Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ode to Cole

Cole requested that I make a blog about him. And I figured, why not?

So here is my Ode to Cole.

Cole, Cole, he is so great. Even though he's probably shorter than 5'8"

The first day we met, was at 1 in the morning, when he was drawing a smiley face on my car with silly string.

After that, he brought me a couple smoothies from Orange Julius.

And sometimes when I went to the mall, I would see him at Orange Julius. Because he worked there. Maybe he still does. Who really knows?

And then there was Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed.

It was there, and only there where (when he came) he taught me how to shoot a basketball while simultaneously dancing to Lady Gaga, and when we played kiss kill marry, and when I learned that you should never play kiss kill marry with Cole.

There was also the time that he took off his pants during class. I blogged about that one, I think.

But, possibly the best thing about Cole, is that he was my only friend to come give me a present on my birthday. While I got 10 million Facebook wall posts, Cole brought me a not on the menu orange julius, at 11:00 the night before my birthday. So that is why Cole is awesome.

Anyways, that is my Ode to Cole.

The end.

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