Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January: A Month in Review.

I think I'm going to start the tradition of reviewing each month and seeing what was good/bad and what I'm looking forward to this month. Juuuuust because I can, and it's something to blog about besides Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed.

I would give January a 7 out of 10. Nothing really big happened this month. Lets take a look:

Since it was the beginning of the year though, I set a lot of goals and new years resolutions that some have lasted and some didn't get past the first week.
I went to my third doctor and he cleared that I could play tennis again if I just did what he said. And...I did what he said and he turned out to be a big fat liar. Thank you, Mr. PhD. Just because I am not a BYU football player doesn't mean that the sport I play and who I play for is not important.

This month was the beginning of a new semester, which meant 4 new classes for me. Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed, which I'm not going to talk about here; Baker's TA, which is pretty awesome; A different period of math, which isn't exactly a new class but is still a change and a good one at that; a new seminary class that....mehr. Not even gonna talk about that...at all.

I saw Tangled - twice. It was a good thing.

I went job hunting...and was pretty much unsuccessful.

I had my ups and downs in every category of life I can possibly come up with. School, work, (or the lack thereof), tennis (again, the lack thereof), friends, boys, church or any church related activity.
Okay so there were mostly downs. Lack of ups. You get the idea.

However, I'm giving it a 7 out of 10 cuz it wasn't too shabby for the first month of the year. The first month for me is always a little shakey. And it's always seemed to go uphill from January.

Things I'm looking forward to in February:
Well, today I found out who the new principal is, and it's not Monks, so that's a really nice start.
My dad is also going to hire me today or tomorrow, which means I will finally have a job.
While all of my friends are on tour (which I'm not jealous of, by the way. I've been to Disneyland hundreds of times. I go there every year, like 2 or 3 times. Okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration so I've only been a few times. Okay okay I've only been once. Okay whatever I've never been there before but it's no big deal it's just the happiest place on earth with all your friends getting to chill together and room together and go see broadway shows like I said it's no big deal I'm not jealous who said I was jealous pffft thats just dumb) I'M GOING TO GO SEE THE JUSTIN BIEBER MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never say never, 3D. With Matt and Mike, who I believe want to dress up as the J-Biebs himself. So I'm actually really excited for this.
I'm also going to see Tangled again. I don't know when or with who but it'll happen.
I'm planning a date with my soulmate Dani...and I'm planning it for the 18th so that if I get asked to sweethearts I'll be going on 2 dates in one weekend. Which would just be awesome.
School off on Presidents day. Not that big but....school not happening is always a good thing.

So! All in all February looks like it'll shape out to be an excellent month. And 2011 still looks like it'll be a fantastic year.


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Carrots said...

I will go to Tangled with you!!