Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 6.

Yep, I'm ready for churchball.

I played such a good game today, you don't even know. Even with Cole CONSTANTLY guarding me, (even when I was on his team...) I was still able to make some sweet shots. It feels pretty good. Let's just say I played so good that every time I made a shot, Jimmer Fredette felt that somehow, somewhere, a small teenage girl just made a basket. And I'm serious, too.

Today wasn't all fun and games though. We took a test. Which actually has a lot more significance than one would think.
First of all, I've never been able to comprehend why one would take a test in P.E. Why would a teacher even give a test? Especially in a dumb I need a PE credit so I'm taking this random elective where I can do nothing and get away with it class. It was a ten question quiz about the right way to play basketball. And it was worth like 50 points!! Was it easy? Yes. It was probably the easiest test I've taken all year. But honestly, the whole concept escapes me. Sports are for running around and getting sweaty. Tests are for sitting in a desk and...being unhappy.

Second of all, one of the questions on the test was "Did you improve in anything about basketball this unit?"
It was definitely my favorite. I circled YES with enthusiasm. I put a box around it. And then a circle. Then a triangle. And last of all, a heart. I approved of that question entirely.

Personally, I am heartbroken that our basketball unit is over. Do you know what we are doing next? VOLLEYBALL!! Freak!! I can't play volleyball! It's an awesome sport, really. But I play tennis. Honestly, any sport I have to play without a racquet in my hand escapes me. excited. This is going to be one intense unit.


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