Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jusss a few thoughts.

Now that I have this blog semi deece, it is time to begin.

I'm sure a few of you are wondering What Happened On December 3rd.

December 3rd is many things.
  1. The mother of all single ladies dates. A day for me and my fellow women to come together and celebrate our singleness.
  2. A day to right wrongs, and/or to celebrate the present and think, at least my life doesn't suck as much as it did on the original December 3rd.
  3. Mostly it's just a made up holiday to confuse people.
This December 3rd was very good. It kind of felt like one of those holidays where you keep thinking something cool is going to happen, but nothing really does. Like Christmas Eve. Nothing happens on Christmas Eve, but we always hope something will. Like, an EXPLOSION OF REINDEER!

woah where did that come from?

Anyways, here is what I did on December 3, 2010.

At school...I just kicked around. Went to class...yeah as far as I can remember, nothing happened at school.
When I got home, KATE CUTCHINS *cue hero sound* came over and we watched Phantom of the Opera.
Not only is that the best play ever made, but also one of the best movies. Gerard Butler is a sexy sexy man beast, with or without the mask. The movie so filled with his seduction its like...never mind.

Then we made cookies. Once we made a movie about making cookies. And it's around here...somewhere.

These cookies, however, we were delivering. First, we drove up to north provo to a certain Spicy Thai restaurant, and in the spirit of December 3rd and true awkwardness, walked in, and the person we were looking for was not there.
So then we drove all the way back to his house, which is a block away from my house, and he still wasn't home. So....we gave the cookies to his dad.

And we saw a bunch of caroling llamas.

At first I thought December 3rd was a success, but then yesterday I realized it really wasn't. And then I blogged about it. The end.

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Kate said...

I am thoroughly pleased with my hero sound. You ae a woman.