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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Post #1

I didn't think I would be making one of these today, but I remembered something from my reading today that I wanted to share.

Right now I'm reading in Alma. And on Wednesday I got to chapter 43 where in verse 2 he is pretty much like "Well I'm going to stop talking about missionary work and start talking about war!" And I was like "Oh...sad...I like reading about missionary work..." so it took me until today to actually finish all of chapter 43. Which means I really didn't read my scriptures all week and...yeah. That's what repentance is for.

When I did actually read it I realized that even though war stories are different from missionary stories, they are still fantastic. They are full of really great principles. Also they say stuff like "the Nephites did carry on the work of death upon the Lamanites" and "fight like dragons" and "they did smite in two many of their head-plates." The BoM provides a lot of gruesome details. Like the story where Coriantumr chops off Shiz's head. That a classic. Haha I will never forget Brother Martin teaching that lesson. Those were the days.

Anyways, everything I was about to say is going to pale in comparison to all of that, so I'll really try to make this sound interesting.

First of all, I just want to say that Captain Moroni is a boss. He's like the Chuck Norris of the scriptures. (Sometimes, I wonder if I'll get struck by lightning for saying stuff like that.) But really, he is one cool guy. There's even a scripture that says "If everyone was like Moroni, the devil wouldn't stand a CHANCE."

This is why Joseph Smith translated the scriptures, and not me. Once I considered what would happen if I wrote a Book of Mormon Sparknotes, but I quickly decided that probably wasn't a good idea.

Anyways, there was a point in writing this. I just get sidetracked very easily whenever I write.

Basically, in Chapter 43, starting in verses 19 to 21, it talks about how Moroni "prepared his people" with breastplates, arm shields, helmets and thick clothes. Then it says how the Lamanites had a bunch of weapons, but pretty much weren't wearing anything. Then when they see the Nephites it says "they were exceedingly afraid of the armies of the Nephites because of their armor." Even though they had a lot more people than the Nephites, they were kind of freaking out. For a good reason, too. Going to war without wearing anything to protect you isn't the smartest military strategy. They weren't very prepared.

So I thought to myself, "huh. The Nephites were prepared up the wazoo. They had a bunch of armor on, a great leader, plus they were defending their liberty (they repeat that at least 8 times throughout the chapter), so they had God on their side. The Lamanites, however, are scared out of their minds, because they aren't very prepared and loincloths don't look very threatening."

So what I took away from that was, if you are prepared, and have God on your side, then you're going to win whatever battle you're faced with. Though at the end it may not always be necessary to cut off your opponent's scalp. (Yes, that does happen. And the seminary video about it is fantastic.)

Anyways, I hope that, buried deep underneath all of my sarcasm and bordering on sacrilegious side notes, you can see that I really was trying to make a point. I do tend to get a little excited when I talk about the Book of Mormon. And then other people think I'm weird. It's a fact of life. This is why everyone in my ward thinks I'm crazy.

Unrelated, but I could probably listen to "Come Thou Fount" on repeat for the rest of my LIFE. It's such a great song.

Anyways, I'm going to peace out. I hope you all have an excellent Sunday (or Monday, if you're reading this tomorrow...)



Carrots said...

Kaela, you're just fantastic.

A-money said...

I am actually reading this on Tuesday. Does that make it illegal for me to appreciate it? Anyway, I just think you should DEFINITELY do your own BoM Sparknotes.