Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blogging Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed: Part 11


Okay. Today was like a smoothie, or maybe a salad. Nah, it was more like a smoothie.

What I mean to say is, it was a well blended combination of both good and bad things.

Except there aren't bad things in a smoothie. Okay today was more like a salad.

A surprise salad! Kind of like when you order a salad, expecting it to suck, and there are strawberries in it. And croutons...and cucumbers.

I once had the most delicious strawberry salad before. It was a salad, but it had strawberries in it.

I could blog about all the salads I've had. But I won't. I'm getting WAAAAAAAAY too off topic here.


First to address my prediction from last time. Tournament, team of boys, end up making us lose...yeah.

Okay. I was right on all accounts except for one. We did play a tournament thingy. And I was indeed on a team of all guys. And yes, we lost every single game. Except!!! It wasn't my fault this time! :O

At least I don't think it was.

I never would have guessed it, but I am not half bad at soccer. That is to say, I scored most of the goals for my team. In fact I scored all of them except for two. So either this means my team really sucked at soccer, or I have mad skills that have lain dormant until now.

Or a mixture of both...

Anyways...we played outside on the turf. A few words about the turf.

Actually, can I just take a moment to vent about football players? Ok ok I won't.

Turf: Why did our school buy an astro turf anyways? Or as long as we are going to spend money on sports, maybe we should fix the soccer fields and the tennis courts. No? Okay. Hmmm I wonder if our new principal will do that. Not that it matters.

Wow, I'm having so much trouble staying focused today. Okay so basically, we played on the turf because the soccer fields were soggy. And I didn't mind playing on the turf, except that if when I fell, and scraped my knee, it hurt like a mother. But that's pretty much it.

Actually that isn't the only reason I got hurt. Ok so it was like super cold outside when we played. I'm talking so cold that penguins were starting to migrate over to watch us play. Luckily I had my warm up, but I was still wearing shorts, and I was losing the feeling in my legs every second. So when our goalie drop kicked the ball, and it hit my leg..........


I ended up jumping around trying to keep warm for most of the games, and if the ball came to me I would do something with it. Like scoring a goal.

Speaking of which, I know what I want my future career to be. I want to be the person, at the world cup, who yells

That's gonna be me.

Back to the salad.

Today was good, because it contained me not sucking at soccer as much as I thought I would. But today was bad because I got hurt, and it was cold.

In other words, today was like a salad because it contained cucumbers, but it also contained tomatoes and salad dressing.

Does that make sense?


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