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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: A Year In Review

Confession: I've been trying to write this post for DAYS. But I really haven't been able to find the right words. Now that 2011 is over, I think I know exactly what needs to be said.

I debated for a while going month by month saying what went well and what didn't. But that was taking way too long. I also realized that there were few events in the year I really wanted to talk about. Mostly, it was just the people. So even though I feel a little weird about doing this, I'm going to give a shoutout to the people who made 2011 the year that it was. But seriously, lets just take a moment here to understand that me mentioning you on my blog is not creepy, and me not mentioning you on my blog does not mean I don't love you. Okay, from the beginning.

Yon Soo Park: You are the Harry Potter of 2011. You are the master of the Deathly Hallows. Thank you for taking me under your metaphorical wing in while I endured wrath and torment. Thanks for always being understanding and willing to tell me what's what. Stay strong my asian adopted sister. Once you defeat the Voldemort that is college, you can come live with me.

Aubrey Glazier: You are the Dobby of 2011. You provide much comic relief, but you're also a very loyal friend, and your eyes are the shape of tennis balls. Even though I pretend to hate you, I actually don't. Even though you still think my name is Karla. Thank you for being such a great friend, a great example and for never failing to make me laugh. You kept me sane during Journalism, which was quite an amazing feat. And AP World history wouldn't have been the same if you had never discovered Hadippa. Just remember, a father's heart knows no maths.

Rachel Chow: You are the Draco Malfoy of 2011. I'll never understand you, ever. But you are a very hardcore friend. I'll never forget all the crazy parties you've thrown. If your hair gets any shorter, then eventually you will be bald. But it's okay, because you can pull pretty much everything off. Even when you overdress to go to sketchy new years parties at the mall. Seriously though, you've got style. And swag. I think of you as the Draco of 2011 not because you love him, but because he reminds me of the color green, and so do you.

Chase Weight: You are the Nearly Headless Nick of 2011. Oh what great times we've had. Remember that awkward study party we had for AP World, and then we made a banana souffle that tasted like garbage? One canoli hope that someday we will someday make food that actually tastes good. That curry would have been pretty good...too bad Matt ruined it. Lets go to Lagoon again, and this time, how about you don't break your new phone?

Briana Lindsay: You are the Ginny Weasley of 2011. Not because I want you to hook up with Yon Soo, but you're pretty much fearless. And, I'm pretty excited to go to UVU with you next semester :) Next time we go get our nails done, let's not go to that awkward place in the mall, okay? Also, watch out for those Village Inn creepers ;)

Christian Paiva: You are the Hedwig of 2011. We experienced some crazy, crazy stuff. Remember that SUPER awkward date? Shudder. Thank you for all the laughs. If it wasn't for you, I never would have imagined Kirk Skyles in an American flag speedo, covered in honey. Now sometimes I can't sleep at night. Thank you for all the fun memories and for being the one to convince me that it's alright to follow my heart. (ending on a cheesy note, love it.) Also, I hope your Hamlet essay ended up going well. It is kind of a stupid book, huh?

Kate Cutchins: You are the Severus Snape of 2011. Don't freak out, because that could be considered a bad thing. But we've both read the books, so we know Snape is one of the best characters in the entire series. Basically, I have so many fond memories of us from 2011. Going to Sonic after school, watching Tangled and X-Files -- those were some of my favorite memories from this year. And I think we have had more than enough misunderstandings. But you are a very good person, you are smart and talented and I hope you know that I truly do admire you.

Kat Moulton: You are the Luna Lovegood of 2011. It always makes me so happy whenever you comment on my blog. You are always so full of surprises, and I really admire how you know who you are and you stick to it. You are brilliant, and  you are going to go on to teach herbology some day. I can just feel it in my bones.

Romain Dupouy: You are the Ron Weasley of 2011. Even though we didn't have very much time to spend together, you taught me so much about being a true friend. I absolutely loved getting to know you and I miss you more than you could possibly imagine. The day I win the lottery, I am coming to France to visit you. Actually, I'm just going to buy a private jet so we can hang out whenever we want. Thank you for making me realize that America really is a fatty country, and for being one of the best friends I've ever had.

Whitney Carlson: You are the Neville Longbottom of 2011. Since we have known each other, you have always been a loyal friend. I would not be surprised if, at the end of this year, at graduation, you pulled out Godric Gryffindor's sword out of a hat and chopped off Nagini's head. I really wouldn't at all be surprised, because you are just that cool. Remember who you are, and remember that sometimes, it's okay to wonder why it's harder to breathe underwater.

Matthew Woodruff: You are the Albus Dumbledore of 2011. Mostly because I have seen you with a beard (remember that time when you didn't shave for 2 weeks for Morp? Yeah that was supes dupes gross), and I think someday it could be just as amazing as Dumbledore's. But, maybe wait until you're 150 years old, or however old Dumbledore ended up being. I hope you realize that you give the absolute best advice, and to go with that you are a very good listener. Thank you for always being there for me, to make me laugh or just help me through a hard time. Thank you for all the fun we had this year. Prom seriously was the best day of 2011, and one of the best days of my life. Also just so you know, I TOTALLY won the burn contest...I think I can see you being the headmaster of a school for witches and wizards. But an American school, because you are the whitest kid I know. And finally, you are going to be an incredible missionary. Brazil doesn't realize that they are totally the luckiest country in the world. Thanks for being one of the best friends I've ever had, and for making 2011 absolutely wild.

So there you have it. The celebrities of 2011. I have no idea how the Harry Potter thing got started. Like, I honestly don't. But thank you all again for making 2011 the crazy year it was!


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