Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, today I got home and I was all "Yeeah man! I've got time to do my homework!" because I don't have work today. And then the little procrastinator devil inside of me was like, "but Kaela...when was the last time you watched X-Files??" and I was all, "okay, so I'll watch X-Files while I eat my beef Top Ramen that I was craving the entire drive home, and I'll sit in front of the TV and eat it like the lazy slob I am." for the record, I also ate an apple, so I wasn't being too unhealthy.

So I watched X-Files. And then my dad got on the computer, so I was all, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to watch one more..." so I got started, and then like ten minutes later my dad got off and I was all, "I can't just stop watching right now. Mulder is wearing a skank tank AND he's totally doped up on LSD." Which I am not, by the way. Wearing a skank tank. In fact I'm wearing a sweater. Nor am I doped up on LSD. I would attribute this...whatever this complete and utter sleep deprivation. Because last night I was all, "10:00!! Yeeah man, let's take ten pages of Psych notes!" Anyways, I finished my episode, and it was a cliff hanger. At the end, it said, "to be continued" And Mulder was M.I.A. And I was all, "I could probably watch one more episode." but I didn't! That's right, I exercised control.

But then I got on the computer and I was all...Pottermore!! So I logged in and my dumb internet blocker still won't let me do potions. Which is about the only thing I can do right now anyways. So checked my email, and got on EHS, but didn't actually do any work. I also got on SparkNotes, because I was/still am, slowly working my way towards writing this 3 to 5 page essay that is due tomorrow. I honestly forsee myself writing my article...tomorrow morning. Just kidding! I'll do it today.

Anyways, then I was all, I want to buy some Toms. So I got onto and drooled over all the shoes that I want to buy. And then I was all, "as long as I'm wasting my time, I might as well blog about all the random crap going on in my mind. And then wondered what will happen once I'm pregnant, as far as my arms go. I'm short, so I'm pretty sure my belly is going to stick out about a mile, and I'll be like a T-Rex. So my arms will be too short for my body. It'll look something like this.
That's a picture of me, trying to do laundry. Yep. And for the record, that's what my hair looks like. Not necessarily that messy, and not necessarily that color. It actually doesn't look much different from my natural color. Whatever. Maybe...the sinking into my brain.

So when I was uploading this picture I caught a glimpse of one of my prom pictures. And I was all, look at this gross pregnant picture of me with unidentifiable hair and a dice laundry basket. Go away, prom picture that is all makeup-y and dress-y and not pregnant and gross.

I'm not saying I'm pregnant, but my efforts to get ready today amounted to I rolled out of bed and stared at a wall for at least half an hour, and then drove to school. I was literally out of clothes, too. I had worn everything I owned, so that's why laundry is on my mind. Because that is one thing that got done today. Observe. half my clothes are on my floor, and half are in the washing machine. And some are on my bed, but I don't know if those are clean or not. Oh nells, college is going to be great. But the point is, I accomplished something today. And there is a picture of my room. In case any of you wondered what it looked like.

And now it's 3:45, and I have to leave in 2 hours, and all I've written is one paragraph of my essay. It's not even part of my essay. It's one paragraph of my ideas of what I'm going to write for my essay. Oh, world.

And for the record, you can do anything with paint. No longer do I have to explain my motives. I can just draw a picture.

So...I'm done with real paragraph of my essay, and halfway through my article. Woof. And...I just realized I have internship homework due tomorrow too! So I'm done procrastinating and feeling a little more sane. So, I'm peacing out.

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Kate said...

I like your pictures. I like X-Files. I like you. You and me and our procrastinator devils should hang out sometime.