Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 12

I'm trying out something new this time. Again.

I'm not going to lie and say I haven't had time to blog. Because in all honesty I've been online looking for prom dresses, which is was a waste of time until yesterday...:)....and then I went crazy.

So long story short, I've had plenty of time to blog. I've had three class periods of Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed without a single blog. So I'm combining those three class periods, that one unit, into one blog.

We did not play basketball. We did not play volleyball either. And sadly, we did not play tennis.


We did play badminton. Which is similar to, but completely unlike tennis.

And honestly, I'm not going to list all of the reasons of why badminton isn't like tennis. Because that is literally what I did ALL WEEK LONG.

"Oh, I would have made that shot if I was playing tennis."
"Oh, I could serve better if I were playing tennis."
"Oh, it's really hard to put spin on a birdie."
"Oh, I could smash it easier if I were playing tennis."
"Oh, badminton is pretty much NOT LIKE TENNIS AT ALL."

And, I wasn't a very good doubles partner either. I got sort of frustrated the second day, and Cole, my doubles partner, pretty much had to deal with my wrath.

Oh, world.

I felt pretty bad that I was still losing at this sport. I was hoping now that I was playing something pretty similar to tennis, my true skills would be able to emerge and I would show the class that, despite everything they've seen this semester, I am not a complete failure at sports.

However, I think there is a curse on the school gym, where I simply cannot play well in any sports while I am in it. Because I play well everywhere else, except there.
Except in the soccer unit. But still. Did I even blog about that? It's been so long.


And truth be told, surprise surprise, I actually wrote this post like, two weeks ago. And I've been too lazy to finish it and post it. So this is me doing just that.


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