Monday, May 16, 2011

Prom night, prom night

Okay, I'm blogging about prom. And I know this is really delayed but I wanted to wait until I got our pictures from Chase so I could post them here!

Disclaimer: (yes, I need to have this before every post) I considered not blogging about Prom at all because most of it will probably be me gushing about how perfect it was but I can't help it! It really was. If you think this is too gushy, my sincerest apologies. I actually went through and censored (there's gotta be a better word for that. Edited? Revised?) out all the gushyness that was originally in this. And it's not like it was a bunch of dumb stuff. I just kept throwing in "Prom was sooooooo perfecttttttt omggggggggggg" at the end of ever sentence, except not really, and not like that either. You get the idea. Moving on.

Plus I blog about all of my dates anyways (except the unbelievably awkward ones, which I don't know why I don't because they make great stories. Maybe because they require a lot of historical background. So if you ever want to hear about a really awkward date experience, just come ask me. Oh, and if I went on a date with you and you are like 'huh I wonder why Kaela isn't blogging about it?' then it was probably really awkward, or I just forgot. Uh, sorry.)

Anyways, wow, WOW. Prom was seriously one of the best days of my life. Ah! Wow every time I think about it I just get so happy. Like it was beyond incredible and perfect. Whew, okay, calmed, I'm gonna begin. [Calm down people, this is the worst of the gushyness. It gets better from here.]

First of all, I went with Matt Woodruff. That in and of itself made Prom amazing.

Our group consisted of Matt and me, Chase and Kate, Tate and Nicole, Christian and Macy, and Mike and Jessie. I love all of these people to death now and I'm so grateful that I got to know them better and for those I already knew hanging out with them was a party. Yeah!

Ok so here goes.

Since it was on a Friday, I didn't go to school. Instead I actually did laundry and went and picked up Matt's boutonniere. Then he picked me up and for our day date, we went to Ikea.
Ikea is amazing! Wow I've never been there before and it is ENORMOUS. I have never seen so much furniture in my life. I could literally live my entire life in Ikea and die happy. Actually, we kind of did. After running around the store being mischevious for a while, we decided to play hide and seek. Which ended up in all of us hiding in various BYU/UofU wardrobes, traveling to Narnia, attending BYU Narnia, living a lifetime, and then returning. It was grand and wonderful.

"Aslan you naughty boy." heh heh heh.

The restaurant place in Ikea was really good too. I'm not usually a fan of meatballs but the ones there were to die for!! Matt had to hurry and get me home though, because I was getting my hair done at a salon, which took


But I don't regret a minute of it. Aveda is incredible. For a school, they are amazing. Like every chance they get, I would get some sort of massage, and all of their products were really natural and didn't give me an allergic reaction, and the people working there were SO NICE. Like the girl doing my hair and makeup was so chill and cool, I was like, wow, I really need to come here more often.
So they did my hair, nails, and makeup. I got my nails done the day before, but yeah. I felt so pampered and great! It was awesome. And I got home and I put on my dress, and I just about died.

Honestly, I felt like a princess. Like, I didn't even recognize myself. And wow I know this sounds totally dumb and vain and like 'wow Kaela, shut up already' but seriously, wow. I love my dress so much.

Seriously, that moment was just like, "I've been looking forward to Prom my entire life, and I'm here now, and everything is perfect, and just how I dreamed it would be." So I was pretty speechless the entire night.
At Chase's house we all took pictures and it was so awesome because everybody looked so great!! And the pictures we took were so cute and funny. Here are some of them :)

 Our normal pose. Our funny one was too awkward. Haha

 The girls, showing off our shoes. Don't ask why I wore tights...I thought I would get cold. Yep.

 The studs. Seriously, this might be one of the top ten pictures of all time.

 This one is pretty fantastic too.

 Our group! Ah they were all so great!

 No, really. They were all SO GREAT.

 First, Matt has a smolder. Second, it looks like I'm falling but my dress is just big. Third, I love this picture.

 And yeah I never realized how gorgeous corsages are until Prom.

Those were just a few of my favorites. But seriously, all of them were FANTASTIC. Chase, if you ever happen upon this blog...tell your sister that she is awesome.

After we took pictures, we went to P.F. Changs for dinner. Wow! That's another place I've never been to, and the food was SO GOOD. Seriously, the lettuce wraps were amazing. I didn't want to eat too much because I didn't want to get sick at the dance, but all the food was so good I couldn't stop eating! Ah!

And then the dance. When we got there we got in line for promenade. And everyone there looked amazing! Like, it was such a classy event! Everybody was all dressed up, the guys looked great, the girls looked gorgeous, and it was just like, happiness radiating from everywhere! So we did the promenade, and while we were walking it hit me again that here I am! I've been dreaming of Prom my entire life and now I'm here and I'm just so happy! I think I said that already. But still.
I totally tripped up the steps when we were going back in though, because my dress was a little long, and I just have struggs in heels anyways. Heh.

So then the dance was just a party. Matt and I ended up staying until the very end, which was pretty funny because the DJ came and danced with us, and there weren't very many people there but we knew all of them and it was just fun. And dancing with Matt was quite the party too. :)
After the dance ended, we went back to Chase's house to watch a movie.
So then we watched Mamma Mia, which I have never seen before. But it was SO FUNNY! I want to see it again though, because I missed the first half. Because. Nevermind. ;)

And then Matt took me home. Only it took forever because his Prius, being a hybrid, was almost out of gas, so to keep from us being stranded we had to go under 25 the entire way home. Which was interesting and fantastic.

And then the night was over! And I went into my house and sat on my bed and decided that Prom was absolutely fantastic and was a total dream and...yeah.

Matt, thanks for everything :)

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