Monday, June 6, 2011

When will my life begin?


Seriously, up until this last weekend I've been sitting around, thinking, "my life is missing something." and being ultimately, pretty unhappy. Until I had an inspired inspiration that had me being mostly a basketcase and angry at myself and crying myself to sleep for like a week, (sad I know.) And then I had youth conference, succeeded at something I've been working at for the last 3 years/lifetime, and then just like that...

I know who I am.

And I know what I'm supposed to do.

And I know I'm being really vague, but deal with it. Being away from society for the weekend was like bliss. I got to know the people in my ward so much better and I'm really grateful for that. Plus, I decided I'm going to quit Facebook for a month, and even though it's kind of a hard habit to break, I feel so, SO much better.

Youth conference went something like this:

Day 1:
  • Games in the park/divide into groups we were in all week.
  • Habitats for Humanity service project. I got my annual nasty face sunburn here, and thanks to my bangs I had numerous nicknames all week, like "Two Face", "Harvey Dent", "Phantom" and "Dwarf" (that last one had less to do with my face and more to do with my size.) So I have Church and Zach to thank for those.
  • Ettiquete Dinner. (I was sitting at a table of all boys, so that was interesting, and then all the other girls left, so that was kind of lame.)
Day 2:
  • Baptisms for the dead
  • Service project at DI. This was pretty great because we were sorting clothes into size, color, print or solid, and all of the guys, especially the bishopbric were having anxiety attacks. 
  • Drive up to Salt Lake. We played Punchbuggy, and I would say I'm a pro at this game, but since I was sitting next to Church I now have a lovely bruise on my left shoulder.
  • Joseph Smith movie. (I didn't know it was a different one, did you?) :S
  • Church History Museum. This was pretty cool because I got to see an original page from the original transcript of the Book of Mormon, which was amazing.
  • Spicy Thai for dinner. Mmmmm
  • Night games!
Day 3:
  • This was basically just a Book of Mormon read-a-thon. So we would read for a while, then go play games, and then read again, and then play games, and then read again. It was during this that the Book of Mormon actually made perfect sense to me and I could relate it to my life and I discovered so many principles and it was a SERIOUS testimony builder. Then we had a kind of testimony meeting, and then we went home. And played night games, but that wasn't part of youth conference.
But yeah. It doesn't even seem like we did that much but the experience literally changed my life a ton. Like it totally turned it around. I'm like a completely different person now. It is fantastic.

Anyways, summer is being pretty fly now. I'm in a tennis tournament and today I won! :O Ah! It was fantastic. I had some pretty wicked shots, which does not usually happen. So yes, I love tennis. So if anybody ever wants to play with me, just hit me up. No pun intended.


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