Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why I Loved Valentines Day (Hint, It Doesn't Actually Have To Do With Love)


Valentines day...hmmm :)

Today was GREAT!! Today is one of the best days I've had all year. I really wasn't expecting that. I didn't get roses, nothing gushy or valentines-y happened...but a lot of little things happened that made today really, really good.

I wore my free hugs shirt to school, and got lots of hugs! And I didn't get in trouble for the back saying "If you had to pay, it would be prostitution!" but I'm sure a lot of people now think I'm really weird. Which is okay :)

I drove up to school and got a FANTASTIC parking spot. The only way I could have gotten closer is if I had been handicapped. It was one of those sports where it's so good you aren't sure if it's actually okay to park there or not...but I didn't get a ticket! (This actually was one of the top 3 parts of my day. That should say something about the parking situation up at school).

Then I got to hang out with Matt in the library for a bit, which was good because that helped me not freak out about my FIRST huge exam of college...

Which I absolutely ACED! Well, I'm pretty sure I aced it ;) I've never felt more confident about such a large test. I guess those 8+ hours of studying and making up fancy mnemonic devices really helped. And I didn't even have any Strawberry Lemonade! (Or for my fellow Spanish gangsters, "Limonada de FRESSSSCA!")

I finished my test in 45 minutes, so I had time to go get pizza and bread sticks and a Dr. Pepper from the Pizza Hut on campus before my next class. I love pizza. And bread sticks. And Dr. Pepper. The drink. (My English teacher's name is Dr. Pepper.) And I just hung out in the library and ate my pizza and looked at BYU's Communication-Journalism program and the different classes they offer and they have photojournalism! They also have a general ed class called "Dinosarus." Seriously, every time I look at BYU their classes look so great and I feel like I might be better off going there. So hard to decide! I also saw that you can go study at their Jerusalem center, and wow...that would be cool. I decided I would absolutely love to go to Jerusalem, maybe not to study, since I don't have $10,000 lying around...but hopefully someday. I think that would be an amazing experience.

Then I went to English. About a week ago I turned in an assignment that I worked SO hard on and took me FOREVER to do. I had to Photoshop a bunch of different pictures and place words or a quote onto them that juxtaposed...kind of confusing, but I wasn't sure if I had done my pictures right since they didn't look anything like the examples on the website. So I turned them in, figuring I was either going to completely bomb the assignment or (wishful thinking) that for some crazy reason I had actually done really well. Today I got my assignment back...but not before my teacher (Dr. Pepper) gave us a huge lecture about how he grades this assignment harder than our final paper and showed a really good example that was nothing like mine. With each thing he said, I felt my grade going down from a B...to a C...to a "there is no way I passed this assignment." And then he handed me back my assignment......I was SHOCKED to see 100%. It felt really great, especially considering how poorly I've been doing with my high school assignments and how unsure I was about what I had made. But he commented on my paper and said it was exactly what he was looking for and my pictures were some of his favorites. I hope this isn't coming off as bragging :P I'm just excited to actually be doing well in school.

English also ended 30 minutes early, so I had time to run back to Timpview and pick up my math book which I left there. I also was not late to work, which went relatively well!

When I got home, I got to watch The Bachelor...which I'm not too happy that Courtney got a rose....Kacie B for the win! Oh, and something else happened when I got home which was...good :)

And now I'm just chilling, writing this blog and listening to We the Kings. And I don't have school tomorrow. Yep, it's been a really great day :)

Happy Valentines Day!!!


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