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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

COLLEGE!!!!!! :D

I...have been thinking about how this day would go for so, SO long...



I seriously have never made a better decision in my life. I'm so glad I decided to do this.

All through my first two classes, Psych and Stats, I was just jumping out of my seat. I couldn't wait to just get down there!!

When I finally got onto campus, it was like a train wreck. Parking. Is. A. Nightmare. It's a bloody nightmare. I was kind of freaking out. I needed a spot by the LA building, but there was nowhere to park! I didn't know where I could park! And there were so many people trying to park! Eventually I ended up finding a spot by the SA building...clear on the other side of campus. Ah!

But, then I found Bri, and she helped me find my classes. Which was fantastic. And I kind of got a chance to see what the school actually looks like when there are lots of people there. It's so different from high school!! Haha, I might say that a lot...

As I was walking around, I noticed that there are a quite a few attractive men at UVU. And I was like, huh, that would be kind of fun to have a mini crush on some older college man in one of my classes. Then I reminded myself that doesn't really fit in with my plan to not get married anytime soon.

My first class was POLS 1100. And I was thinking, great, American Government, this is gonna be sooooooo boring. But I just might be wrong...

First of all, my class is completely silent. Maybe that's how it is with most college classes...which is very different from high school. Haha. Of course. But my teacher is really funny! And pretty 10 minutes he had said more cuss words than I have ever heard from any teacher I've had, in all my 12 years of public education. That's going through Kelemen, too.
Plus, he made it clear that all the lecture notes are online, and he doesn't take attendance. Sweet.

My second class is English 2010. And I think that class is going to be AWESOME.

My teacher walked in...and I about died...

The guy is a full blown HIPSTER!!!

I'm dead serious!!

Bald. With a beard. And his name is Dr. Pepper. But he was drinking Naked juice when he walked in.

He swears like a sailor. My favorite quote of the day: "Wikipedia is [dang] accurate. But it scares the [crap] out of most people."

And his lecture was fascinating! For a 90 minute class it zipped by. He also let us out early. At the end of class, we had to introduce ourselves by giving our name, major, and something about us that was either true or false, and the class had to guess. I told the class that I had a tattoo. And overall, everybody guessed that it was true. Pepper said, "True. You have that look about you." Haha. I really hope not.

 And then they were all disappointed when I told them it was false.

Also, most of the people in the class are my age...ish. Which is nice, because there were a bunch of old guys in my Gov. class. One looked like a chubby Hitler. Speaking of which, Pepper showed us a picture to emphasize the importance of putting the comma before "and" in a list. That picture was JFK and Stalin dressed as strippers. First day of class. 2 hours out of high school. Where Sweetwood got mad at Josh for writing a word problem about 2 wizards having a drinking contest.

The difference between high school and college was overwhelming. I snuck out of Timpview so I wouldn't get slammed with a lunch detention, and walked into UVU where the teachers swear and don't care if you come to class. And have interesting lectures.

I am going to LOVE this.

Kaela :D


Carrots said...

That picture of JFK and Stalin? I've been tempted SO MANY TIMES to pin it on pinterest, but I just don't think people would approve. And as a side note, that comma before the and (called an Oxford comma) may be loved by many (including me), but don't let your teacher fool you into thinking it's necessary. The Oxford comma is entirely optional. Aaaaaand...nerd out!

Kaela :) said...

Kat, I try to avoid using the word "Oxford commma" because whenever I say it, I just see that picture. In my mind. And it is just so scarring. Haha but he did tell us that it is greatly debated...and went on about how weird it is that people debate it. He's a weird guy. Obviously, because he shows pictures of naked presidents.