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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Makeup Saved My Life


Makeup is wonderful. If it wasn't for makeup, I would be in a lot of trouble.

Not that I don't love putting junk all over my face every morning, but I'm not talking about Covergirl. I'm talking about a different brand, so to speak...


Woohoo! Something about those 26 impending absences makes me want to throw a party. Before you call me out for being a horrible person, let me explain why seminary makeup is so great.

I love seminary so much. But my seminary experience hasn't been picture perfect either. I won't go into detail, but 2nd semester of my junior year I started skipping seminary not because I thought the class was boring (even though it was) but because I really, really didn't want to go. Which is never a good thing, by the way.

I felt bad though, because I love seminary and all the things I learn. And every time I skipped seminary that was one more lesson I was missing, which was no bueno.

This is where makeup comes in. When I do makeup, somehow I end up loving the class I do makeup in INFINITELY more than the class I've actually been assigned to. I did some makeup in Bro. Barrow's class last year and I loved it. I love Brother Barrow and his lessons so much.

This year, I have skipped a LOT of seminary. I'm pretty sure early morning seminary was a bad idea. WOW. Waking up that early was sending me screaming into major depression and sleep deprivation, for a 50 minute class where we never even finished the lesson. Not that the lessons weren't good -- I loved Bro. Kearns. He was a really great guy, but I was usually too tired to even understand ANYTHING that was going on, also I was getting sick from lack of sleep, whine complain cry, and for some reason I decided that it was time for round 2 this semester!

Suffice to say...we are 2 weeks into the term and I already have 3 absences. It is early morning seminary. It does not conflict with my college classes. I COULD go. But I don't! I don't have the motivation to get up before the crack of dawn to sit through another class where (see early morning description above)

Look, I know this is coming off as extremely negative, so just bear with me for a little big longer.

I went to my early morning class today. I have NO idea what the lesson was about. I just remember one thing from that morning, and it was that I wasn't in a good mood, and I blame sleeping until 8 or 9 the past few days and then being lovingly greeted by a cold car at 5:30 in the morning. So I made a decision right then and there. If I can't, by chance, be placed into a seminary class that I love more than anything...then I will find one, and make up my 26+ impending absences there.

And today, I did. Luckily, it only took me one try to find a class that I totally love. My friends, it was like a breath of fresh air. I honestly felt like I hadn't been to seminary since my Junior year. It was like a bright light had suddenly turned on in my mind. I MISSED release time seminary so much. I had forgotten how great it was to sit through seminary for an hour and a half. And the lesson was SO good. I figured as long as I was doing makeup I would do it with a teacher who I had heard lots of great things about. Bro. Dykstra is PHENOMENAL. In that one lesson I felt the spirit stronger than I can remember feeling it in seminary before. It answered so many questions I've been having about my life, and I walked away from that class feeling better than I had felt all year. Seriously. It's a good feeling.

So, there is a chance that my battle with seminary these past 3 and a half years is coming to an end. I've found a class that I totally love that I can do all of my makeup in, and I'm finally starting to see seminary as a good thing again instead of "set your alarm to 5:30 Kaela!! yay!!!"

Yep, life is great!