oh, badminton is pretty much NOT LIKE TENNIS AT ALL."

And, I wasn't a very good doubles partner either. I got sort of frustrated the second day, and Cole, my doubles partner, pretty much had to deal with my wrath.

Oh, world.

I felt pretty bad that I was still losing at this sport. I was hoping now that I was playing something pretty similar to tennis, my true skills would be able to emerge and I would show the class that, despite everything they've seen this semester, I am not a complete failure at sports.

However, I think there is a curse on the school gym, where I simply cannot play well in any sports while I am in it. Because I play well everywhere else, except there.
Except in the soccer unit. But still. Did I even blog about that? It's been so long.


And truth be told, surprise surprise, I actually wrote this post like, two weeks ago. And I've been too lazy to finish it and post it. So this is me doing just that.