Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Grown Up Christmas List [A Somewhat Serious Post]


Christmas is in 8 days. And whenever people ask me what I want, I never know what to tell them. I'm not saying I'm mature (cuz I'm not) but I think I've reached a level of maturity where I don't really want somebody to give me a material gift for Christmas. Actually, there is one thing that I do want.

That's right. I want a diamond studded watch.


Time! Something more precious to me than even this fancy diamond studded watch would be time.

Here's the thing. Material posessions are easily broken, forgotten or lost. Eventually, you just lose interest in them. Also, you have to buy a warranty for them. Or insurance, or something.

But guess what is resistant to ALL of those things, something that can never be broken, hard to forget about, and you don't need to buy insurance for: Memories!

For Christmas, I just want time. Time to spend with my friends and family, and all the people who I may never see again after graduation, or at least won't see for a long time.

You can't wrap up a memory and stick it under a Christmas tree. But I would rather have an empty tree and a heart full of good times, cherished moments, and unforgettable memories. I would rather have the simple experience of hanging out with a friend, watching Tangled or something...than to get to open a bunch of presents on Christmas morning that I'm just going to forget about.

Great, now I'm getting choked up thinking about how much I'm going to miss all my friends once school ends.

The point is, I love you all very very much. And growing up is scary, but the hardest part is thinking that I'm never going to see some of my best friends ever again. Some statistic says that you never see 70% of your high school friends after graduation, but i'm in AP Stats so I don't even believe in statistics anyways, and now I'm rambling.

I guess what I'm saying is, no material item could ever compare memories that, no matter how old I get I'll always be able to remember and keep in my heart.

Unless I get dementia. In which case, go ahead and buy me that diamond studded watch.

Juuuust kidding.

I love you all! Merry Christmas!
Kaela :)

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