Sunday, April 17, 2011

All my life I've been good, but now...well, I'm still going to be good.

I'm really bad at this. This...challenge, thing. Okay, there is no way under heaven I will ever keep up with this one day at a time. Therefore, I'm going to do some catch up now. As for the Facebook one, I'm seriously just going to do all 30 days in one day. At the end of the challenge. Because really, what better way to stick it to the man?

Oh...I find satisfaction in such little things.

Anyways, I think I'm up to like day 8 now. Do I have to take pictures?!?!? uhhhhhh this sucks. Why am I doing this?? I like complaining!!!!

Just kidding.

Here goes:

Day 5: A picture of somewhere I've been to?

Okay people, I live a boring life. And the coolest place I've ever been is SanDiego/Coronado. Where we stayed in a condo on the beach with my cousins. We might go to Cancun this summer, but it's not like I can travel through time just to get a picture for my blog, right?

Since I neglected to get any pictures of scenery (the great computer crash of '10 cost me pretty much all my pictures. Sigh) here is a picture of a dolphin from seaworld.

When I was really little I went to Chicago. I don't remember it that well, but I do remember going to a really cool science museum.

And I've also been inside of this thing.


Do I really even need to explain this?? Okay well I guess I should. Here goes.
Iron Man is seriously the best super hero ever. And a lot of people might argue that he just made his suit, making him not a real super hero. But the fact that he made his suit instead of something to do with radioactivity or kryptonite makes him more super than any other super hero out there! The fact that he had the brains to build his suit is pretty sweet. (I've seen the movie about a hundred times. Seriously. Don't judge.)
I'm rambling. Here are the main things:
His suit is really boss.
The man inside the suit, Tony Stark, is everything I need in a man. Not really. But he is magnificent.
And yeah. I could go on. Seriously, I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
But I won't. You get the idea.

Day 7: A picture of someone who has had the biggest impact on you??

I've gotta say this is a little sketch. There isn't one person who has made the biggest impact on my life. Every person I've ever met has shaped me to be who I am today. However, someone who has really influenced me to be more positive is...wait for it...

Apolo Anton Ohno. Not any person you would expect, but here is why.
After the 2010 olympics I decided he was attractive and awesome and he should have won but those blasted Canadians were dirty cheaters and I hate them and their free health care.
Just kidding.
But really, I just decided to follow him on twitter. And you wouldn't even know it, but he is probably the single most positive person on this planet. I kid you not. All of his tweets are so motivational and inspiring. As he was promoting his new book, he kept tweeting the phrase Zero Regrets. Which also happened to be the title of his book. So I read like, one page of his book on amazon. And there was a quote which explained the title: "Real victory is arriving at the finish line with zero regrets." So basically, even if you lose the game, as long as you look back and say "well, I tried my hardest, played my best, and didn't have any regrets" then you had a victory. Win or lose. So I decided to apply this concept to my life. So, every day before I go to bed, I look back and think to myself, do I regret anything? And even if sucky things happened that day that I regret, as long as I had no control over them, which I don't a lot of the time, then I consider that day a victory.

That was a really lengthy explanation, but suffice to say it's helped me live my life a lot more positively. Also the poem Invictus has been really inspiring to help me take better control of my life. And if you've never heard of this poem, here it is:
Out of the night that covers me
Black as the pit from pole to pole
I thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud
Under the bludgeoning of chance
my head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how straight the gate
How charged with punishment the scroll
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul.

Seriously, one day I decided I'm done letting other people and events decide my emotions for me. life has been pretty fly.
But enough inspirational mushy gush. Moving on to...

Oh wait. That's it. Haha it's only day 7. Since today is the 17th. Heh. Well then...

I hope you enjoyed



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