Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: The Final Chapter

So, I just went through and read all of my BVCE blogs from this semester. And I regret to say that I actually got really lazy. For example, in February I only blogged about BVCE. And in May (this month) I only had one blog about BVCE, and the rest were about....other...stuff. Yeah.

The thing is, I didn't blog about BVCE because we didn't do anything. Seriously, the last 2 weeks all we did was play basketball. And some days were better than others, but really, nothing happened. In fact the most interesting thing that happened was playing Kiss Kill Marry with Cole.

Actually, there was one thing I neglected to blog about.

We went outside to play Ultimate Frizbee. And the Fitness for Life class played tennis. And I was very jealous.

So as you all have noticed, all it's done the past few weeks is rain. As if Utah suddenly decided to start imitating Oregon because secretly Utah is jealous of Oregon because in Oregon, people pump your gas for you and they have a 'look but don't touch' beach and lots of forests that are a lot cooler than Utah's.

What am I even talking about? I have a confession. I'm sick. And so I'm entirely drugged up now and I'm also really tired cuz I stayed up until midnight playing minesweeper. So I'm really sorry if this isn't making sense. My funny/creative juices are running low today.

Anyways, it was raining cats and dogs for the past few weeks, and a pipe burst on the turf, I think, so our class was condemned to play Ultimate Frizbee outside on this soggy soccer field. They had also just cut the grass, so everybody's shoes were grassy and muddy by the end of the day.

Except we didn't stay outside until the end of the day...

Here's what happened. Everybody was in a bad mood because they were cold and wet. Coach Bailey was sitting on the bleachers drinking coffee and whining about how cold she was. Nobody was even trying to play. The boys kept swearing, loudly, for no reason at all. Me and Christi were like..."wow this totally sucks." Cole instituted a no-whining policy, which nobody really followed through with.

And then, possibly the strangest thing I've ever witnessed. It was like a strike, or a revolt. All of a sudden a couple boys walked over to sit on the bleachers, and then slowly, the rest of the class followed. Like everybody just gave up, and went over to the bleachers and looked at Bailey, who was like "what in the world are you guys doing?!"

If I remember right, this was on senior sluff day. So there weren't even that many people there anyways.

And Bailey didn't take much persuading. She let us go back inside. Then she brought out the basketballs and expected us to play a game....which nobody did. Half of the class ended up climbing to the top of the bleachers and hiding. I don't even know, it was just really, really bizarre.

So that's what happened. And then for the next few weeks, we played basketball. Sometimes Bailey would split us up into teams. Other times we just did whatever we wanted. On the last week, we had a contest, which by that time I didn't even care anymore, and so I stopped trying in that class shortly after the Ultimate Frizbee incident.

And then the last day of class, we watched The Incredibles. And I thought, why did I even come?

And so ladies and gentlemen, this is the last BVCE blog. As I looked back it really was quite the quirky class, that slowly but surely declined, or maybe I just got busy with other stuff and forgot to blog. I'm thinking the latter.

Anyways, thank you to everyone who followed this. I'm sorry it got so lame near the end.

It really was a fun class though. A lot of very strange things happened. Some of the highlights include the badminton unit, the student teachers, Cole's crazy antics, and the flag football unit.

Among others. I'm glad I chose to blog about this.

But now what? What could I consistently blog about now? (And this time, I'll keep up with it, I promise.)

I think I know what I want to blog about next. It might be a little sketchy though. But here are a few hints about it.

It's wet. It's covered in bird poo. And it may or may not involve a sun and a paycheck.

So, until next time!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Junior Year...a year in review.

Like I said before, what a year it's been. This is a year in review. I will talk about the good. I will talk about the bad. With bullet points. Because that's just how I roll.

First term
  •  I always like first term, just cuz I have a lot to do. This year I was privileged to be on the tennis team, and I enjoyed such wholesome activities as going to football games and...homework. I learned that AP classes actually require a lot of hard work, unfortunately I didn't really gain a work ethic until later terms... I was closest to my friends this term, I think. Even though I started the year off with a minor man probs, this term wasn't too rough.
Second term
  • This one was pretty rocky. Maj man probs happened here. We lost to Springville, it started getting cold, I was getting sick of all of my classes, idk I was kind of emotional this term. However things looked up when I...broadened my horizons, per say? I started hanging out with better people, let's just say that.
Third term
  • This was easily my most favorite term of the year. And honestly, some of my most favorite memories came from all the time I spent hanging out with Kate and Matt, who are definitely two of my best friends. And, aside from internal conflict, this term was pretty carefree and great.

Fourth term
  • Wow, what a bitter sweet term. I think this one was easily the most challenging for me. Since it rained like every day, it didn't even feel like summer was coming. It felt like school would go on forever. I did not succeed in...well...anything I tried out for. That was hard too. I went through the worst friend crisis of my entire high school life. And though the wrinkles are still being ironed out, it looks like things are going to get better, especially now that summer is here. A lot of really good things happened this term too though, like Prom and a decreased workload that led to increasingly good grades. Seeing Jimmer Fredette at Provo Beach Resort. Aaand taking 2 AP tests.
  • I went on a few dates this year, and wow. Wow. Some were beyond fantastic. Others were beyond awkward, just ask Christian Paiva. The best ones included Homecoming with Chase Weight, Ice Skating and Prom with Matt, MORP with Christian, and Friday Night Lights with Nate Wall.

I don't even know what to say here

The Bad:
  • Ceramics - Clearly I am not very artistic. Who knew clay could be so difficult?
  • Pre-Calculus - Math is dumb. Even though I understood it this year...yikes.
  • AP English - This class tested me. The workload took me a while to get used to.
  • Physics - I will never understand physics and Mac is the devil.
  • Journalism - This class frustrated me a lot. And pushed me to several of my limits.
  • Seminary - Sadly enough, second semester was not good at all. I didn't feel like I learned anything. Bro. Roberts is a great guy, but not the best teacher I've ever had :/ I skipped seminary this year more than I've ever done my entire life, and I'm not proud of it...but seminary makeup was pretty fun too :)
  • Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed - Um....yeah.
The good:
  • AP English - So many fun people in here, VanOrden is an incredible teacher, and I learned a real work ethic in this class.
  • Psychology - easily my favorite class of Sem. 1. Everything we learned was so interesting!
  • Journalism - It was a privilege to be in this class. I learned a lot about being a better writer, stalking down people for interviews, and it was great for getting caught up on homework. Everyone in the class was super cool, too.
  • Seminary - First semester I had my favorite seminary class yet. It honestly felt like we were a family. Highlight: Mike and I doing the Hoedown Throwdown for the talent show.
  • AP World - First of all, I love history. Not only was this class interesting, but Baker is amazing in every way.
  • Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed - the blogs.
  • TA for Baker - This was so great. It was AP World, so I heard all the lectures twice, so I learned twice as much, which was really great when I was preparing for the AP test. Also everyone in that class was so much fun. When I wasn't grading papers, (which I didn't end up doing very much...:S) I was talking to well...just about everyone in that class. I'm pretty sure it was this class that shaped a lot of the second half of my year. There was never a day I didn't look forward to it.
As you probably noticed, there were a few repeats. That, my friends, is what I like to describe as bittersweet.


Disclaimer. If I leave you out, I am immensely sorry. And I still love you to pieces.

This year was shaped by the people in it. Seriously. I really can't think of a better intro than that. Some of the people who played a large part in this year were:

Kate Cutchins: How in the world am I going to keep this short? This year Kate and I both went through a lot of stuff. Good things and bad. We looked out for each other at the beginning of the year while we were having man problems. And we hung out almost every day during third term when we would go to Sonic after school with Matt. The best thing about Kate is that even when I'm not a good friend to her, she is a good friend to me. Like the time that guy cut me off in the parking lot before mutual and she came and sat in my car with me while I cried for 2 hours and spilled everything. (Note, I was not crying about being cut off. The day I become that emotionally unstable, please slap me and/or throw me in a mental hospital.) Or after Prom when everything fell apart, but she still there for me when I knew she was the only person who could possibly understand what I was going through. And she forgave me, which is also more than I ever deserved. This lady deserves a round of applause.

Matt Woodruff: What to say about this kid? I thought he hated me for the first half of the year. And I'll never regret that day that, even though we had never even spoken, he stole my phone, added his number, and the rest is history. Being Bakers TA for 3rd period would not have been the same without Matt. What I loved this year about Matt was he always helped me feel included. He influenced me to get out of my comfort zone and get to know more people. Some of my favorite memories with Matt are all the times we went to Sonic, AP World, the ice skating date, the time we went ice skating with Christian, and then Prom. I wouldn't have bought that dress if I wasn't going with Matt, and everything about it was pretty perfect. When I met Matt back in August, if somebody told me that in 8 months he would be my boyfriend, I probably wouldn't have believed it. But I'm grateful for the adventure we've had. No matter what happens I'll always be especially grateful for the friendship we had.

Christian Paiva: When I asked Christian to Morp I had no idea what would come of it. I'm pretty sad that I didn't really talk to Christian very much before then, but he has been a really good friend to me this year. He is always, always good for a laugh. He's educated me on aliens probably more than anybody else. He's always been there to talk to whenever I can't sleep at 1 in the morning. And he was the one who convinced me to follow my heart. (And I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true.) He is one boy that I'm going to miss this summer.

Rachel Chow: Rachel is amazing, let's just say that. She is always first on the scene whenever I'm emotionally distressed. (Aka, I have recieved more texts from her saying "What the heck is your tweet about?!" than anybody else on this planet.) So I've been able to tell her just about everything. She was a champ for always driving whenever we wanted to go out to lunch, which was great because I hated eating lunch at school. Rachel is always so caring and giving and good to everyone. What I most admired about her this year was how supportive she was of everyone, especially through the student gov. elections. Rachel has been my cruel, uncaring mother since sophomore year. And I don't think I'm in her custody anymore, and I am perfectly okay with that ;)

Yon Soo Park: Only 2 words can describe Yon Soo. Asian. Sensation. Yon Soo is a trooper. She never lets anything get to her. She is such a hard worker and I've always admired her for that. It was Yon Soo who inspired me to wear makeup and then educated me about it. (which I'm very grateful for, thank you thank you.) Sitting by her in AP World was fantastic, and for an Asian she has a stupendous British accent. Also her korean games she taught me were pretty great. The thing I love about Yon Soo is I can always count on her. Even if she doesn't like a decision I make, she won't hold it against me. Yon Soo, expect to be kidnapped this summer.

Chase Weight: What in the world is there to say about this kid?? Chase is easily one of my best friends. I have probably eaten more of his food than my own. I'm pretty sure I have more inside jokes with him than anybody else. I wouldn't have wanted to go to Homecoming with anybody else, too. It was a fantastic first dance date...thing. And Chase never fails to make me laugh. I have broken into Chase's house more times than anybody elses. And he gets me back by whooping my trash in Words with Friends...every single time. Honestly, the list goes on. The best thing about Chase is he doesn't judge me for all of my crazy antics. Even when I lock myself in his pantry and cry and steal his easy mac. Chase, expect to see me at your house a lot this summer, hogging your Netflix.

Whitney Carlson: Remember those days of "getting the gumballs"? Hahaha. Whitney is wonderful. You can always count on her to be involved. She is like my wingman. She has never gotten mad at me for anything (as far I as I know) and I love her sweet, caring personality. I literally have never known her to get mad at anybody. She is an excellent dancer, and she could probably win an all you can eat contest against anybody. Even a football player who is literally 3 times her size. I'm so glad she is working at 7 peaks with me again this year. Whitney, if you find me sleeping on your couch at 3 in the morning, don't question it.

Katelyn Rudy: Katelyn is a SAINT. She is always so sweet to everybody, and her and Josh are pretty much adorable. She gave me many a ride home this year, which was too good of her. And seeing her patience with all of her brother's friends always amazed me. Katelyn is absolutely gorgeous, too. And Physics would have been a very sorrowful class without her in it.

Kat Moulton: Oh Kat. AP World was an adventure. You have a habit of awakening the Harry Potter fanatic within me. Seeing the midnight showing with you was a party. You are possibly the only person I know who can be as crazy about Harry Potter as you are, and not look like a maniac. You are wonderful. Without Kat, I would have found myself very lonely while everyone was on the Acapella/Orchestra tour.

Aubrey Glazier: A-Money Glazed Donut G-Rated What?! is the best. Seriously she is so down to earth, but still crazy and so fun to be around. Her rapping skills are unmatched. Everyone claims she is awkward, so I claim her as my awkward buddy. Aubrey is just fantastic. She never fails to make me laugh, and the fact that we lasted like, less than a day sitting next to each other in math class should tell you something about us. I imagine we will be watching bollywood films together in the near future.

Danielle Root: Oh my husband, what is there to say? All of my friends pretty much know who Dani is, just because I talk about her that much. She has literally been there for me through the thick and thin. Man problems? She is the one to cheer me up. She is always there to give me advice, and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have any incredibly awkward date stories ;) Her sense of humor is fantastic, and I miss her like a soul. Dani, we need to play. Or at least renew our husband vows.

You guys, that doesn't even cover half of it. I can't possibly write a paragraph about everyone. And I even started to make a list of the rest of the people who made this year what it was. But I can't! There are just too many people and I don't want to leave anybody out. Here's how it goes. If you talked to me at all this year, like smiled at me in the hallway or waved and said hi. If we hung out in any type of setting, if we ate or made food together, if we sat next to each other in a class, if we worked together at 7 Peaks, if you hugged me or hit me or hurt me (that only goes for like, 2.2 people) or even made awkward eye contact with me at any point in made an impact on my year. Words cannot express how much I want to name everyone. Seriously. You all are fantastic. And if you are reading this blog right now, that makes you even more fantastic.

Things I learned
  • Oh gosh, I learned a lot. This gon be one big list.
  • I think I learned how to be a better writer.
  • I learned how to deal with increased stress.
  • I learned how important people are.
  • I learned that when a guy hugs you behind your backpack instead of around it, it is slightly more fantastic.
  • I learned that teachers are human beings.
  • I learned that if you aren't involved with anything, life kind of sucks.
  • I learned that the best way to get over a man problem is to surround yourself with lots and lots of friends.
  • I learned how to be a good sport. And the regret you feel from being a bad sport.
  • I learned how great a true victory feels.
  • I learned what a true victory is.
  • I learned about the D.E.N.N.I.S system (heh).
  • I learned that FWB is the absolute worst thing a person could put themself through.
  • I learned about school dances.
  • I learned that it is perfectly okay to stand up and walk out of class without using the hallpass or telling the teacher.
  • I learned that the answer to everything is an icepick lobotomy.
  • I learned many things about being an upperclassmen.
  • I learned that prom dresses are very expensive.
  • I learned how to do seminary makeup.
  • I learned how to makeup.
  • I learned a lot about forgiveness.
  • I learned that it is possible to be addicted to facebook.
  • I learned that vegetables do not make very good race cars.
  • I learned about having a good work ethic.
  • I learned that having an ex for a home teacher is really awkward.
  • I learned how to play minesweeper. Kind of. I'll have you know that after I wrote this down, I lost 55 games of minesweeper before I won my first one ever.
  • I learned about marijuana legalization.
  • I learned that a lot of the classic books we are forced to read are really scandalous.
  • The list seriously goes on and on and on. One thing I never learned though? The bell schedules.
People, what a year it has been. And now it's summer. Next year I'll be a senior, and I intend on making it my best year ever.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Over!

Wow. I literally could not be happier for this year to come to an end.

It was rough. I am sad to say I waded my way through a lot of sticky patches this year. And sadly, school was really getting to me. Arriving every day was just a burden. And I really do blame a lot of that on myself. I don't think I looked at this year with the right attitude. But next year, I'm not going to have that problem. No sir, that is not going to happen. I made that commitment on monday, and I've already started training.

And, confession. I'm actually really shy. And getting out of my comfort zone to say hi to more people has been really weird, and pretty hard. But it's like, I haven't regretted it once. Every time I'm like, I can't do this, I just think about [see like...2 posts previously] and I'm like, I can do this. It's weird. And it's not generally something somebody would freak out about or think is hard. But I feel good. I feel like if I keep it up, next year will be the best year of my life.

Here is why I think that. Confession 2: I actually really, really enjoyed 8th grade. Something about it. Every even year since middle school (so 8th and 10th...not much but yeah...) has been perfect. So I'm pretty sure that next year is going to rock. I really think I'm going to go crazy. I want to do everything I've said I'm always going to do. Prankster things. People, I want to stay over night in the school. I want to have a good senior prank. I want Uncle Toddy to know me, by name, and not for a good reason.

I've just got so many hopes and dreams! Haha I hope any of you people who read my blog will want to help me out in this. Cuz honestly, I'm lost without my friends :) You guys are great.

So, I've got an entire summer to live it up! To regain all of my lost school spirit and get me all pumped back into "Kaela is going crazy!" mode!

So, to prevent this post from being crazy long, I'm going to write a year in review...separately. If you desire, go read it. If not, thanks for reading this :) It's been quite the year.

Love you all!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's a small world, people. It really is.

Let's start with a back story. Yay!

A very long time ago, on Chilean Independence Day, to be exact, I was driving to a glorious little restaurant by the name of Pantrucas. As you all know, I live in the land of South Provo. So to get to said Pantrucas dinery, I had to travel along the road of the infamous 900 E. I drive on this road every day, and I was not expecting anything new.


Something new did happen. I was cut off by another car. Now this thing is not new. What was new was I saw the guy in the car who cut me off. I realized that I really liked the color of his car, and um, many of his facial features. In other words, I decided to myself that this young man was cute. However rude he was for cutting me off, I let it slide.

And so I drove behind him aaaaallllll the way to Canyon Rd. where I turned into the Days parking lot, thinking I would never see this young man again.

Little under an hour passed by, after me and...whoever was with me (Yon Soo and Aubrey I think) had eaten our fills of empanadas, and I said farewell to them as I got into my car again.

As I was leaving, I saw him. Indeed I saw the man with the face, the man with the blue car. And I thought, I need to follow him.

So I did. I mean what a coincidence! These things don't just happen people. So I followed him and ended up getting lost in BYU campus. Which actually happened quite a bit when I first started driving. And I thought to myself, well there goes, I'll never see him again.

That was September 18, 2010.

Today, May 24, 2011. I was driving on University with Yon Soo. I was taking her home. And it is SO BIZARRE because I made small, dumb decisions while I was driving that, had I not made them, this wouldn't have happened. Like driving really slowly because Clinton was behind me. Or parking my car behind Clinton's. Or parking my car behind Matt's and then having Clinton and David mess up my windshield wipers.

I was driving on University, and I saw that blue car. I recognized the color and make. Saturn, shiny blue. And I thought, I wonder if it is that guy. Probably not though, that would just be ridiculous. So I caught up to him, and screamed. Yes, people, I actually yelled.

OH MY GOSH IT'S HIM!!!!!!!!!

It was him. People, it was that same guy!! Except my WINDOWS were OPEN and he heard me. He saw me, and he heard me. And gave me a really, really scared look. And sped up. Quite a bit, actually.

So...that was pretty sad. But seriously. People. What are the chances?!

Anyways, I just thought I would share an interesting story from my day. So I hope you enjoyed that.


Monday, May 23, 2011

In the Grand Scheme of Things...

In the grand scheme of things...what really matters? We go about our lives every day worrying about the dumbest things. Earlier today I was mad, because if it weren't for Physics, I would have gotten a 4.0 this term. But in the grand scheme of things, does that really honestly matter? People get so upset over the stupidest things, like someone said something insulting, or oh my gosh he hasn't called me in a week. But I say again...does it honestly matter? One 4.0 isn't going to affect the entire cosmos. One phone call never made isn't going to set the course for eternity. So then what does matter?

Us, people, a human life. Families.

I've never been up close and personal with death. But when it hangs over your head like a dark rain cloud you can't not think about it. And as I've been thinking about death I've realized that with death there always comes regrets. Especially untimely deaths. Or maybe it isn't a death. Maybe your friend is in danger. Maybe one of your family members is sick. And all these regrets come to you. WHY wasn't I closer to that person? Why didn't I get to know him better? And of course, the classic, what could I have done to prevent this?

There are tons of things in this world that just happen. We can't prevent them. There is nothing you, personally, can do to prevent a friend from getting cancer. There is nothing I could do to prevent someone in my family from getting hit by a car.

There is nothing we could do to prevent those things. Not always and consistently, at any rate.
But there is always, ALWAYS something we could have done better. That's like my personal motto: what can I do better? How do I fix it? Sometimes, we can't fix it. But again, there is always something we could have done better.

The simplest of that being just getting to know someone. Saying hi to them, smile at a person and make their day. I know we always hear these things but they're true.

Suppose your grandmother died. She was old. But don't you have that regret that you didn't get to know her better? Don't you wish you were closer to her? That time that your parents told you to call her and thank her for the $20 she sent you for your birthday, but you didn't because you were too busy checking your facebook. Or you thought, "she won't care if I don't call." But wouldn't you like it if somebody called you to thank you for a present, no matter how small it is? Or thank someone for being your friend. Live these moments while you have them, people.

As I said before, in the grand scheme of things, what really matters is life. People. Us. Humans. As dumb as we are, we need to stick together. And regrets. My biggest regret? Why didn't I just get to know him better? But not just him, everyone.

The fact is, I'm just stupid shy. But I see all these people around me and think, "wow, all of these people are so cool." And seriously, there is not a person on this planet that I look at and think "ew, I do not want to be friends with him." or "I don't think she deserves to be friends with me." I really don't think that. Everybody is so amazing! Everyone is so unique and different. Everyone each has all of their own different quirks and things that make them the fantastic person that they are.

And now that I'm here, praying and hoping and wishing that everything will go right for someone I'm not even very close with, I'm regretting with every fiber of my being that I wasn't just a little more outgoing.

If this has taught me anything, it is that each and every person is important. And I've been much too lazy. It's taken me a whole 16, almost 17 years to realize that the worth of every soul really is great in the sight of God. EVERY soul. While that verse has always been a comfort to me I really see now that it's not just saying, "Hey there Kaela, don't be sad, you have worth." It's also saying "Kaela, EVERYBODY is so, SO important. Don't you dare forget that." And I won't. Wow. If I've learned one thing from this, it is that I have got to stop taking people for granted. For heavens sake, I need to get to know people. So that this never, EVER happens again. So that if somebody I know and love is in trouble, or if their life ends tragically, that I'll never have to say to myself, WHY didn't I get to know him better? So that while I mourn for the loss, I can still be able to celebrate that I was able to be a part of that person's life.

But not just a part of that person's life. A constant friend to that person. Every time you say to someone, "oh I haven't seen/talked to you in forever" do something about it! Do you want to live with the regret that you could have spent with that person. I'm not saying that all of our friends are just going to drop dead at any moment, I'm just saying, live every moment like it's yours, or their last. I know everyone always says that and I don't mean for this to be morbid at ALL. I'm just trying to prove a point. Don't do stupid things that you'll regret. Don't hold a grudge. Don't get mad at somebody for something stupid. Like I said, in the grand scheme of things does it honestly matter anyways? Don't skimp out on your friendships and relationships. Don't just waste a friendship because of something like jealousy (which I have already soap boxed about) because, yet again, in the grand scheme of things...IT DOESN'T MATTER. What matters is there is not a person on this earth who will lose a friend and think "gee, I wish I hadn't been as close to them as I was."

So from now on, I'm going to be different. Right now I feeel like I'm just saying that everything I've been thinking really needs to come out. Instead of just thinking somebody is really cool, and wishing I could be their friend, I need to go for it. I need to tell them, and then try to get to know them better. Does that make sense? I never want to have to live with this kind of regret again.

In the grand scheme of things, in the entire universe, I hope what I've said here will be an insight to at least one person, other than myself. But in the grand scheme of things, I also won't be offended if people read this and think "wow, Kaela is nuts."

Maybe it is a little weird for me to have reacted so much about somebody I didn't even know that well. But maybe that's why I'm reacting the way I am. Because whenever I saw him in the halls at school or sat by him in church I thought, "wow, he is so cool. I really wish I could get to know him better."

So that's why I wrote this. Half is regret that I didn't get to know him better, and the other half being an earnest prayer that everything will be okay for him, and especially his family.

So just live life, don't waste it, and don't take people for granted. Because in the grand scheme of things, that is what really matters.

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System: Part 2. Once Upon an Insight.

Today I came home from school. As I have done 5 days a week for the past 9 months. And I thought to myself, I have nothing to do. So I decided to read my blog. And I happened upon a post I wrote about a so called DENNIS system. And I read it, and I'm not going to tell you the thoughts that went through my head at that moment. All except one. I thought,

"Hmmm, I've been living off this system for quite a while now [not that I have or am DENNIS-ing anyone, but have been on the watch for any chance somebody might be DENNIS-ing me.] and I think it would be a good idea to watch the show that it came off of. You know, to see if I'm actually correct in my interpretation from what my friend told me about it. I mean, the fact that I'm pulling this off of a TV show I've never even seen seems pretty dumb. Except it's foolproof. It's happened to me. Regardless, I'm going to watch this episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to see if I'm actually correct, and if it will provide me any insight into this so called DENNIS system. After all, I've told plenty of friends about it. It would be good if I knew what I was talking about."

And folks, if I've ever explained to you the DENNIS system, I don't claim to be a master of it, it's just my personal, fancy way of saying "you just got played...sucka."

And so, today I watched that one episode. And there were things that I learned.

  1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a really funny show. Except, as I suspected, it swears a lot and is kind of dirty.
  2. I suppose my version of the system is pretty watered down. For example, in the show, engage physically is pretty much supposed to mean sex. And you know, mine...isn't.
  3. I didn't interpret it exactly how it is in the show, but I mostly based it off of my own personal experience/my own personal interpretations. And for the record, I still think mine is right.
  4. In case you are wondering, I've never DENNIS-ed anyone. Ever. And I have no immediate plans to. According to the show, the DENNIS system is only used to get some. And I don't roll that way. Yep.
In fact, the system in the shows goes something like this:

D- Show the person that you are important to them, and they are just as important to you. That's about as far as you need to go. Ask on date.
E- Get some.
N- Slash tires, so they'll need a ride home from you. Aka depend on you for...stuff.
N-I got this one pretty right. Don't return calls or texts...yeah.
I- Same with this one, come back one last time, telling them  you really care...
S- And I was spot on with this one. Except that isn't really hard to misinterpret. Separate entirely is pretty self explanitory. However, in the show, they explain that if you effectively DENNIS a person the first time, you can go back and DENNIS them again pretty much as many times as you want.

So....yeah. Kind of unlike but not too far off to mine. I feel like mine goes more in depth, but hey...whatever.

Honestly, I think that's really it. I don't really feel like this post had any point, other than I needed something to blog about. And for anyone, if you read my previous post about the DENNIS system and laughed at me because you've seen the show before and were like 'wow Kaela is so dumb and ignorant'....I don't blame you. Like I said, it was only my interpretation of what my friend told me forever ago.

Hmmm....that's really all I have to say. Everything else I add seems to make it worse that I'm blogging about the DENNIS system. Twice. But I say, why not? Some people blog about rainbows, sunsets, and vacations. I blog about my PE class, and the art and process of getting played. Not that vacations and rainbows and sunsets aren't fantastic things to blog about. I just...don't. Yep. So....don't judge....please.


Monday, May 16, 2011


This post is called revelations because Revelations is the last book in the bible and this is the end of my 30 day challenge. Yep, I'm actually finishing it out to the end, don't ask me why I'm doing it today because I still have to build an entire car for physics (but seriously, fear not. My car is the most original thing that has ever happened in Mac's class...maybe) and do the dishes and all that other fun stuff that is included with still being in high school and living in your parent's house which I guess most people high school.

I've decided I get distracted...a lot.

So I'm going to finish this challenge because I have a lot of more important things to blog about. Ha. Okay, let us begin.

Day 25- What I would find in your bag

Oh world. Do you even want to look in my bag? My bag is literally a black hole. Do you understand how hard it is, every time I go up to the register, to dig around in my bag for ten minutes looking for my wallet, while constantly apologizing to the cashier, and the people behind me are like, what the heck? And my bag isn't even that big either. I don't know how I fit so much stuff in there, and it isn't even heavy, either. It's like Mary Poppins, or Hermione's excellent bag in the 7th book. Yeesh! Okay, well, I'm going to go grab my bag and see what I pull out.

  • Ha. First thing I pull wallet. That's funny.
  • Letter from 7 Peaks asking me to work for them again, and a picture of my prom dress I used to price match. Aaand a smelly card thing from Bath and Body Works, the time I went there with Kate, Matt and Kirk and discovered velveteen tobacco. I should really clean out my purse. That was in December.
  • Ken, or Tom. My trusty GPS. This was from Prom...finding Ikea is kind of tricky...but actually kind of not.
  • I Love Boys hand sanitizer. Mmmm this stuff is really to die for.
  • Receipt from when I bought the boutonniere, pamphlet from some kiosk at the university mall, OH IT WAS FROM THAT DATE I WENT ON. ............
  • Subway application.
  • Little hand made booklet I made that I plan on using, and Dessert Delights mint chocolate chip gum
  • 3D glasses, mall scavenger hunt list from before mentioned date, another 7 Peaks letter, and a sonic receipt.
  • Receipt from Pretzel Maker, from the above mentioned date (can we just say this post is me blogging about that date? Because if I went into detail...oh world. Oh. World.) And a bag with coupons, most of which are probably expired.
  • Pencil, another sonic receipt, empty mascara bottle, slightly crushed Easter candy (that I got when I got my hair done for prom) and a mini video camera, which contains evidence that the previously mentioned date ever happened. Oh, and a bracelet that Yon Soo made me.
  • Plastic egg...that the chocolate came in.
  • More chocolate, chapstick, and a kazoo.
I will have you know that, though this was the perfect experience to clean out my purse, I shoved everything back in there. Except the chocolate.

Day 26- What you think about your friends

Whew. I could go on about this one. Yon Soo did something like this, inspired by Kate, inspired by Andrew.
And don't get me wrong. Those three people are more than inspiring. And I think I will write a post about how much I love my friends. Right now, however, is not the time for that. Suffice to say, this is my promise that I will do a post about that. Wow, I have a lot of things to write about. Anyways, I promise. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Except not really because that would hurt.
For now, I'll just leave it at I really do love all my friends. Even those people I don't know very well. I wish we were better friends, aaaaaand....I think you are all really cool. Seriously, if you are reading this right now, whoever you are, I think you are fantastic. Yes, you.

Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge.

Because I love to blog, and I was bored.

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Holy crap! Another thing I could go on and on about. Well I'm using a picture I've already used in this challenge.

This is a picture of me from exactly one year ago. This was right before Youth Conference. And believe it or not, this was the day that would decide how my entire year, from June 2010 to June 2011 would go. Literally one decision I made that day decided how my entire year went.

And honestly, I have changed a lot. Except not really. I feel like I'm the same person, mostly because I feel like that day was only yesterday. This year literally flew by. Except that is such a weird expression. Not everything flies fast. Like...I'm pretty sure that chickens can fly, and they don't fly fast. Or for very long. Whatever. Suffice to say, this year flew by faster than a jet airplane, or perhaps an adrenaline filled, caffeine hyped humming bird.

But I have changed. I feel like I've been tested a lot this year. Literally and less literally. Like, trials, and then 2 too many AP tests (and yeah, I know some of you took like, 6. Remember, I am but a humble white girl. If that has anything to do with it.)

I can't exactly say how specifically I've changed. I think I've become stronger. I don't feel like I've changed very much, but I know I have. Obviously, because change is good. And if I haven't changed since then then wow. Yikes. Or what if I've changed for the worse? I think I have. I was really chill back then, and now I'm kind of spastic, except still pretty chill. I don't know. I'll work on being chill, er, more chill. First step, watch Iron Man.

Sorry this wasn't very deep. But really....I have no idea how to answer that question. The only way would be to go back and read my journal from then until now, which would actually take a long time and I don't think I'm emotionally prepared to do that just yet. What if I am? Nope, I'm not. Moving on.

Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned.

What?! Another thing about how I've changed and learned and grown?! Oh gosh, I'm pretty sure I'm all out of deep and serious juices. Or now I'm in such a serious mood that this post will be all serious and stuff. And then everybody will be like "oh great. Kaela is so not funny." and maybe they already say that so....I suppose there is no harm in taking a risk.

Quick question though. You ever think much about manatees? No? Okay well I do. And a manatee is called a 'sea cow'. So how come a cow isn't called a 'land manatee'? Hmm? Just a thought.

What have I learned this month? That a cow is not ever called a land manatee. Okay not really.

I can actually pin point something I learned this month. And not something dumb that I learned from this 30 day challenge because I didn't learn anything. At least I don't think I did. But I'm thinking between April 16 and May 16, what did I learn?

Okay people. I definitely had an experience with learning the value of friendship. This month has tested my friendships with people more than....well, ever. And things didn't turn out perfectly, but do they ever?

I learned that going just 3 days without my best friend talking to me was literally one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. And knowingly putting her through pain only made it worse. I'm pretty sure everything is all good with that situation though, but suffice to say that was certainly an eye opening trial.

I realized how much I've taken my friends for granted. This has been the month that I've thought most about my friends probably my entire high school experience. And most of that thinking has been pretty negative. Sometimes I feel like my friends don't care about me, or I'm not as cool or as talented as them, that they treat other people better than me, or all this dumb negative stuff. And I came to realize, why the heck would I blame any of that on them? The fact is,I need to be a better friend to them. I just need to be a better person in general.
And lastly, I learned a very important lesson about jealousy. Envy is one of the worst things on the planet, and I've learned that it will tear up even the strongest friendship. Sorry I couldn't think of a better analogy, my imagination is kind of shot. Seriously, I feel really REALLY light headed right now (long story, I hit my head yesterday) Wow that has nothing to do with it. Okay, have you ever read A Separate Peace? Anyone in Drummond's class did, and from what I understand most people hated it. But I actually really liked it! It's probably my favorite book I've ever been forced to read, with To Kill a Mockingbird coming in a close second. I love it because it totally relates to my life and I've learned such an important lesson from it, especially when I finished reading it yesterday. And it basically boils down to this:

One friend was jealous of the other, so he pushed him out of a tree, which ruined his life. Eventually that friend ended up dying from the injury. But he forgave his friend for pushing him out of the tree. Which is also a good lesson to be learned. But because the kid got jealous, he lost the best friend he had ever had.

That's the main lesson I'm getting at. I'll admit sometimes I struggle with jealousy, but I'm trying so hard to get over that. Because it's seriously like, the worst thing to get upset about.

So, moral of the story is, this month I've learned a lot about friendship. Among other things. Whew. And, if you are a human being who has struggled with jealousy in a friendship, then go read A Separate Peace. Do it. And disclaimer, it's kind of weird, because it's about an all boys school, but no they are not gay. Haha. Okay, I think that's it. And if you are still reading this, kudos, come find me and I'll give you candy tomorrow. Seriously.

Day 30- Who are you?

That is a very good question....

The end.

Just kidding.

I am Kaela.

Do I know exactly who I am? Um, no. Not a chance. Do we ever really learn that in this life? Okay, maybe we do. But I'm still workin on that :) for now, I may not know exactly who I am, but I do like who I am. Yeah, I've got stuff I need to work on, but don't we all? But like I said, I am Kaela. And I definitely don't stand out in a crowd (if anything, I'm the gap in the crowd...haha...short joke...) but...I really can't think of any way to say this that still matches the deep, sincere, serious tone that I've been using. So I'll end with a joke.

You and Souja Boy are sitting on a bench. Soulja Boy gets up and leaves. Who is left?


ha. ha.



My Future Career

Okay, I'm blogging about another date. This one was a lot more hard core. I feel like my Prom one probably mixed in with all the senior ball posts, which I guess is kind of lame but that's what I get for procrastinating 3 weeks to blog about prom.

This won't mix in with Senior Ball though. If it does, that would be kind of weird. Drumroll?

Ladies and gents, last night I had the priviledge to go on an excursion, or if you will, a fancy shmancy date to the annual Friday Night Lights

Okay so it wasn't fancy or shmancy but it was SO MUCH FUN!

From the dawn of man, I've always figured that I would be a professional football player, and that I would definitely play for Timpview, and Coach Wong hadn't realized my skills...yet.

And I actually didn't think anyone would ask me to Friday Night Lights. But when Nate Wall did I was like, dang, this is my chance.

So the night started out with Nate picking me up, and I got to ride in his really sweet truck to the school. I wore his jersey, which was like a dress on me, which was okay because I figured I could wear it to church on Sunday. Actually, side note, how crazy would that be if the day after Prom or Senior Ball all the girls were wearing their dresses (which was really awkward for me, because I was the only girl there wearing my dress, which was huge) and the guys were all wearing their tuxes, and I just showed up wearing Nate's football jersey. Just a thought.

Moving on! So they put us through drills. And for a while me, and a good number of the other girls were like 'oh gosh, we don't play football, this is going to be so weird, I'm going to screw up' except after a while I realized that football is actually really, really fun. I didn't mess up on any of the drills, I think (and there were girls who were taking this a lot more seriously than others. Like they really were trying to get noticed, or something. Idk, it was kind of weird.) and I got to talk to a bunch of guys on the football team that I normally wouldn't have.

All the drills also helped me realize just how out of shape I am. Ja-heez. :P

After the drills we were divided, by our jerseys, into the orange and white teams. I was on the orange team. Orange supremacy! Not really. What race is orange people, anyways? Jersey Shore?

Anyways, I was on the orange team with Yon Soo. Which was good because she was pretty much my only close friend there who was a girl. And then they let us pick our positions, and I really wanted to be on offence, and be a reciever. Except there were already about a thousand recievers so I opted out of that. Then I switched to running back, not really knowing what they had to do. When I realized they had to run fast, I opted out of that. And I pretty much did not have a position until Nate, Tim Davis and Alex Burdge saved me. Tim and Alex adopted me into Corner. Which I'm not sure if that is the actual name of the position or not, but suffice to say I played corner.

Which I discovered I'm actually not too shabby at. Well kind of. Here's the thing. Corner is defense. And normally defense would include tackling, which my instincts were telling me to do. Strangely enough.... Except we were playing with flags that we had to pull off. I felt as though BVCE had prepared me for this, except it really hadn't. In fact most girls ditched the idea of pulling off the flags and went straight to tackling. I experienced this first hand.

I'm going to explain this as well as I can. And maybe I don't even have to, because probably everyone reading this understands football better than me. For those who don't, I guess the corner is the one who tackles the reciever. Essentially. And what ended up happening most of the time was I would run after the reciever, fight the urge to tackle her, try to grab her flags, but they would slip out of my hands, and then some other girl, bigger than me, would go tackle her.

Except for the very last time I played. The QB threw the ball to my reciever, I got up right by her, and she caught the ball, and then dropped it. Now I'm not entirely sure if this is legal in the world of football but I picked up the ball she had dropped and started running. And I got maybe like 1.5 steps before I was on the ground, tackled.

It was kind of thrilling. Having people like, yell at you and stuff. Or maybe not yell at me or just yell in my general direction.


Still though, it was a lot of fun. And all the girls seemed to get really into it. I was wondering "why can't girls play football?" when Christian explained to me that this was not football. This was "Madden for retarded monkeys" I believe were his words.

So Madden, monkeys, or not, it was still fantastic. Even with who Nate and I dubbed "super skank" wandering around, showing off her legs to the population. Yep, it was interesting.

Nate, thank you for taking me. I learned so many things. As for our adventures AFTER the game....nobody will ever know. Unless I tell them. Which I told a few already.Yep.



Prom night, prom night

Okay, I'm blogging about prom. And I know this is really delayed but I wanted to wait until I got our pictures from Chase so I could post them here!

Disclaimer: (yes, I need to have this before every post) I considered not blogging about Prom at all because most of it will probably be me gushing about how perfect it was but I can't help it! It really was. If you think this is too gushy, my sincerest apologies. I actually went through and censored (there's gotta be a better word for that. Edited? Revised?) out all the gushyness that was originally in this. And it's not like it was a bunch of dumb stuff. I just kept throwing in "Prom was sooooooo perfecttttttt omggggggggggg" at the end of ever sentence, except not really, and not like that either. You get the idea. Moving on.

Plus I blog about all of my dates anyways (except the unbelievably awkward ones, which I don't know why I don't because they make great stories. Maybe because they require a lot of historical background. So if you ever want to hear about a really awkward date experience, just come ask me. Oh, and if I went on a date with you and you are like 'huh I wonder why Kaela isn't blogging about it?' then it was probably really awkward, or I just forgot. Uh, sorry.)

Anyways, wow, WOW. Prom was seriously one of the best days of my life. Ah! Wow every time I think about it I just get so happy. Like it was beyond incredible and perfect. Whew, okay, calmed, I'm gonna begin. [Calm down people, this is the worst of the gushyness. It gets better from here.]

First of all, I went with Matt Woodruff. That in and of itself made Prom amazing.

Our group consisted of Matt and me, Chase and Kate, Tate and Nicole, Christian and Macy, and Mike and Jessie. I love all of these people to death now and I'm so grateful that I got to know them better and for those I already knew hanging out with them was a party. Yeah!

Ok so here goes.

Since it was on a Friday, I didn't go to school. Instead I actually did laundry and went and picked up Matt's boutonniere. Then he picked me up and for our day date, we went to Ikea.
Ikea is amazing! Wow I've never been there before and it is ENORMOUS. I have never seen so much furniture in my life. I could literally live my entire life in Ikea and die happy. Actually, we kind of did. After running around the store being mischevious for a while, we decided to play hide and seek. Which ended up in all of us hiding in various BYU/UofU wardrobes, traveling to Narnia, attending BYU Narnia, living a lifetime, and then returning. It was grand and wonderful.

"Aslan you naughty boy." heh heh heh.

The restaurant place in Ikea was really good too. I'm not usually a fan of meatballs but the ones there were to die for!! Matt had to hurry and get me home though, because I was getting my hair done at a salon, which took


But I don't regret a minute of it. Aveda is incredible. For a school, they are amazing. Like every chance they get, I would get some sort of massage, and all of their products were really natural and didn't give me an allergic reaction, and the people working there were SO NICE. Like the girl doing my hair and makeup was so chill and cool, I was like, wow, I really need to come here more often.
So they did my hair, nails, and makeup. I got my nails done the day before, but yeah. I felt so pampered and great! It was awesome. And I got home and I put on my dress, and I just about died.

Honestly, I felt like a princess. Like, I didn't even recognize myself. And wow I know this sounds totally dumb and vain and like 'wow Kaela, shut up already' but seriously, wow. I love my dress so much.

Seriously, that moment was just like, "I've been looking forward to Prom my entire life, and I'm here now, and everything is perfect, and just how I dreamed it would be." So I was pretty speechless the entire night.
At Chase's house we all took pictures and it was so awesome because everybody looked so great!! And the pictures we took were so cute and funny. Here are some of them :)

 Our normal pose. Our funny one was too awkward. Haha

 The girls, showing off our shoes. Don't ask why I wore tights...I thought I would get cold. Yep.

 The studs. Seriously, this might be one of the top ten pictures of all time.

 This one is pretty fantastic too.

 Our group! Ah they were all so great!

 No, really. They were all SO GREAT.

 First, Matt has a smolder. Second, it looks like I'm falling but my dress is just big. Third, I love this picture.

 And yeah I never realized how gorgeous corsages are until Prom.

Those were just a few of my favorites. But seriously, all of them were FANTASTIC. Chase, if you ever happen upon this blog...tell your sister that she is awesome.

After we took pictures, we went to P.F. Changs for dinner. Wow! That's another place I've never been to, and the food was SO GOOD. Seriously, the lettuce wraps were amazing. I didn't want to eat too much because I didn't want to get sick at the dance, but all the food was so good I couldn't stop eating! Ah!

And then the dance. When we got there we got in line for promenade. And everyone there looked amazing! Like, it was such a classy event! Everybody was all dressed up, the guys looked great, the girls looked gorgeous, and it was just like, happiness radiating from everywhere! So we did the promenade, and while we were walking it hit me again that here I am! I've been dreaming of Prom my entire life and now I'm here and I'm just so happy! I think I said that already. But still.
I totally tripped up the steps when we were going back in though, because my dress was a little long, and I just have struggs in heels anyways. Heh.

So then the dance was just a party. Matt and I ended up staying until the very end, which was pretty funny because the DJ came and danced with us, and there weren't very many people there but we knew all of them and it was just fun. And dancing with Matt was quite the party too. :)
After the dance ended, we went back to Chase's house to watch a movie.
So then we watched Mamma Mia, which I have never seen before. But it was SO FUNNY! I want to see it again though, because I missed the first half. Because. Nevermind. ;)

And then Matt took me home. Only it took forever because his Prius, being a hybrid, was almost out of gas, so to keep from us being stranded we had to go under 25 the entire way home. Which was interesting and fantastic.

And then the night was over! And I went into my house and sat on my bed and decided that Prom was absolutely fantastic and was a total dream and...yeah.

Matt, thanks for everything :)


Wow, I have SO much catching up to do! I haven't blogged about anything except Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed. And I wrote a bunch of blogs, but I didn't post them because they weren't finished yet. But they are now! So this is just a short post to tell everyone that if you see an outburst of posts from Kaela, it is because I have been putting everything off until the last minute. Kind of like the rest of school. Oh world. Okay, so this is just one of my classic disclaimers. Now go read about my life. Ready...GO.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 14

So I should be studying for AP World History, but guess what? I've gotta blog about Basketball/Volleyball. I haven't in like 2 weeks. So I'll keep this short.

The archery unit was beyond weird. I discovered that I'm really not good at archery, and mostly it just ended up with Coach Bailey yelling at all of us for breaking rules. But what else do you expect with archery in a Baskeball/Volleyball Co-ed class?? Eventually enough people complained, and archery was gone just as quick as it came.

Now we are playing flag football. The first time we played was literally one of the coldest days of my life. It was practically snowing, it was really cold, and it was really, REALLY cold. I have never been more cold in my life. And I got a turf burn. It sucked, because it was really cold, and I got a turf burn while my skin was numb, which is probably the most pain I've ever been in my entire life. Grr.

Luckily, my flag football experience has improved significantly. Bailey decided that instead of putting us on teams with the guys, she would institute a 'competitive system' where we would choose our own teams based on whether we wanted to play competitively, semi-competitively, or 'just for fun' which is totally what all the girls are doing now.

Which is actually really nice. Because all of us girls are tight anyways, and now we are attempting to play football against each other, in some sort of sick twisted powder puff game.

Actually it's not really sick or twisted or even demented. This is probably the most fun I've had in Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed all year. There are no boys yelling at me for being bad at sports, and I started bringing my weight in sweats, so I don't get cold anymore.

Which, if I may digress for a sec, today it wasn't even that cold. It wasn't nearly as bad as the first day. But Bailey and the guys were like crying about how cold it is! So we went inside and didn't play flag football anymore. Which I thought was pretty dumb. But that's what happened.

But seriously, I'm loving the flag football unit. And now that I'm sort of prepared on the rules of football, I got asked by Nate Wall to go to Friday Night Lights with him, so I'm really excited for that!

Anyways, BVCE is going well, my friends.

Time to study!!
Pax Romana! (Peace!)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Strawberry Kiwi Capri Sun

Okay, so I'm drinking a strawberry kiwi capri sun right now. Don't judge! They are good, alright? They remind me of my...childhood, I guess.

So here's the thing. I really should be studying for AP tests now. Like, really. But I have literally spent every spare second studying, and I really, REALLY need a break before I explode. So I'm going to blog a little. Whenever you see me, feel free to quiz me on something having to do with world history, if you so desire.

Without further ado, here goes.

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Nicknames? Well, I have a few. I think. John, John Hancock, Sylar, any variation of dove angel cupcake, Puffed Rice, Dinosaur, Lone Dino, Tyrannosaurus, Dino....yeah that's just a few.

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

Whew. Okay, well that one isn't hard.

Wow. I was going to put a picture of Justin Bieber here, but when I google searched him I realized how...young...he looks. Wow. I think my love for Justin is slowly but surely fading. I'm going to have to blog about this. But in the meantime, who am I going to marry now?! Okay then, time for plan B:

Tony Stark!!! Age doesn't really matter, right?

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy.

Oh gosh. Lots of things make me happy. This will have to do:

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else.

Everything. Literally, EVERYTHING. Seriously, I could write a giant huge post about why I'm so different from everyone else. But also kind of the same but also really mostly different. I won't though, because...I'm hungry.

Day 23- Something you crave for a lot.

Food. And in all seriousness....good things. I guess.

Day 24- A letter to your parents.

Wohoo! I love my parents. Here goes.

Dear Mom and Dad,
You are too cool. And I'm not just saying that. Thanks for putting up with me.
Love, Kaela.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Why? Because I really need to study. But first...I just might write that Justin Bieber post...