Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: The Final Chapter

So, I just went through and read all of my BVCE blogs from this semester. And I regret to say that I actually got really lazy. For example, in February I only blogged about BVCE. And in May (this month) I only had one blog about BVCE, and the rest were about....other...stuff. Yeah.

The thing is, I didn't blog about BVCE because we didn't do anything. Seriously, the last 2 weeks all we did was play basketball. And some days were better than others, but really, nothing happened. In fact the most interesting thing that happened was playing Kiss Kill Marry with Cole.

Actually, there was one thing I neglected to blog about.

We went outside to play Ultimate Frizbee. And the Fitness for Life class played tennis. And I was very jealous.

So as you all have noticed, all it's done the past few weeks is rain. As if Utah suddenly decided to start imitating Oregon because secretly Utah is jealous of Oregon because in Oregon, people pump your gas for you and they have a 'look but don't touch' beach and lots of forests that are a lot cooler than Utah's.

What am I even talking about? I have a confession. I'm sick. And so I'm entirely drugged up now and I'm also really tired cuz I stayed up until midnight playing minesweeper. So I'm really sorry if this isn't making sense. My funny/creative juices are running low today.

Anyways, it was raining cats and dogs for the past few weeks, and a pipe burst on the turf, I think, so our class was condemned to play Ultimate Frizbee outside on this soggy soccer field. They had also just cut the grass, so everybody's shoes were grassy and muddy by the end of the day.

Except we didn't stay outside until the end of the day...

Here's what happened. Everybody was in a bad mood because they were cold and wet. Coach Bailey was sitting on the bleachers drinking coffee and whining about how cold she was. Nobody was even trying to play. The boys kept swearing, loudly, for no reason at all. Me and Christi were like..."wow this totally sucks." Cole instituted a no-whining policy, which nobody really followed through with.

And then, possibly the strangest thing I've ever witnessed. It was like a strike, or a revolt. All of a sudden a couple boys walked over to sit on the bleachers, and then slowly, the rest of the class followed. Like everybody just gave up, and went over to the bleachers and looked at Bailey, who was like "what in the world are you guys doing?!"

If I remember right, this was on senior sluff day. So there weren't even that many people there anyways.

And Bailey didn't take much persuading. She let us go back inside. Then she brought out the basketballs and expected us to play a game....which nobody did. Half of the class ended up climbing to the top of the bleachers and hiding. I don't even know, it was just really, really bizarre.

So that's what happened. And then for the next few weeks, we played basketball. Sometimes Bailey would split us up into teams. Other times we just did whatever we wanted. On the last week, we had a contest, which by that time I didn't even care anymore, and so I stopped trying in that class shortly after the Ultimate Frizbee incident.

And then the last day of class, we watched The Incredibles. And I thought, why did I even come?

And so ladies and gentlemen, this is the last BVCE blog. As I looked back it really was quite the quirky class, that slowly but surely declined, or maybe I just got busy with other stuff and forgot to blog. I'm thinking the latter.

Anyways, thank you to everyone who followed this. I'm sorry it got so lame near the end.

It really was a fun class though. A lot of very strange things happened. Some of the highlights include the badminton unit, the student teachers, Cole's crazy antics, and the flag football unit.

Among others. I'm glad I chose to blog about this.

But now what? What could I consistently blog about now? (And this time, I'll keep up with it, I promise.)

I think I know what I want to blog about next. It might be a little sketchy though. But here are a few hints about it.

It's wet. It's covered in bird poo. And it may or may not involve a sun and a paycheck.

So, until next time!


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