Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 2.

Day 1

And so it begins.

The best part about having Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed (Which I'm abbreviating to BVCE because writing it out all the time is getting really tedious) 1st period, is that I get to spend the entire day all gross and sweaty. Therefore, the lazier I am in that class, the better I will end up looking the rest of the day.

I'm just hoping the locker room smell doesn't stick. Because honestly, it just might get worse every day.

I walked into school feeling confident. Actually, I always walk into school feeling confident. But today, I especially felt confident. Even if this class totally sucks, at least I'll have a lot to blog about. Conflict = gold.

And honestly, for my first day, there was a lot of conflict.

First conflict: I was late. But that's not even that big of a deal. I was late because I could not find the class. FOR THE LIFE OF ME. How many freaking gyms does this school have?! I swear they pop up out of nowhere. I know we have a Thunderdome, and a South gym, and a North gym. Maybe...not sure about the north gym, but I'm about 80% sure there is a South-west gym, and I've heard rumors of a north-south gym.

I don't know which gym we were in today. It was the one with all the super creepy paintings of mascots of random schools we haven't played in years. I remember being traumatized by the Springville devil painting my freshmen year.

Second conflict: When I finally found the south-northwest gym, I wasn't sure at first because it was pitch black. Apparently we had to wait for the janitors to come turn on the lights, so we sat there in the dark for about 15 min before someone came. So I couldn't really look around to see who else was in the class, but luckily when the lights turned on I realized that I recognized quite a few faces. This is a good thing, there was only one problem...

Conflict 3: Cole, this one is for you.
One of the biggest reasons I was so willing to switch into this class was because I knew that Cole was in the class too, so I would have at least one friend for sure. And Cole is one of those people who could make a co-ed P.E. class fun.
Well guess who wasn't there today!! Thanks a lot, Cole.

The actual class...was sort of pitiful. First, it reminded me that even though I think I'm really athletic, in reality I've been sitting around for 4 months with a bum knee. The good thing is, I'm not nearly as lazy and un-fit as I was my freshmen year. The bad thing is, now that I'm in a co-ed class, I'm still getting lapped by 3/4ths of the class.
So I'm gonna step it up. Fo reals!!

Our first unit is basketball. Apparently not only is it just basketball and volleyball, but also flag football and...wrestling.
Just kidding. I would die.
The last one is soccer. But in all honesty the only sport I have a chance at being semi decent at is basketball. So it seems like it might be all downhill from here.

Also, semi-decent might be an overstatement. Today all we did was dribbled almost flat basketballs. Seriously, for a solid hour all we did was dribble basketballs every way mankind has ever come up with. I didn't realize there were so many different ways to dribble a basketball, but that's what we covered today. And by the end of the period I'm pretty sure my arms did fall off. But I realized if I suck at just dribbling the ball then this basketball unit isn't going to go anywhere good.

As I left that class, I wasn't too discouraged. I really think it has a lot of potential to be a great start to the day.

But the locker rooms still stink.


skull0candy said...

I've heard that there's a north-thunderdome gym...

Kate said...

Your blog is golden. I love you.

Carrots said...

Laugh-out-loud funny. The thing about the gymns is so true! Very excited to hear more of your adventures.