Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Learned From Justin Bieber's Music Video "Mistletoe"

You don't necessarily have to watch this, but if you do, all of my comments will make more sense.

  1. The Biebs doesn't mind standing in the middle of the road, holding up traffic. Check out the white car behind him, right?
  2. If you are a brunette, and you are sitting at a table all by yourself, The Biebs will come bring you hot chocolate.
  3. Blondes are always the bad guy. Girl?
  4. At 0:51 they trade drinks. Weird?
  5. The Biebs prefers brunettes. (YES!)
  6. As the boy is white, he will never pull off the term "shawty"
  7. 1:32 check out the blonde's face. And then check out The Biebs' clearly annoyed expression
  8. Oh wait, he isn't holding up traffic. He just stopped his car in the middle of traffic and got out to dance. It's okay, I do that too.
  9. Obviously, the kid is loaded, because he just bought his lady a dress. For christmas. I want a snuggie for Christmas, not a dress. Just throwing that out there.
  10. Question: Why was his lady in her pajamas, obviously waiting for Santa to come bring her presents, and then the Biebs shows up and all of a sudden she just hops into the dress he bought her and runs off with him to a random party on Christmas Eve? Do her parents realize she is running around smooching multi-millionaire teen pop sensations?
  11. And finally, if you want to find The Biebs on Christmas, you'll find him under the mistletoe. Smooching a lady whose name is not Kaela Carter.
Merry Christmas to you too, you freaking hobo!! You'll never understand my true love for you!!! Just go break my heart with every dang music video you make. By the way, you're a horrible actor. Just stick to the vocals, bro. Love and hate, Kaela.

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