Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Post #7


This might be one of those things I think is funny...and nobody else does.

You know how Joseph Smith found the plates, and he was all, "Oh, there is a section of this that is bound, so it looks like nobody's gonna be able to read that for a while." and how the Book of Mormon is actually an abridged account of all the gazillions of records Mormon had lying around?

All of that...makes stuff like this pretty funny.

That's right! iTunes is selling the unabridged version of the Book of Mormon. And it's only 22 bucks! You know, it's stuff like this that makes me there actually an abridged, abridged version of the Book of Mormon floating around out there? That's like my bad idea to make a Sparknotes of the Book of Mormon...which I'm still tempted to do. There is a Sparknotes for the Bible. But it doesn't go past Proverbs, meaning it doesn't cover Isaiah...making it the most useless Sparknotes in the history of mankind.

Really though, if you abridged the Book of Mormon, what would you take out? Every part of it is important, yes, even the Isaiah chapters. I learned that in seminary. Which brings me to what I really wanted to talk about...

The rocky road my seminary experience has been since last year is slowly coming to an end. That is a bold faced lie. There will come a day, namely, the last week of April, where I will realize that I still don't qualify for graduation, and I will go crazy trying to get all of my makeup done on time. After that, and quite frankly, after I graduate, that rocky road will come to an end.

As for right now, it's smoothing out. I only have 9 more days to makeup...or 10, something like that, and General Conference is going to count for 6 of those. That's right, I'm going to watch the Priesthood session and use the General YW broadcast, as well as the other 4 sessions. It's happening. I need this!

Another thing I did was transfer out of early morning and into Bro. Dykstra's class during the day so that instead of missing 2 days every week, it's only every other week. Best decision I ever made. I'll keep doing early morning until I'm all caught up, and then I never have to wake up early again!!!

So I went to his class on Thursday. I was not supposed to be there...I was supposed to be at work. And it's kind of a conundrum, because I know I was supposed to be in his seminary class that day, because of what I learned, because of what I'm going to tell you in a second. But I'm also not supposed to ditch out on work, under any circumstances. But a series of events happened that caused me to ditch work and go to seminary. And in a normal situation I would have had this gross feeling of "Y U DITCH WORK!?" but instead I was having this feeling of "Good for you, going to seminary!"

Essentially...I wasn't scheduled to work, but I told my boss that I would come in to work anyways. 5 minutes before I was about to leave for work, she sent out the schedule for next week, I thought it was for this week, and I saw that somebody else was on the schedule for the shift I was about to work. So I drove up to seminary. The second I got to the school, my boss texted me and asked if I could still come in to work. I thought about leaving, but then something inside my head said, "No, Kaela, you are going to seminary today!!" So I went to seminary, and I still have a job. Somehow, I broke the cardinal rule of the life of Kaela, "don't miss work, ever" and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Seminary was amazing. I learned something that blew my mind. It basically exploded my mind, then reformed it, then exploded it again.

And this is what I learned:

Everything in the world is a symbol of Christ. Everything. Take, for example, the seasons.

In the summer, everything is alive. As it gets into fall, things start to die, and what is the dominant color? Red. Then in the winter, everything is dead, and there is a white blanket of snow. Then when the snow melts, and it turns into spring, everything is resurrected.

I think Brother Dykstra did a better job of explaining it, but you get the idea. It's totally the story of Christ's death and the resurrection. Is your mind blown yet?

There is also rain. Rain falls from the sky, or the heavens. And the only way for the rain to return to the heavens is through...the sun. Sun, Son. Yeah.

That like, completely blew my mind. And I'm so glad that I learned that. It's just crazy to me everything that lined up perfectly that day so that I could hear about that little fact.

Yep, the gospel is pretty cool!

Have a great day!


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A-money said...

Haha I loved seeing you freak out during that lesson. Best thing ever.