Monday, June 20, 2011

Once I was the president...

So, I haven't blogged in a while. A while being like, a week. Why? Let's just say my brother borrowed Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time from his friend, and we've been playing that literally non-stop all week. My mom was in Kentucky grading AP tests (no, she did not get mine :/) so she wasn't home to tell us to do something with our lives.

I'll admit, if it wasn't for work I probably would have just become a growth of the couch or something. But I worked every day last week except Tuesday, which reminded me of the good old days. The good old days being last summer, when I went to work everyday to flirt a lot and take people's money. That could be taken the wrong way. I also stacked inner tubes. Sound better?

I had considered blogging work, and the experience I'm having there. And honestly, I really wish I could. A lot of stuff that is GOLDEN blogging material is happening. Nothing really funny, though. Mostly completely controversial and slightly annoying.

So I'm not blogging about work. Not today. Maybe I'll do a summer in review once I'm done working there. No, today I am blogging about what I finished making just 5 minutes ago: A resume!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I made a resume today. I figured one would be important to have, as I want to have a job during the school year. And while I was making a resume, I realized I was making myself sound a lot cooler than I really am.

But isn't that what you are supposed to do in a resume? I could make myself sound like the president if I really wanted to. And in fact I did. Laurel President? Yeeah man! I'll admit that I have a ton of responsibility with that calling, more than normal for most other LP's in Provo. In fact it frequently stresses me out. But that's beside the point. The point is, when you are making a resume, you milk EVERYTHING you've got.

So I finished up my resume, and I looked over it and thought "Dang, this is pretty solid. Look how much I've accomplished!" even though anyone in 3rd period World History knows that my responsibilities as "Teacher Assistant" included grading quizzes and flirting. Haha. What an accomplishment.

In all honesty though, I do feel like I've accomplished a lot. You know, for an average 17 year old girl. So, if you are ever thinking that you haven't really done anything with your life, and you have a desire to get a job, make a resume! It's fun to see what you've really done throughout your life, and apply it to going farther and earning more job experience.

And, if you are somebody who works at the place I've applied to and are reading this blog thinking "that Kaela is a dirty phony wench!" this is awkward. Please still consider me? I promise I'll do good?

Haha, peace out y'all!

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Carrots said...

Is your intended job position working for charity? Or are you actually promising to "do WELL?" Just kidding, just kidding; the Grammar Nazi in me had to call you on that. Congrats on your resume, though!