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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Unspoken Rules

So apparently there is a big giant sign that says "QUIET AREA" making this entire post pretty irrelevant it anyways.
Kaela Carter
January 24, 2012

Right now, I'm in the library at UVU. I wanted to go somewhere very quiet with not a lot of people, so I escaped up to the 3rd floor. I guess I'm still getting used to the etiquette of college life because I am about 80% sure I am not supposed to be up here right now.

In psych last year we learned about social norms. Meaning, the unspoken rules of society that everybody follows just because everybody else follows them. And I thought, eh. Whatever, right?

The more social norms you break, the more you realize how awkward it is to break them.
So, even though there is no sign on the 3rd floor that states “SUPER DUPER QUIET STUDY AREA ONLY ALL OTHERS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN” you kind of figure that out when you get up there. And then by that point you’re too tired of running around breaking social norms so you just sit there are pretend you are doing homework. Which is why I’m typing up this blog on a Microsoft Word document in MLA format so anybody who walks past me will be like “oh, she is doing homework” when originally I intended to use this spare hour to Pin to my heart’s delight.  No. That would be a crime. And when I thought about maybe getting on for just a little bit, I had a vision of some crevice in the earth opening up and swallowing me into the very pit of…well I guess it would just take me to the 2nd floor. I’m even feeling a little sketched out by being on Twitter.
There are 2 guys in front of me right now. Working on what looks like “very hard science-looking homework that Kaela would never understand in a million years if she was given all the knowledge of a dolphin” (which is more than you would think). Whatever they’re doing, it seems pretty intense. Awww crap my laptop is almost dead. I’ll make this snappy. So to me, it seems like the 3rd floor is strictly for intense study, do not disturb, etc. These two guys even got mad when the guy behind me was typing too loud. This is pretty serious stuff.
And since my laptop is almost dead, even though I went on what felt like a long journey to get up to the 3rd floor, I’m going back down to the 2nd, or probably the first, to use the library’s computers and waste some time in peace.

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