Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 13

My friends...

It has been a while. Like really, it has. Most of that was spring break (which was fantastic) and the fact that BVCE has been pretty slow lately. Not much has happened.

Actually, I read through some of my earlier blogs. And a lot more happened at the beginning of the year.

Before I begin, I should probably recount a conversation I had in the locker rooms. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I remember me saying something like this.

"Could you imagine if she had a blog? What would she blog about? Today in Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed....oh wait. I do that." "Really?" "Yeah. I blog about this class." "Um...that's cool."

So...yeah that was pretty dumb. I thought I would just share that with you.

Anyways, there was a long period of not much going on, until today it was like WABAM! And suddenly a lot of blog-worthy stuff happened. People, prepare. It was gold, I tell you. GOLD.

First, we said goodbye to our student teachers. Who were actually really cool! I liked them a lot. They pretty much let us do whatever we wanted, and they were really chill and really nice.
Now we have Coach Bailey, who seems kind of sketch. For several reasons.

1 - She seems to favorite anyone who is one one of her teams. So like...whatever sports she coaches...any of those kids who are in our class...she loves. Which is
2 - She likes to yell at us. Which I don't blame her. But still... classic PE class. Oh Basketball/Volleyball. PROM!
3 - Sorry about that. I'm excited for Prom and I keep having excited outbursts.
4 - Anyways...
5 - Actually, she seems nice. It's mostly the first one I'm sketchy about. But you know what, it's just Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed. What could really happen?

So we were sitting outside the door to the gym, which was locked. I was praying to myself that we would be doing basketball again, because I've discovered that if I jump when I throw the ball, it will go in.

Quick digression. This last week of BVCE was actually really fun purely because I was able to play basketball. I seriously felt like Jimmer. There was one game where our coaches said the guys had to pass to the girls at least once for the point to count. So our system was: the guys get the ball, they pass it to me, and I would shoot it in. I kid you not, I only missed 2 shots.
Which is pretty different than only MAKING 2 shots!
Seriously though, I felt like Jimmer.

But we are not playing basketball anymore. And I'm sure you can imagine my shock when I was sitting there and Coach Bailey walked into the hallway, pushing in front of her a cart of...I kid you not....bows.


Like, bow and arrow bows.

I was reading a past blog where I mentioned that we would play 4 sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Flag Football. And sure, we've played some other sports and some have been fun and some have stunk.

BUT ARCHERY!?!?!?!?!?

My first thought was, "someone is going to die." Seriously!

Now, when I think of archery I think of Robin Hood or Legolas from LOTR. Except they are fantastic fictional characters (actually, is Robin Hood fictional? Kat, help me out here.).
To put it mildly, I am neither of those fantastic men (which I suppose is a good thing), and therefore I cannot do archery.

My second thought was something like "that equipment has got to be older than both of my parents." But I was quickly proved wrong. Apparently Coach Bailey applied for a grant, and got it. And so she bought a bunch of archery equipment with really strict rules. For a good reason. After all, this is Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed.

So we didn't actually start shooting today. Instead, we measured out a drawstring thingy....which was basically a piece of yarn that we would pull back to practice shooting an actual bow.

We also have to memorize a list of steps before we can shoot. Let's see if I've got this down:

Nock arrow.
Drawing position?
Something about a bow.
I would like to say something about shooting?
Follow through.

Ah crap okay well maybe I should study. I DON'T HAVE TIME!!!!!

A funny thing she said was, "no school has ever had an accident with this archery course." and I thought, "ours will definitely be the first."

I guarantee it.


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