Tuesday, March 20, 2012



I have made a decision. I believe it is a rational decision, so if I ever decide otherwise...somebody slap me.

I have decided to never get involved in politics. Ever.

The most I will ever involve myself in politics is voting in the general election, and rooting for the president I think is most attractive/most Mormon.


Politics are dumb. And I think they make people a lot angrier than they should.

My parents forced me to go to the Republican caucus last Thursday. This is what reinforced my decision to avoid politics as if my life depended on it. I know it's good to be involved in one's community, but of all the things I don't care about...which is a lot of things...politics are scraping nasty on the bottom of the list.

This is probably the most honest thing I've said all day: I would rather give birth to triplets than become what many people call "politically active."

Anyways, because I'm still young and immature, this is what I occupied myself with during the caucus: picture drawing, level creepy.

This is Numbi. I created him my sophomore year. When I am making worlds, there will be a creature that looks like this.

This is Barack Obama. Shirtless and surfing, but he's wearing dress pants so he is still classy.

This is Mitt Romney. He, too, is shirtless, but still wearing dress pants to remain classy.
For what it's worth, I drew all of those on the back of my voter registration form. Good times.

Aaaand here are some more political pictures I found (but did not draw).

Have a great day!


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