Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things I'm Going To Miss About High School: Part 1


Kaela? Miss high school?


It's true. There are some things I'm really going to miss about high school.

And you're going to find out all about them in this ?-part series.

Part 1:

Asking. To. Dances.

I take my creativity to the MAX whenever I ask/answer to dances. My best so far was kidnapping Matt at three in the morning, which he definitely wasn't expecting, and locking him in a closet with a cardboard cutout of Jimmer Fredette.. Ah, good times. That was the last one I've done so far. The first was when I put an alarm clock in Chase's room that forced him to walk up to the tennis courts at 5 in the morning, where he was greeted by a balloon that was at least a hundred feet in the air. Yep, I pride myself in these things.

This is the last dance I'll ever have to ask to, so I'm making it good.

Here's a sneak peek:

This is also a goodbye to my old basketball hoop, of which I have fond memories. RIP.

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