Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life is Like a Clock on Steroids


Today was my last day of seminary. Ever.

One week from today I will graduate and be done with high school. Forever.

I was thinking about it during seminary today and I realized that I am a completely, COMPLETELY different person now than I was when I was a freshmen. I can't even call that girl me because, it just couldn't have been me. We are so different. There is no way that girl is Kaela Carter. It's impossible.

Of course, Freshmen me was a complete psycho. So that could be it, too.

But it just feels like yesterday was my first day of high school and now I'm graduating! It's like I walked in the doors, blinked, and now I'm wearing a cap and gown. All in the space of four years.

You know what that means. I'm going to blink again, and I'll be married...and pregnant! Okay, I can't blink. I don't want to get preggers. (Just kidding, I know you don't make babies by just blinking. Haha! That was a funny joke...)

But seriously. Time is moving by way too fast. So, mr. time man, take it easy, alright?

I need more time to act immature and get away with it. (I guess that's what freshmen year at BYU is for though).

Ah, what the heck, I'm ready to be done with high school. I'm so excited to move out.

Life is great :)
I mean it.


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