Friday, June 28, 2013

That's When My Life Begins!!!

Look at it all, so big, do I even dare?

Look at me, here at last, I just have to do it!

Should I?


Here I go!!!

I know in the last year I've just been the greatest at keeping up on this blog, but thank you to everyone who read it. Now, I'm off to Mexico and then Ecuador. You can follow my new adventures at

Knowing this blog, I should have something really deep and philosophical to say at this point, some ultra long post of my scattered thoughts, but I've got nothing. Just a range of emotions, ranging from excited to scared and everything in between.

But I know as I begin this next chapter of my life that it will be the greatest one yet. There is nothing I would rather be doing then sharing the joy of the gospel with the wonderful people of Ecuador. Everyone, the gospel is so wonderfully true! If I didn't know that with all of my heart, I wouldn't be leaving on a mission.

I wish you all the very best!! I love you all so much, all you wonderfully random readers!!

I'll see you in 18 months :)

Hermana Kaela Carter

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