Tuesday, February 28, 2012

D-Day 2012


Some of you may remember this picture from a previous blog:

There were three schools I was considering, and I didn't have a clue where to go...

Luckily, as the months went on, they got narrowed down.

Dixie was an obvious no.

But the decision between BYU and UVU was a little harder...so I chose UVU.

And I'm going there now. It's a good school; I'm learning a lot and doing really well in all of my classes, so I decided that I would go there for a year to get my associates, and then try to transfer into BYU. All until I saw this:

And I was like...well...I should make a decision.

So I started considering my options. At UVU I had free tuition, and I didn't have to worry about transfer credit.

At BYU, I had to pay for everything. I would have to transfer my classes from UVU, which is a pain in the butt. And it is an extremely competitive school, so I have heard. And their communications program is like a gazillion times better than UVU's, too.

So the question eventually came down to this: how successful do I want to be? Should I go to a less-known school where I'll probably be on the top end of things...or should I go to the well-known school with the better program where I would most likely be on the bottom end of things?

The answer to that question was not what finalized my decision.

In the end, I really think it was through praying a lot, and what the Spirit told me I needed to do.

I kept going back and forth, where I decided I would go to UVU, and then I changed my mind to BYU, over and over, several hundred times in a day. So, as the great statistician that I am, I decided to keep track of how many times I decided on what, and then whichever school I seemed to be leaning towards more, I would go there.

After I made the decision to do that, I was walking around UVU campus and I saw a guy smoking INSIDE the building. That was my first tally for BYU.

After I started my tally, I couldn't stop thinking of reasons why I needed to go to BYU. The final score was like a gazillion to zero. During that time span not once did I decide that I should go to UVU.

What sealed the deal?

Pretty much the fact that it's BRIGHAM YOUNG University. The fact that it's run by the church!

I want to have the religious aspect to my education. I think praying at the beginning of class is way cool. And I totally want to take religion classes! From what I've heard, they are amazing.

So I'm going to BYU. I'll have to make a lot of sacrifices, and I might become prey to all of the RM's (just kidding) but it'll totally be worth it.

I'm way excited!!


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