Monday, May 16, 2011

My Future Career

Okay, I'm blogging about another date. This one was a lot more hard core. I feel like my Prom one probably mixed in with all the senior ball posts, which I guess is kind of lame but that's what I get for procrastinating 3 weeks to blog about prom.

This won't mix in with Senior Ball though. If it does, that would be kind of weird. Drumroll?

Ladies and gents, last night I had the priviledge to go on an excursion, or if you will, a fancy shmancy date to the annual Friday Night Lights

Okay so it wasn't fancy or shmancy but it was SO MUCH FUN!

From the dawn of man, I've always figured that I would be a professional football player, and that I would definitely play for Timpview, and Coach Wong hadn't realized my skills...yet.

And I actually didn't think anyone would ask me to Friday Night Lights. But when Nate Wall did I was like, dang, this is my chance.

So the night started out with Nate picking me up, and I got to ride in his really sweet truck to the school. I wore his jersey, which was like a dress on me, which was okay because I figured I could wear it to church on Sunday. Actually, side note, how crazy would that be if the day after Prom or Senior Ball all the girls were wearing their dresses (which was really awkward for me, because I was the only girl there wearing my dress, which was huge) and the guys were all wearing their tuxes, and I just showed up wearing Nate's football jersey. Just a thought.

Moving on! So they put us through drills. And for a while me, and a good number of the other girls were like 'oh gosh, we don't play football, this is going to be so weird, I'm going to screw up' except after a while I realized that football is actually really, really fun. I didn't mess up on any of the drills, I think (and there were girls who were taking this a lot more seriously than others. Like they really were trying to get noticed, or something. Idk, it was kind of weird.) and I got to talk to a bunch of guys on the football team that I normally wouldn't have.

All the drills also helped me realize just how out of shape I am. Ja-heez. :P

After the drills we were divided, by our jerseys, into the orange and white teams. I was on the orange team. Orange supremacy! Not really. What race is orange people, anyways? Jersey Shore?

Anyways, I was on the orange team with Yon Soo. Which was good because she was pretty much my only close friend there who was a girl. And then they let us pick our positions, and I really wanted to be on offence, and be a reciever. Except there were already about a thousand recievers so I opted out of that. Then I switched to running back, not really knowing what they had to do. When I realized they had to run fast, I opted out of that. And I pretty much did not have a position until Nate, Tim Davis and Alex Burdge saved me. Tim and Alex adopted me into Corner. Which I'm not sure if that is the actual name of the position or not, but suffice to say I played corner.

Which I discovered I'm actually not too shabby at. Well kind of. Here's the thing. Corner is defense. And normally defense would include tackling, which my instincts were telling me to do. Strangely enough.... Except we were playing with flags that we had to pull off. I felt as though BVCE had prepared me for this, except it really hadn't. In fact most girls ditched the idea of pulling off the flags and went straight to tackling. I experienced this first hand.

I'm going to explain this as well as I can. And maybe I don't even have to, because probably everyone reading this understands football better than me. For those who don't, I guess the corner is the one who tackles the reciever. Essentially. And what ended up happening most of the time was I would run after the reciever, fight the urge to tackle her, try to grab her flags, but they would slip out of my hands, and then some other girl, bigger than me, would go tackle her.

Except for the very last time I played. The QB threw the ball to my reciever, I got up right by her, and she caught the ball, and then dropped it. Now I'm not entirely sure if this is legal in the world of football but I picked up the ball she had dropped and started running. And I got maybe like 1.5 steps before I was on the ground, tackled.

It was kind of thrilling. Having people like, yell at you and stuff. Or maybe not yell at me or just yell in my general direction.


Still though, it was a lot of fun. And all the girls seemed to get really into it. I was wondering "why can't girls play football?" when Christian explained to me that this was not football. This was "Madden for retarded monkeys" I believe were his words.

So Madden, monkeys, or not, it was still fantastic. Even with who Nate and I dubbed "super skank" wandering around, showing off her legs to the population. Yep, it was interesting.

Nate, thank you for taking me. I learned so many things. As for our adventures AFTER the game....nobody will ever know. Unless I tell them. Which I told a few already.Yep.



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