Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've gotta blog about MoRp. I just gotta!

Morp with Christian Paiva was SO MUCH FUN. I seriously wouldn't have wanted to go with anyone else. But to prevent a long post, because conference starts soon, I'm just going to do bullet points. Ready...go!

  • Hick costumes = success. It created the equal opportunity for all men to bear their biceps, should they desire. Also a time to show off various tattoos. Christian's said "Property of Kirk Skyles" and "Matty Cakes" though I'm not sure why on the last one. Mine said "saucy wench #2" (T-Swift was #1 of course.)
  • Driving was crazy. There was getting lost. There was almost crashing. There was car rocking, there was Ken, and of course, there was scraping so nasty.
  • The photoshoot was amazing. Ellie Peek is a fantastic photographer, and all I really remember is a shot of Christian in a high window, reaching down to Matt, who was reaching up to him. And I also remember Christian lifting me over his head, and how it was terrifying yet fascinating.
  • Dinner took 2 hours to make, and probably 7 minutes to eat. Yet everyone helped in the exhausting adventure of preparing about 50 tons of bacon, eggs, hash and pancakes.
  • The dance was interesting. Christian was going crazy, and I ended up going a little crazy too. I recall running around screaming and running into people during slow songs. And they played Friday, which was both fantastic and slightly unexpected.
  • After the dance, we went back to Andi's house and ate strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, which was surprisingly DELICIOUS. There was also a massage train, and Christian and I had a semi-deep talk about the sketchier things in life. We agreed that we should yell "get some!" a lot more often.
And...that was pretty much it. Dates are fantastic, and I would love to go on them more. It also got me super excited for Prom.....:)


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Aubrey Noelle said...

I first read that as, "Christian and I had a deep talk on the stretchier things in life."
I have no words to describe this post.