Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 14

So I should be studying for AP World History, but guess what? I've gotta blog about Basketball/Volleyball. I haven't in like 2 weeks. So I'll keep this short.

The archery unit was beyond weird. I discovered that I'm really not good at archery, and mostly it just ended up with Coach Bailey yelling at all of us for breaking rules. But what else do you expect with archery in a Baskeball/Volleyball Co-ed class?? Eventually enough people complained, and archery was gone just as quick as it came.

Now we are playing flag football. The first time we played was literally one of the coldest days of my life. It was practically snowing, it was really cold, and it was really, REALLY cold. I have never been more cold in my life. And I got a turf burn. It sucked, because it was really cold, and I got a turf burn while my skin was numb, which is probably the most pain I've ever been in my entire life. Grr.

Luckily, my flag football experience has improved significantly. Bailey decided that instead of putting us on teams with the guys, she would institute a 'competitive system' where we would choose our own teams based on whether we wanted to play competitively, semi-competitively, or 'just for fun' which is totally what all the girls are doing now.

Which is actually really nice. Because all of us girls are tight anyways, and now we are attempting to play football against each other, in some sort of sick twisted powder puff game.

Actually it's not really sick or twisted or even demented. This is probably the most fun I've had in Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed all year. There are no boys yelling at me for being bad at sports, and I started bringing my weight in sweats, so I don't get cold anymore.

Which, if I may digress for a sec, today it wasn't even that cold. It wasn't nearly as bad as the first day. But Bailey and the guys were like crying about how cold it is! So we went inside and didn't play flag football anymore. Which I thought was pretty dumb. But that's what happened.

But seriously, I'm loving the flag football unit. And now that I'm sort of prepared on the rules of football, I got asked by Nate Wall to go to Friday Night Lights with him, so I'm really excited for that!

Anyways, BVCE is going well, my friends.

Time to study!!
Pax Romana! (Peace!)

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Yon Solo said...

I loved the flag football because when I took Life Time Sports from Bailey because the guys would make me one of the running back and I would actually made great catches. :)