Thursday, April 19, 2012

UV You Need to Know

I think my iPod is so old, that my mind and its microchip have melded. It has a knack for playing exactly the type of music that matches my mood.

For instance, I'm listening to a playlist with over a hundred songs, maybe 6 or 7 of which are Coldplay, and the rest range from Justin Bieber to B.O.B. is only playing Coldplay. Thanks, buddy.

So why am I in a Coldplay mood? Today is my last day of UVU. The first, one could say, of my goodbyes. I have absolutely loved going here. My professors are amazing. The experience has been phenomenal. Right now, I'm sitting on a very comfy cushion next to a window, blogging to my heart's delight, and a couple girls came up to me with a box of cookies and asked if I wanted one.

As long as I'm talking about food, let me just say that the massive amounts of food available here has been one of my top three sources of nourishment over the last semester. (ANOTHER Coldplay song just came on!! I don't know what's happening!!) I can be walking down the hall, and I'll see a vending machine, and think to myself, "I'll just use the next one" which is probably 20 feet down the hall. Once, I almost bought a drink, and then decided to use the next vending machine, and the next one was like a dollar cheaper. Yeah. And the Pizza Hut here is heavenly. And the cinnamon bagels....oh world...

The fact that I skipped my government class three times in a row and my teacher didn't freak out, the school didn't call my parents, and I did not receive a NG or a TR or whatever they give out feels good.

I love my English class. So much. As I was finishing up my paper and putting together my portfolio last night, I almost started crying because of how much I'm going to miss it. It is the only class I've ever had where the students, collectively, have more power than the teacher. It is also the only class I've ever had where the teacher swears like a sailor and tells dirty jokes. And yes, pornography is still an inside joke for our class. Last time, we had a quiz show. My group ended up crushing all of the other teams, but the competition got pretty intense. Like, it's just a semester long English 2010 class, but I'm going to miss it a LOT. Ah! :(

And the library. I love the library. I'm going to have a lot of fond memories of the library. The ULTRA comfy chairs, hanging out with Matt, and the food....the food!

This blog post is not about food. Okay.

Don't get me wrong. I am WAY excited for BYU. I am so excited to move out, meet new people, and have another great college experience. But UVU has been a lot of fun. And I wouldn't trade the experience I had here for anything that could have happened at Timpview.

So this is my tribute to UVU. For anybody reading this who is considering going to UVU next year, trust me -- it is an AWESOME school. Lots of people think its just a ghetto college for BYU rejects, but that's not at all what it is. It is fun, the teachers are great, and it's pretty daaaaang easy (just sayin).

UVU, thanks for a great semester, and a fantastic first college experience! I come!


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