Thursday, October 6, 2011


So the other day, my cousin Erika took a bunch of pictures of me and we called them my senior pictures. Because...that was the whole purpose of the picture taking...yeah.

It was a pretty crazy experience. Because...I'm not really used to people taking pictures of me. So, in most of the pictures...I think I was sneezing or yawning or looking awkward. We took I think almost 500 or 600 (!!!?!!?!) and then Erika used some serious skill and edited them down to 150. And I was like, okay, I'll just post them all on Facebook. Which I will eventually do. Someday. (We all clear on the whole I hate Facebook deal? Kay...)

So, I'm posting a few of my favorites on my blog. But, part of me is like, "yep, lets just post a bunch of pictures of YOU on YOUR blog because that's just the most HUMBLE thing to do." So, can we just both come to an understanding that I'm not doing this because I'm super conceited? Sweet.

There are some funny stories behind these too. I was going to post a story on each picture, but then that was taking too long. So if there is a story on one of the pictures...enjoy it. I think that's about it.



So there is a story behind this one. Basically, I about died trying to get out of that barn. Because I had to jump over this rusty wire fence, and after that there was mud, and pretty much I knew if I jumped over the fence but landed in the mud, I would slip and be severely impaled. Luckily, that did not happen.

As for this one, you might think the whole "looking like I'm trying to stand up off of the car" was staged,
 but it actually wasn't. That car was about the same temperature as all of the suns in the universe combined.

Awkward moments with doors. There were about a million doors. And so our goal was to take a picture of me posing in the act of opening the door, while simultaneously not looking like a fool. Erika is smart though, so she figured out how to make it work in the end.


All I can say about this one is that it caused me severe pain. Sitting on that block of hay was a lot more pokey and uncomfortable than you would think.

I felt pretty awkward taking this picture. But mostly because the family who owned the house was watching our photoshoot and so I was just like "yeeeahhhh!!! I'm totally driving your bus!!! Not really!!!" and I'm pretty sure their grandkids wanted to play on the bus and yeah. It was kind of awkward.

All of these scrabble letter senior ones I'm probably going to use for my graduation announcement, except obviously I have to pick just one. So input would be great here.

If I ever run for president...this will be the picture I send out to everyone.
Story time! When we were taking the picture, I totally fell down the well. We had to get the family, and call the fire department, and then fish me out. It was scary and I almost died.
Just kidding. That isn't a real well. Or a real story. Ha. Scared you, didn't I?

Just a note about those last 3 pictures. I was staring directly into the sun while we were trying to take those shots, until Erika found a shader which pretty much prevented me from going blind. Seriously, trying to take those pictures at first was a hard task, to put it lightly. But, I am not blind. This is a good thing.

Now that I think of it, maybe I'll send out that one for my graduation announcement.

Soooooooooooooo yeah. I hope you enjoyed those. Eventually, I'll put the rest up on Facebook. Maybe.
And also, all photo credit goes to Erika Peterson. She is fantastic. And if you want her to do your senior pictures...just talk to me. Yep.



Carrots said...

If I were anything like somewhat close to how gorgeous you are, I'd probably be happy forever. Just sayin'.

Yon Solo said...

Loved them all! :D

A-money said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! I mean, the person in them is okay...

haha kidding you look AMAZING in these photos. I LOVE all of them!!!