Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 9.5

Today is the day where I combine two class periods into one, because I have been not-so-diligent in keeping up to date with this blog. I've been busy, okay! Can you say schemes and tropes? x.x

Day 1:

So long, basketball.
I've been anticipating the volleyball unit for weeks. The last time I played volleyball it was at least three years ago and I didn't do so hot.
So when they sent us to the south gym (or east-west gym, whichever one is the dumpiest) and I saw a basket of volleyballs and a bunch of guys attempting to put up three volleyball nets, I knew I was in trouble.

Now for the shocker: to my surprise, I wasn't that bad! And by not bad, I mean I was able to make contact with the ball and send it in the direction I wanted to.

Volleyball is not unlike tennis. They both have the same goal: get the ball over the net.

Other than that they are as unalike as two sports can get. In volleyball, you do not have a racket. In volleyball, the ball bouncing means you just lost. And in volleyball, you have use your arms to hit the ball, which causes me physical pain about 99% of the time.
And serving...

In tennis, I kind of obsess over my serve, to put it mildly. I'm constantly trying to improve it, make it faster, harder, more accurate...yeah. My serve has been unique to me forever and ever.

I'm not sure how it's like for pro volleyball players and their serves, but I can tell you this. I. Cannot. Serve. In. Volleyball.

It's weird, because serving in volleyball is actually really similar to serving in tennis. I'm just weak. That's right, I'm blaming my lack of upper body strength

After serving, we played a game where someone would throw the ball to us, and we would try to hit it over the net. Every single time I ended up running into the net, not even touching the ball. Honestly, I'm not even sure how that happened.

Day 2:

This was one of those days that I really didn't want to try. The night before I had stayed up until 1 finishing my schemes and tropes project and I was too tired to move, much less play volleyball. And since I had a tournament the next day I whined about my knee a little and got a note.

But get this! They still had me play. They said, "well, just stand there on the court if you have to. Just don't work too hard."

Well, I get intense when I play sports. I want to try my hardest. And when there is a cute guy on your team who you know the only way to impress him is to win, you want to try even harder.
Another thing about Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed. Every time we play a game, my team loses. Like without fail. I really hope it isn't my fault!

So...yeah. I'm always afraid to get too specific with this blog, just in case someone might stumble upon it and be like "who the crap is this girl?! next time in class, I'm gonna kill her!" but I'm going to take the risk right about now.

Kaimana is pretty hot, but playing any sort of game with him gives just too much material for this blog than I can ignore. He is pretty crazy. And any time we lose, it really pisses him off. The only problem is I'm jinxed to always make my team lose, and he has been on my team the past 3 or 4 games we've played. And he kind of goes nuts when we lose. Which, I understand how that feels, but's pretty funny to watch, not gonna lie. heh heh.

Nick was also on my team. And, Kate, this is for you, but he still looks like a dummy whenever we play sports. The contrast between how much of a d-bag he acts outside of class and how much of a loser he looks while we are playing is HILARIOUS.

Which I'm not really one to talk, since I'm not exactly fantastic at any of the sports we play, but sometimes it just feels good to point out these things.

Around my third game, the teachers started telling me to take it easy and I can sit out if I want, it's no big deal. But somehow volleyball is a really dangerous sport, because about half our class was sitting out with various injuries by then, and I felt fine-ish.

In the end, I'm thinking volleyball is going to be a very interesting unit. And I think my arms are going to fall off before the end.


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