Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things I'm Going To Miss About High School: Part 2


Backstage Jazz Night.

Backstage Jazz Night has been one of the highlights of every single year I've been at Timpview, minus my freshman year. I still vividly remember every single time I've gone, and I always have SO much fun!!

On a related note, let me just say that one thing about Timpview's culture I will forever miss is Sexy Sax Man. Only at Timpview can someone start playing that song and immediately everybody starts cheering and there's this unity throughout the students as we praise whoever is playing. I just think it's awesome.

But, I will always have such fond memories of Backstage Jazz Night. It inspired me to have a love for jazz, and honestly? I think it would be way cool to have my wedding reception like a backstage jazz night themed...thing.

Definitely, definitely, some of my best memories from high school.


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