Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Been A While...

I suck at blogging. Period. So I'm just going to do a quick run down of everything I started blogging on, but then changed my mind because I couldn't think of anything good to say. So here goes...

1. I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. It was my first time having ever seen it, and quite frankly, I thought it was creepy, yet funny. I liked it more than "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." which was just completely depressing. I think it's sad how Charlie Brown is like 7, and he is complaining to his friends about his depression issues. And then everyone makes fun of him, always, when he is really a good natured kid. Except for his complaining. Nobody likes a whiner. But really, all the other kids are just bullies.
I really liked the dance scene with all the characters that nobody really knows about all dancing around. Especially Snoopy playing the guitar, when it's only piano music, and the zombie kid in the back whose name may or may not be Shermy. Pig Pen is also a hoot. He seems like a solid, kind, charismatic individual, but everyone hates him because he is filthy beyond all reason. Thats another thing I don't like about this movie. Everyone is so judging. Eh, maybe I shouldn't read too much into a childrens show. But still...

2. The Tabernacle. I'll make this quick cuz I don't want to get too emotional. Suffice to say that I've never had a relative or close friend who died and it directly affected me, and I was really torn up about it. But the tabernacle burning to the ground was probably as close as I've ever been to feeling that. I went to go see it within 20 minutes of hearing about it, and it was pretty much like someone was driving a stake through my  heart. I've had a broken heart before, and it pretty much felt just like that. I would pretty much burst into tears every time I drove past, or watched the news, or saw pictures, etc. I even went to school crying, which mostly got me a lot of weird looks.
I think I'm so torn up about it because it was probably my favorite building in Provo. I have lots of cool memories there, like meeting Elder Christofferson, singing in the choir, about a billion stake conferences. Not to mention it was one of the most beautiful buildings I had ever had the privilage of being in. I was pretty much in love with the spiral staircases, and the stained glass windows, which I saw melt before my eyes when I went down to look Friday morning.'s really hard to believe it's gone. It still hasn't sunk in that next stake conference I won't be going to the tabernacle. When it does, I'll probably be an emotional wreck for several...hours.
It seems kind of weird that I'm this torn up about a building, but it really does feel like there is a giant hole in my heart. So...yeah. :P

3. The Snow - um....yeah. What the heck. Oh well, at least I'll have a white Christmas.

Thats all for now. More...later.


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