Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Away From Utah

Every year for the past 5 or 6 years I have travelled to the hot, dry land of Arizona to hang out with my family. Spending time with extended family will usually bring extreme joy, or make you wish you were living in a cellar for a month, instead of this one week with THE RELATIVES.

As always, I came back to Provo from Mesa.....more or less kicking and screaming.

Ok not really, but I really didn't want to come back. I love my family that lives there! I spent the week with my cousins Emma and Colette, and the entire week was a nice change from my usual boring, mundane life in Provo.

Here are a few things we did:

Shopping!  The malls in Arizona are fantastic. We went to three of them, with the Scottsdale mall being the biggest mall I've ever seen in my life. There were also tons of end of year sales, and I cleaned up quite nicely.
My bank account is not pleased with me right now.
I discovered a new store: Tilly's. WHY DON'T WE HAVE A TILLY'S IN UTAH!?
I fell in love with Pac-Sun
And I found a pair of Vans which I'm going to go buy soon. Seriously. (yeah, I ran out of money.)

Mill Avenue! Mill Avenue is a street with a bunch of cute little shops on the campus of ASU. We visited a cute little bookshop, a bunch of botiques, and Urban Outfitters. And 5 Guys! Mmmmmmmmmm.
There were also about 50 gazillion sports bars. And it was the day of the Insight bowl.....so there were a ton of people wearing yellow, since both teams had yellow in their colors.
But. The best part of that day....
We rode the lightrail up to Mill Avenue, which was in Tempe...I think? On the way there me, Emma and Colette talked to a couple of guys there for the game. Me and Emma really think one of them was Kris Allen's brother, but there is no knowing for sure... We ended up giving them the wrong directions to Mill Avenue...so I don't really know what happened to them.

Movies! We watched tons and tons of movies. Every night. TANGLED was my favorite. EVER!!! I stinkin love that movie. As in I may like it more than Iron Man. It's kind of a big deal.
We also watched the 4th Kind, which was a creepy movie/documentary about alien abductions. Except it was all pretty fake, but still a good scary movie....yeah. eep.

Nachos! Paper plate. Bite size chips. Shredded Cheese. Microwave for 30 seconds. Eat with Herdez salsa. Nuff said?

Stake Dance!? If I could make a list of things I hate it this world, it would go something like this:

People who torture puppies
Stake Dances

However, much to my surprise, this stake dance was actually fun! They had a room with ping pong and foosball tables which we mostly hung out it, and we met this really cool guy named Jeff who pretty much saved the dance for us.

Everything I've listed only scratches the surface of my entire trip. It was tons of fun....and I'm excited to go back next year. Who wants to go see Tangled with me?


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