Sunday, March 3, 2013

Short Sunday Thought

I know I haven't blogged in eternity, but I just wanted to share this quick thought with y'all. I had this thought about 45 seconds ago, and I feel like I need to redeem myself for having failed at my weekly Sunday posts I had originally intended on doing. Also whenever I see Kat I feel like I promise her that I'll blog. I'm sorry I've been so...neglectful...

But!! Here is my quick Sunday thought. It's literally so quick that I'm typing it up on my phone.

For any of you who watched Elder Bednar's devotional tonight, I think we can all agree that it was awesome. I've already been thinking a lot about submitting to God's will, so his talk tonight just added to that. So as I was thinking about it I asked myself why we are so willing to at least try to be submissive to God's will, even when it's hard.

I've always thought to myself that it's because we trust Him. We trust that He knows everything and will not lead us astray.

Tonight I realized that it is also, simply, because we love Him. Think about it. We listen to the people we love. How willing are you to do something that is hard that you don't fully understand if it's being told to you by someone you don't even know or maybe even someone who annoys you when they boss you around. Does that make sense? But when it is someone we both love AND trust...we are a lot more submissive.

Case in point, we accept God's will because we trust Him, but also because we love Him, and know that He loves us.

And it definitely isn't always easy, but He will make sure that it is worth it.


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