Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 1

I've been keeping an eye out for something I could consistently blog about that was an ongoing experience. Something that either has the potential to be the suckiest thing of my life, or a memory I will be telling my grandchildren about.

Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed, I think, has the immense potential for both.

My story begins in a class that is not Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed, but rather Lifetime Sports. I had actually been looking forward to this class since I first signed up. I was in it with Kate, who I can have fun with in any class. If we could endure 8th grade Geometry together (possibly to this date the worst class I've ever been in, though there have been a few close runner ups) then nothing could stop us. Lifetime Sports was bound to be the funnest class ever!

I walked into Lifetime Sports expecting a class full of hot seniors, and tons of different kinds of sports, and possibly even being able to kick everyone's trash in tennis at the end of the semester.
I walked out of Lifetime Sports in full sprint down to the counselling office.

Wow. Woooooooooooooow.
This next part could come off as racist or...ageist....but I'm not. Honestly.
But the class was me, Kate, a few freshmen, and about a hundred mexican gangsters and their girlfriends.

I had few options for surviving that class. So like all good people, instead of enduring the class, Kate and I agreed that switching out was the best option.

I walked down to the office and asked the lady at the counter if I could talk to a counselor  about switching classes. She said nobody would even see me unless I had paid the ten dollar fee. Being a poor child who needs those ten dollars for her date on Friday, I asked her what would happen if I paid the fee but then nobody could help me, and she said "oh well, there isn't much we can do."

Sometimes, I hate people. Luckily, sometimes I love people too. And in today's case, the man who saved me was Mr. Warner. Right as she said that he said "I can help someone!" and called me into his office.

Our conversation went something like this:

Him: What can I help you with?
Me: Um...I need to switch out of Lifetime Sports. Please.
Him: Ah. Any particular reason why?
Me: Um....I....uh...maybe...not? Yes?
Him: Yeah, I walked by that class earlier. Say no more. What class do you want instead?
Me: Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed first period, seminary 6th. You...are awesome.

So....easiest class change ever...and I didn't even have to pay the ten dollar fee. He was completely understanding.

So tomorrow I have my first day of Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed. As I was packing up some clothes I would need to wear for the class, I realized a few things:
  1. I haven't taken a P.E. class at school since my freshmen year, and I forgot how much I hate taking P.E. classes at school.
  2. I hate taking P.E. classes because of changing in the locker rooms. They reek of stale perfume, and death.
  3. I hate changing in front of other people. Period.
  4. In tennis, it was just me and the rest of my girls. No boys. Being grubby or having non-shaved legs didn't matter.
  5. Now that I'm going to be playing with and in front of does matter. Yikes.
  6. My legs have not seen daylight since September. They are whiter than a polar bear in a blizzard.
So basically...that is what I have to look forward to tomorrow. Just me and my short shorts in a co-ed class for 2 sports that I can't play to save my life.

This is going to be fun.

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Carrots said...

I love you. Have fun. Tell us all about it. Yep.