Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gotta Get This Out Before The New Year


I'm making a new years resolution to be nicer to people, and nicer and happier in general, but I still have 12 hours left of this year, so I'm getting this out while I still can.

Here are a list of things that severely annoy me.

Humans (especially of the male species).
People who call Seven Peaks thinking we're the Ice Arena
Textbooks that cost more money than I am willing to spend for a small paperback book.
High school
The fact that all of my friends going to UVU have class on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and I have class Tuesday/Thursday.
Running out of makeup, makeup smearing, and the fact that my nail polish never lasts longer than a week.
Losing chapstick
When my tennis stuff is collecting dust because I haven't played in so long.
Whenever my mom says she won't buy me easy mac because it's too expensive
When my favorite pen runs out of ink
People lying to me. Or lying to me about lying to me. Or breaking a promise. Stuff like that.
Coldplay not coming to Utah for their Mylo Xyloto tour
When I'm the only Laurel in young womens at church on Sundays
When I have to leave my house but I have nowhere I can go

oohh. But you know what?? I just discovered that my snuggie has a pocket for my FEET!!!

Life is great. Life is very great.


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