Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Crushed Phalange

6 days ago, an appendage of a person's hand got slammed by the garage door. Not a tear was shed, but she lay on the floor so as not to pass out, so great was the agony she felt. The wound bled for an extended moment. Once her head was clear, she attended to the deep cut, and then made lunch.

6 days later, the wound hurt as bad as before. Whenever the person put pressure on the appendage, all she felt was extreme agony up and down the appendage. But she had to type up her psychology notes, and she wanted to blog. So she wrote a whole blog, and used not her hurt appendage. So she forgoed the use of 2 letters from the alphabet through the whole blog, so as to prevent as much of the torture as she could. The blog was very hard and very fun to type.

The blog was also very dumb.
the person whose appendage hurts very very much.

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