Thursday, March 29, 2012

To Be A Scapegoat...


Last year, I blogged about my Basketball/Volleyball Co-ed class. Now that semester is almost over, I'm realizing that there was a much better class I should have blogged about this year:

My English 2010 class. To go straight from high school to this class every Tuesday and Thursday is like walking into a different universe, where every rule that applied in high school is the complete opposite here. You think I'm kidding...but I'm not.

Take, for example, today.

I went to class, but nobody was in the classroom...because it was pitch black in there. The combined brain power of several college students was not enough to figure out how to turn on the lights. So my professor, Dr. Pepper, walked up, and asked us why we were all meditating outside. Then he tried to figure out how to turn on the lights. Eventually, the man with the Ph.D realized that the light switches were at the very front of the classroom

So we all came in and sat down, and it was awkwardly silent. So somebody suggested that he turn on some music. He pulled up YouTube and decided to play Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. Then he played Friday by Rebecca Black. Finally, he showed us the death metal version of Friday. It was...beautiful.

Before I go on, I should explain something. In 2010 we have to write a research paper for our final project, basically the equivalent of our final exam. I chose to write mine on pornography, or to be more specific, regulating the access to pornography. It is complicated and takes a long time to explain...

so everybody just says, "Kaela is writing about pornography." And everyone thinks it is SO funny. I've even had a couple boys offer to write my paper for me. And the question I get asked most often?

"Hey Kaela! How is your...*wink* research coming?"

Once, I was doing research during class, when Pepper walked up behind me and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! Kaela's looking at pornography!!" You can imagine the looks I got after that one. (I wasn't, by the way. I have been blessed in doing my research that I have never come across anything obscene/explicit in any way. Academic Search Premier and are both the two least likely places you will ever find pornography, and also the two places where you'll find the most information.)

However, as of today, I have become the official class scapegoat, thanks to my lovely topic.

It all started when my professor showed us a sample introductory paragraph about which my whole class started to give him crap, because we like to bully him mercilessly. His response? Pointing straight at me and yelling, "She's the one writing a paper about porn!!" Everyone thought that was hilarious. It happened again when he accidentally made a dirty joke, and when people started to give him crap all he had to do was point at me and say, again, "She's the one writing a paper about porn!"

Luckily, in that moment the class stood up for me. But the idea quickly caught on. Whenever Pepper said something the class didn't like, even if it had nothing to do with dirty jokes or our papers, all he would have to do was point at me. Even some of the people in my class started doing it. "At least I'm not writing a paper about porn!" is now the new excuse for anything.

I'm not mad about it at all. I think it's funny. And I did get back at my teacher when we started discussing how to incorporate visual aids into our papers. I promised him that I would provide some great pictures. Easily the most inappropriate thing I have ever said to a teacher, but everyone, including him, thought it was hilarious. Actually, he seemed kind of worried. Truth be told, I have absolutely no idea what visual aid I'm going to incorporate into my paper...

Of all the classes I have ever had, I'll miss my English class the most. Even though my class thinks I'm a crazy, racist porn addict, and use me as a scapegoat...I still have fun in that class, basically every time.

College is fantastic.


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