Monday, September 17, 2012

You Know You're In Cash Control When....


Yes, I haven't blogged in what feels like an eternity. Yes, I haven't actually worked in Cash Control in a couple weeks. But I miss it, a lot, and I miss my Cash Control buddies. And I came up with this idea forever ago, so let this be my official tribute to Seven Peaks.

For all of the strange, wonderful things that happened in Cash Control, I present to you...

How to know if you're in Cash Control.

  • Nothing brings you more anger than seeing the phrase "Chain Detected."
  • You know there is nothing more disgusting than dried up, five year old rubberbands.
  • Jeff Quirk and Joseph Ellet. NEED to total their floats. (And the day they did was one of the best moments of your life).
  • You know all the words to Speak Now by Taylor Swift (just kidding! You actually don't. You're also really bad at karaoke).
  • As long as we're talking about probably know the words to every song that plays on One Direction Radio.
  • Your singing voice is perfected from belting "My Heart Will Go On" (Celine!)
  • You also know how to whisper a boss. (so sexy)
  • The best way to kill bugs that get into Cash Control is by throwing bags of coin at them...obviously.
  • If you're in Cash Control, chances are, you like a boy named Matt (exactly a 60% chance. Until you realize that certain boys named Matt like to make 14 year olds cry).
  • You know that when Josh Mullen walks in, ish is about to go down.
  • You also know that Josh Mullen makes the best snow cones.
  • Whenever Josh Mullen walks in, you want a snow cone.
  • You want a snow cone.
  • You know how to pack several thousand dollars through a crowded waterpark.
  • You know, approximately, how much several thousand dollars in ones is.
  • You also know how heavy $500 in quarters is.
  • Disorganized tills are the worst thing ever. Especially when the wristbands look like they got in a fight, and the bills are facing the wrong way, and the cashiers strapped their own bills, and the whole thing looks like one wet, demented brick.
  • You know who was doing dog fights in the maintenance garage.
  • You know there is a very distinct difference between 10-25ing someone and 10-25ing WITH someone (with the lights off, in Cash Control).
  • It's been two weeks since you worked but you could still probably balance the vault in your sleep.
  • You probably have epilepsy and/or nightmares from the crappy/demented TV (until you realize it's actually the camera...)
  • You probably have arthritis from shredding so many receipts.
  • The skin by your nails on your fingers is all mangled from rolling coins.
  • You know there is nothing worse than forgetting to send the Revenue Report.
  • No, the marketing room is not open.
  • If there is a month old protein shake or a random pair of shoes sitting in the room, we all know who they belong to...;)
  • Making tills is actually pretty fun. But you probably still can't do it without looking at the paper.
  • You hand-strap bills to kill time. Or if they're fives, because let's be honest...that machine is kind of dumb.
  • You secretly love counting Tube and Parking tills more than any other till.
  • Buying a Justin Bieber poster was the best thing we did with our fun money. Everyone loved it. Especially Dan.
  • Paycheck/Pool Party Friday's are the worst. And the Saturday morning after is pretty bad, too.
  • Walking through the park at 11:00 at night is one of the scariest things you've ever done.
  • You know how to work the teal collared shirt, all day, every day.
  • And you love wings. A lot. Especially if your name is Kela. So lets go get some wings soon, agreed?

And more, but seriously. Thanks for the best summer, ever.



Allison said...

I don't think love expresses how much I love you and this blog! AHHHHHHHH!!!! makes me so sad! I miss you all so much

Marianne said...

Kinda makes me want to work in Cash Control...except not really.

But this blog is exceptional.

Carrots said...

It's funny how many of these made sense just from visiting/having to deal with cash control. ;) And from knowing you, of course, you fabulous fish, you!

Kiley said...

So I know that this is forever after you posted this but I may have been stalking you and I miss summer!!! We all need to get together soon!! Love you!!!