Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 4.


Today was monumental.

Kind of. Actually, it was just the round robin basketball tournament, where we went 4 on 4. I think my basketball skills have improved, just by me saying "I am Jimmer I am Jimmer I am Jimmer" over and over. I've noticed significant improvements in my hops.

I even scored one basket. One. Which is an improvement from last time.

Ok ok ok. So I ended up playing against 3 different teams. Everyone on my team was taller and more skilled than me, so I didn't get much playing time, which wasn't exactly a bad thing because we lost every game we played anyways.

The first team we played against was Micah's team. certainly a character. He is a good kid. We get along alright. Sometimes, he reminds me of Will Smith. And sometimes, he reminds me childhood. Mostly, he is entertaining. In that game, I was trying to not look like an idiot but at the same time trying to show off my mad skills. They ended up just cancelling each other out, and all I really remember is accidentally tackling Micah. And then I felt pretty stupid.

The second team we played was [if you think you are going to get mentioned in my blog by taking off your pants you are so so wrong]'s and we lost that because everyone on his team was tall, had mad hops, and...[that was just sick and wrong. actually, i didn't even look. good thing too, cuz its not like i want to be scarred or anything] kept distracting me. Kind of.

The third team we played was Nick's team. My personal goal was to not let his team win (which they did) and to...foul...him as much as possible. Not for any specific reason. It's definitely not personal. It's definitely not like he ever hurt any of my best friends or anything. Pfft. That would be absurd.
Anyways, mostly I went around shoving people (Nick), and that was the game where I made my first basket.
That's pretty much it for the basketball.

There was one more thing that happened today.
One thing that was definitely worth blogging about.

I was walking towards the locker rooms with [not happening]. And this is pretty much how our conversation went.
[No.]: Kaela, if I take off my pants, will I make it into your blog?
Kaela: Wait, what!?
I didn't actually think he would do it. But next thing I knew...
Well, you know what happened.

To my readers: I hope you've all been enjoying this. It might seem a little slow right now, but I get the feeling this class is going to pick up. Which is saying something since it's already pretty crazy.

[You know who you are.]: If you want to make it onto my blog, please, for the love of all that is good and merciful and holy, please do not take off your pants in front of me ever, ever again.
P.S. Who wants to join my churchball team?! I'm recruiting Jimmer!!!


Rachel said...

either way you mentioned him...

Kate said...

Kaela, you are heroic. I love your writing.

Carrots said...

Your writing is fantastic. This is so funny!