Monday, January 24, 2011

Dating = Fun

Wanna know a secret?
Nah, you don't. Never mind, I won't tell you.
Oh you do want to know?
Okay then.

Every time a dance or date is coming up, I get a little nervous and hesitent. "Dating is too much trouble." I say.
But alas, at the end of every night, I will walk away from a date saying "Wow. WOW!! THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(with the exception of one and a half buuuut we don't talk about that. ahem.)

Basically, Friday was easily the funnest date I have been on. Ever. EVER.

First, I need to start out by thanking Matt Woodruff. Matt, thank you for letting me take you on a date, and thank you for helping me have a fantastic time.

The people in our group were 5 girls, Me, Kate Cutchins, Kat Moulton, Katelyn Rudy, Whitney Carlson, and their dates, Matt, Christian Paiva, Nick Walton, Michael Christensen, and Caleb Karpowitz.

Basically the best group...ever.

The first thing we did was go ice skating. I told everyone that I had been born to 2 loving parents named Apolo Ohno and Michelle Kwan and that my ice skating skills were unmatched. The truth is, I took ice skating lessons for a month about 6 years ago and learned the fundamental skill of not falling over. Though I kept my skills in ice skating, I did not keep my skills in basketball whatsoever, which was the sport I tried after ice skating. (more on that in Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 3.)
The point is, ice skating is tons of fun. I really wish I had stuck with it, even though I say that about every sport I've tried. We all had a great time, even though we all took many falls. (Matt, I'm still sorry about that one. haha)
Christian pretending to be a German exchange student was really funny, by the way.

The second thing we did was driving home. I'm putting this in a category of it's own, simply because that was really eventful and mostly illegal and...that's all I'm going to say.

The third thing we did was making pancakes at Whitney's house! The girls made the batter, and the guys cooked the pancakes. That...was pretty interesting to watch. It was like Cake Boss, on steroids.

Also, throughout the evening, Christian kept making comments about a certain Kirk Skyles. Some favorites include:
"Kirk covered in honey."
"The black hole that is his belly button."
"Close your eyes. Put your thumbs out. Now, crawl to me. Oh wait, I'm just remembering my photoshoot with kirk."
"Imagine Kirk, laying on a leather couch, covered in maple syrup, wearing only a loin cloth, and the caption is labeled, 'The Temptations of Man.'"
Nuff said?

Ahem. Moving on. The pancakes were delicious, but afterwards many of us were still starving. But before our failed pizza adventure, we played Mafia.

Mafia is either the most boring, or the most fun game of the century. It all depends on who you play it with. In this case, it was the funnest game...of the millenium. I kid you not, I have never played a funner game of mafia in my life. I really don't know how to describe the events that happened in the dark, dark basement so...I'm just going to leave it to your imagination, but promise you that it was even better than whatever you're imagining. It was pretty fantastic.

After Whitney's mom kicked us out, the hungry ones drove over to Little Caesars for some pizza and crazy bread. Except they were closed. So then we drove to Wendy's, where the guy who took our order was really sarcastic and more traffic laws were broken.

And yeah that was pretty much it. Funnest date of my life. And now I'm pretty sure nobody is willing to ever get into a car with me driving again. But it was totally worth it.


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